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  1. KFC hot sauce packets are the real deal. I just nuked a couple El Monterrey frozen burritos and was sad to see I had no more Taco Bell Fire packets. I did find 2 KFC hot sauce packets. Mmmmm. Stock up next time you visit the Colonel. I am turning into your Depression era grandparents hoarding packets of condiments. :) Also, I love Arby's Horsey Sauce.

    1. Rogerpoco


      Since I KNOW hoarding Horsey Sauce is a smart thing, I'm inclined to trust you on the KFC hot sauce. 

      Good to know.


  2. I was walking by a Rent-A-Center on way to my car in a local strip mall, and I noticed a cool bedroom furniture display setup in the window. There was a bedroom set (sorta 1970s style) with a neat bed (Swedish style light wood headboard, padded), a wall sculpture above the bed with a shelf incorporated, and nice end tables. Each had a black panther on them in hunting mode. Large clock with exagerrated hands, and a large area rug.


    I can buy into this lifestyle for only $129 a month for everything with no credit check! :)

    1. Keatah


      That lifestyle..

  3. To go along with this chicken sandwich craze, McDonald's should come out with a "Golden Nugget Burger" consisting of a quality bun with Chicken McNuggets on it, topped with fries and covered in a garlic based creamy wing sauce of sorts (savory) -- like what you get a decent wing place like Buffalo Wild Wings or a local pub. Or you can get it dry and put your fave condiment on it like BBQ sauce, sweet n sour, ketchup.

    1. thanatos


      That sounds awful!  Any sandwich that has fries on it is a "nope" for me.  They belong on the side.

    2. jd_1138


      Yeah it's not really something I'd eat on a regular basis, though I'd try it. There is a local place called Primanti Bros. that started in Pittsburgh in the 1930's. Legend has it that they served sandwiches with a side of cole slaw and fries, and one day a very busy truck driver stopped by and said "hey there bud can ya just put the slaw and fries ON the sandwich?" And it stuck.

  4. NBA 2K21 disappeared from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at the end of August. Doh! I checked the Xbox Store, and it's like $70 and $100 for the Kobe Bryant Mamba Forever Edition. Can I just get the standard edition without AC, power windows, automatic tranny? I want the Model T version. I ordered it off ebay, sealed, new for $17 for the standard edition. Kinda telling that the Xbox Game Store only sells the pricey copies. :( 2022 edition's about to come out; 2021 one should be $39 or at least $29. At $29 I would've bought it instantly.

  5. My brother suffers from anxiety attacks/bipolar. I sent him a Tivoli Model One radio, and he loves it and has mellowed him out he says. He had to leave all his vintage hi-fi equipment/turntables with his ex-wife and has missed it. The soothing woodgrain of the radio and the soothing music (he plugs his smart phone into it) helps him a lot. It's based on the older Kloss branded one.


    Now I need to buy me another one. :)




    1. Stephen


      Something I have found helps a lot are those "adult colouring books".  No - not those kind!  The ones with very detailed mandalas and such.  I got a large set of coloured pencils, they stay sharp.  Takes a lot of focus to stay in the lines and come up with nice patterns.  See if they help.  Something like this - https://www.amazon.com/Adult-Coloring-Book-Relieving-Mandalas/dp/1979601739

    2. thanatos


      I had a friend buy one of those when they came out almost 20 years ago, and he praised it constantly.   Actually looked them up about a month or so ago, now they got fancy Bluetooth stuff of course.

    3. jd_1138


      I got mine (the one I sent to my brother) at a yard sale for $50 new in package. Seller said lots of people were trying to get it for like $5. He had wanted $75 for it, as he knows they are $180 new. I offered $50 and he accepted.  This was the pre-BT model, but I don't like Bluetooth much anyway. I just run an audio cable to it. Looking on ebay, it looks like lots of people must be upgrading to the BT one, as the older ones are going for $40-$50 used.





