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  1. break like the wind,

    to be free of intestinal gas again



    1. Atarian7


      My digestive tract has been doing all sorts of stuff the last 4 or 5 days.



  2. Wife's friend spent the night last night, and I fired up the Wii this morning and we had 4 hours of fun.  Wii Sports (bowling) and Konami Karaoke Revolution are the games we played.  She initially resisted (last game she played was Ms. Pac-Man), but she easily picked it up and had a blast.  

  3. I saw America last night at a local restored theatre.  Gerry pointed out that this was the first show of this decade and the very first show of their 50th year as a band (branded as such on the tickets), so they both talked a bit about their history.  I was blessed to see them (never have before), and the seats were only like 10 rows from the stage even though the tickets were not much more in cost than a nice steak dinner which is forgotten the next day.  If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.  Plus it's fun to get out of the house once in a while and mingle.  I sit at a screen way way too much.  There were 2 extremely attractive women (30 years old or so) in the seats in front of me, and even though they were talking to each other, I didn't mind as they were talking about their love of America.  One of them got excited when they did "Ventura Highway" (her favorite song), and she whipped out her iphone and recorded it.  The energy of the crowd adds to the experience.

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    2. atari2600land


      Their first show of 2020 was on January 17? Slackers! ;)

    3. save2600


      Did they find a name for that horse yet?  🤣

    4. GoldLeader


      Personally, I believe the horse was named Mervyn,  but he didn't want to talk that day and was saving his strength because they were in the desert.

  4. Watching the local news, a couple of real winners (2 sisters) were caught cleaning out the shelves of all the Lego sets at various local Wal-Marts.  And they had their kids with them -- teaching 'em early!  


    The police put the case together piece by piece.

  5. Good advice. I kinda wanted a solution that would be seamless as in turn on the power switch and the game selection menu would pop up, and the user selects a game with the joystick and start playing. Would the Raspberry Pi/laptop have a mode where it's like an actual arcade game? I don't want the user to have to open up a menu on a desktop OS and select a game. I should say that this is not for me. It will be a gift for my brother. He and his fiancee are buying a house (were in an apartment), and I wanted to build an arcade game (probably bar top). So just a small cabinet with the SNES inside. They won't notice/care if it differs from the arcade version -- if it's a port onto SNES. Reason why I chose SNES is because it's cartridge based and would be seamless. I figured I'd solder in a power switch into the SNES, so a button on the cabinet would turn it on and let the magic began. I guess I could eliminate having to take the SNES apart if I installed a mechanical switch. lol. Just have a switch on outside of cabinet, and when you press it the arm turns on the power switch. Also, I'd keep a few of the arcade compilation cartridges inside the case for easy swapping out -- Williams, Atari, Bally, etc.. The Atari one has Missile Command, Asteroids, etc..
  6. I want to build an arcade cabinet -- cocktail or mini bar top. I was thinking of perhaps using a classic console like an SNES and putting in a arcade game compilation in it like Williams Arcade Greatest Hits. I'd like to wire in a real joystick and buttons. Are there any arcade style controls that will plug directly into the game pad port of a console? Also it'd be cool to have a power button that's wired into the main power switch. So it'll work like this -- hit the power switch and this screen will pop up like this. On the marquee on the cabinet I want to put the SNES logo since it's being powered by an SNES.
  7. I treated myself to a ticket to see the classic band America on the 17th here in Ohio.  $85 for a seat only like 6 rows from the stage.  Last big name act we saw (Eagles in 2003), it was $100 each for nose bleed seats a gazillion miles from the stage.  I've been listening to America all my life. 



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    2. GoldLeader


      They should do a cover of "We're an AMERICAn Band"  LOL

    3. simbalion


      That's really the fallout of Napster and now our streaming world. It used to be they toured to promote an album, now they release an album to promote a tour. I laugh when these new artists tout how many downloads they have of their new songs as it really doesn't mean anything like those numbers did when you had to buy actual, physical copies.

    4. jd_1138


      The ticket was bought from Eventbrite -- apparently a Ticketmaster competitor.  Yeah nowadays, most bands make their money from touring.  Especially some of the larger acts -- they can make hundreds of millions a year just touring.  Of course, there is a lot of overhead -- buses, crew, musicians, assistants, etc., but the big acts like Rolling Stones, Eagles, etc. sure aren't hurting for money.


      America is not in that league obviously.  This is a small venue -- looks like about 500 seats.  Assuming average ticket price of $100, that's $50,000.  The venue gets a cut plus the promoter, Eventbrite, crew, roadies to keep those Gibson acoustics in tune, hotels, catering, bus, etc..  I imagine Dewey and Gerry keep $5,000 each or something out of each performance.  This is all pure conjecture on my part.  T-shirt sells for these oldies acts is probably a large part of the revenue too.  


      Still not a bad job if you can get it.  Not being stuck in a boring soul-crushing office job or a manual labor gig.  Instead you get to tour the world and play music.  It's like the Dire Straits song, "I should've learned to play the guitar, should've learned to play them drums."