  6. Do people get some weird, sick fascination out of wasting peoples' time on FB marketplace, CL, OfferUp, etc.? I posted a 2-3 year old small sofa for my neighbor -- mint shape, non-smoking home. $100 obo. Had like 20 people message me, but no one actually came to buy it. I even had appt's set up for like 5 of them to come buy it, all no-shows. Finally, he got tired of the BS and put it on the curb, and a lady asked if I still had it. I said yeah but it's on curb. I would've taken $50 for it I said, and she said she would've totally bought it. So then I said well it's still on curb if you want it. Gave her my address, and she said she'd be right over. Never showed up even for a free nice sofa. It's still sitting out there 3 days later. Humans are bizarre. 

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      You have to post it at a greater than new price, then they will come... shoot for the stars and list ebay like prices... they send carrier company to pick up that special sofa

    2. jetset


      Not sure, but I got at least one great deal from Fb so I'm not complaining.

  7. TV sucks so hard, that I'd rather watch a Home Shopping Network or QVC one hour sales pitch for some middling Dell laptop or something. At least it appeals to the geek in me. But I can't because I cancelled cable TV 2 years ago. I can stomach The Jeffersons though since my parents liked that program a lot when I was a kid. It has nostalgia value. It's on one of the local OTA digital channels twice a night.


    Oh, and on the weekends I do enjoy relaxing while watching golf in the background while I am on the computer.


    1. BydoEmpire


      I haven't had cable in 15 years, and no streaming services.  I *did* hook up my over-the-air converter last year and it's been fun to watch MeTV on Saturday nights (Svengoolie), as well as the couple of annual events like the super bowl, Thanksgiving parade, etc.  I really don't watch much else. Live TV ads are repetitive and annoying, but not the end of the world as I watch TV in small doses for specific things.  Every time I'm I a hotel and get excited about watching cable/dish, I seem to spend more time flipping through the channels than watching anything.

  8. I saw an item on eBay I was interested in and the seller is 2 miles away, but the item didn't offer a local pickup option. I messaged them saying if they change the listing to "local pickup allowed", I'd use the BIN and pay full price (sans s/h) and meet them locally to collect the item. Seller sent me back boilerplate from eBay with all the bull s--t about it being against their rules, fraudulent, etc. to exchange info. and cut eBay out of the process. :( I replied: "never mind". I don't want to meet an idiot like that in person. I already have to deal with enough idiots at work and in everyday life.

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    2. GoldLeader


      @batari Now that guy was total f-ing Tool!  He could have quietly canceled the auction to save on fees anyway and not dragged you through the mud.

    3. jd_1138


      The message was from seller, and he didn't respond to my 2nd message. He's just a low IQ knucklehead. Someone asked if he could change his auction to "local pickup allowed", and he freaked out. Never had this problem before. Every other local seller I've asked to change their auction to "local pickup allowed" has done so, and I met them at a Starbuck's or something to pickup the item after I paid them via PayPal. Most people don't select "local pickup allowed" option when they fill out a listing for an item.


      I am finding the best place to buy/sell items is FB Marketplace. You can list the item on like 20 different groups, and it will sell fast. Also OfferUp is a good place to buy. CL is dried up.

    4. jd_1138


      I am sure the dude probably wasted 2 hours on eBay's customer service number to report me as some evil person who wanted to bypass eBay to buy an item.

  9. Facebook is good for something after all. It sure lets you know the general IQ of your friends, relatives, co-workers based on the bull s--t they post, like, comment about, etc.. 

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    2. Keatah


      Wait a damned minute. That response was supposed to go HERE:



      To the status update above this one! About the Amiga..

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Despite having grown to dislike the platform in the late 80's. So was I. It was part of the many inflection points in the evolution of computers. Both as an example of what and what not to do.

    4. jd_1138


      Keatah, your response is sort of applicable to Facebook -- well except the bit about the 1980s. lol. I think Zuck was still creaming his shorts over the gals of Saved By the Bell in 1989. :)

  10. Archaeologists have discovered the first ever what they are calling motion video/graphics. It dates from ancient Greece and is sort of like the Antikythera Mechanism. It is a complex geared device with a space for these sort of key like things that are separate from the device itself. The device is connected to a large abacus like thing with hundreds of beads connected to the device via levers. They put one of the key things into the device (fit precisely) and cranked it, and the abacus thing showed an animal running. This is the first storage media we know of. One of the other key cylinders produced a graphic of a well endowed woman with obvious breasts bouncing up and down. This is being called potentially the first ever porn movie in existence. Most baffling is the phrase "Please be kind, Rewind" that is written in ancient Greek on each of the cylinders. 

    1. Rhomaios


      You're a few months late!

    2. jd_1138


      Update: the Department of Computer Science/EE/Computer Engineering of the University of Arizona at Phoenix is attempting to install Debian Linux on it.

  11. What's with all these amped up Price is Right contestants in this era of pandemic? I think they're all idle SAG performers or something. They come out of a door dancing and doing cart wheels and such on their way to bid, and do the same as they win the bid and are approaching the game they're about to play. Idled Cirque De Soleil performers be up in that mofo. 



  12. All 5 Phantasm movies are on Tubi now, so if y'all wanna have a Phantasm movie marathon this weekend, go for it. GF and I watched the original last night (it's remastered -- beautiful video/audio). GF had never seen any of the Phantasm films. We're watching Phantasm II tonight. 

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    2. GoldLeader


      AWESOME!   Love'em!!!!

    3. GoldLeader


      A few years back...Post #8152 ;)



    4. jd_1138


      I remember renting Ravager from Google Play when it first came out. My beloved wife was still alive. Happy times. She watched half of it before going to bed to read.

  13. Cedar Point theme park here in Ohio has had to close a few days in the week due to not having enough employees. Even though they are paying $20 an hour. So come to Ohio if you want to make about $40k/year making overpriced munchies for families or tearing tickets at the roller coaster. Not making light of their work, I am sure it's hard, as most jobs are. Rent is cheap in Ohio. $700-$800 a month in most areas will get you a nice apartment with a pool, gym, etc..

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    2. Zoyous


      Cedar Point has some of the biggest and baddest roller coasters in the world! But personally my favorite is the Raptor, not the tallest or fastest but just super fun hanging coaster with lots of twists and turns.

    3. IntelliMission


      If they accept teleworking from Spain, I'm in.

    4. jd_1138


      Allan, my older cousin bought a brand new 1981 Firebird T/A in 1981. It was silver with the grey/black eagle on the hood. I think it had the Pontiac 301 ci turbo V8. It was beautiful inside and out. I still remember that new car smell.

  14. Nicolas Cage only winning one Oscar is tantamount to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame snubs like Blue Oyster Cult, ELP, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, etc..

  15. Went for a vision test for the first time in 5 years. My near vision's been getting bad the last couple years (I will be 49 this year). My regular prescription (nearsighted, astigmatism) hasn't changed much -- just the near vision. 


    I don't want bifocals, so I asked for 2 scripts -- one for regular and one for reading, so I will be switching glasses back and forth. Are bifocals that bad? Or do you get used to them? Maybe I will get a pair to see (pardon the pun) if they work.

    1. BydoEmpire


      I got used to bifocals pretty quickly, they really aren't that bad.  Mine seem to be "far" and "medium" though. I often look under my glasses to read or see things close up.  It's way easier than having two sets of glasses, imho.  Worth a try, imho, I like them.

    2. GoldLeader


      I have "Progressives" (like bifocals whereby one lens fades to the next...)  They seem to be great for looking forward or into the distance (Driving for instance,  which I do for a living),  but up close reading I do have to tilt my head back just a tiny bit more than I'd like...I did get used to them pretty quickly though.  Maybe I should try reading glasses sometimes and see if it's easier...

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