  8. It'd probably be easier and cleaner to build most of it from scratch rather than piecing together disparate parts. Of course, I'd have to see the parts you have to provide a better opinion. It's a simple cabinet and shelf basically. All you'd need in way of tools are: set of sawhorses jigsaw circular saw drill tape measure chalk box plus about 10 misc sundries (pretty cheap) It's getting rarer for men to have basics like these tools, but most of the guys I know have all of these and way more. Could get the graphics done fresh by a local vinyl graphics shop.
  9. A dear friend called sobbing this morning.  Her son (20 years old) passed away this morning at 4am.  He's been battling a rare genetic condition all his life.  There's a gofundme campaign if you'd like to help.  Prayers and good vibes are also appreciated.  What a sad way to ring in the new year.



    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      That's awful.  If there is anything i've learned from reading the obituaries, its that people pass at all ages all the time.  Treasure every day week and year.  You never know when it will be your last. 

    2. SlidellMan


      I'm sorry for what happened.

  10. We had some sort of gaming system in 1982 that had built in games like bowling, a shooting gallery game, etc.. My stepdad bought it somewhere and my brother and I only played it for 2 months that summer then we went back to Texas to live with my dad. In 1984, we got a new Mattel Aquarius (system for the 70's, lol) which was our first console/home computer. The next year we also got a ColecoVision. We had access to our cousins' Atari 2600 since 1980, though.
  11. A friend foisted a massive amount of cheese cake on us last night because her son is 350 pounds, and she doesn't want him eating all of it.  She piled it all up on ONE plate.  It was like 8 inches tall -- various flavors -- cherry and strawberry.  The sheer weight of it compressed it down into a gloopy mess -- like a cheesecake soup.  I think it was kept at room temp with how gloopy it was.  I was afraid it'd leak out because there wasn't enough tinfoil over the plate.  So I stopped a few miles down the road and slid it out onto the roadside.  Don't want that gloopy mess getting my car dirty.  Just the thought of all the turkey and stuffing I've been eating lately makes me want to walk 5 miles everyday.

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    2. Machine


      "I'm coming to get you Barbara!"


    3. GoldLeader


      ^  jaybird if that were a movie...I'd watch it!

    4. frankodragon


      There was an episode of Tiny Toons with Hampton J. Pig that dealt with an evil, talking chocolate cake.  


  12. A huge thank you to my SS. Not shown is a lot of the awesome candy which I already ate. I already have the poster hanging in my game room. I put it up after taking this pic.
  13. I bought a new Xbox One S 1 TB for a friend and her 2 kids.  It took like 2 hours for it to download all the updates and for them to log in and create a gamer tag (just one).  It is the NBA2K edition, and sadly it didn't come with a physical disc -- just a card with the redemption code on it.  I am glad I didn't get them the all digital edition, as their mom bought them 5 games on disc.  I guess the games would've came with a redemption code, but it's nice to have the physical disc option for games and Blu-rays.

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    2. GoldLeader


      In the 80's we would have died if we had to wait until tomorrow to play our favorite games!

    3. GoldLeader


      This is why PS2 is Better than PS6...

    4. phoenixdownita


      @ClassicGMR assuming a 300 baud modem it would have taken about 2.25 minutes to download the 4K of pacman, note how the size of games has progressed, 26GB is about 7 million times bigger than 4K, I am sure my internet speed today is not 7 million times faster (300 bauds = approx 30 bytes/sec times 7 millions = 210MB/sec aka 2.1 Gbps ...) let alone in 2015 when I bought the Master chief Collection bundle.

      It seems it doesn't really matter the tech advancements, the amount of crap they manage to put into "modern" games truly is speechless.

  14. I am too honest.  I ordered a 365 day supply of Kirkland allergy meds off ebay for $18.  It's the generic version of Zyrtec (Cetirizine).  We don't have a Costco membership, and it's like 1/10th the price of the generic forms of it from CVS, Rite-Aid, etc..  Anyway, the Costco Warehouse sent me TWO bottles of it in one poly bag, and inside there's a pre-paid shipping label addressed to a lady in PA.  I stuck her label on the poly bag over my label, put her bottle back in, taped it up and dropped it in the mailbox.  


    The meds don't expire until like August of 2021, so I could've had a 2 year supply.  lol, but I didn't want the other lady to be inconvenienced.  I had ran out last week, and my eyes were getting itchy and I was getting sneezy and clogged up.  

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    2. Swami


      I was on the opposite end of that from Amazon and never found out where my 500 sudaphed for $20 went, except it was somewhere in the same apartment building, from the delivery pic the idiot delivery guy took of the bottom of the door and carpet, so I can especially appreciate what you did.

    3. jd_1138


      Wow Swami, so one of the neighbors committed a federal crime by keeping your package as well as being an immoral twat.  That sucks.

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      @SwamiLook out they might be cooking meth... lol

  15. I thought my iPad Air 2's battery was finally toast.  Been watching Netflix in bed on my smart phone, but I ordered an Anker lightning cable on ebay.  It was just a bad cable.  Yey!

    1. CPUWIZ


      I had that issue too, but my Air 2 is still going strong, although I did get an iPad 7 10.2" with a stylus recently.

    2. jd_1138


      Yeah I need to buy a new iPad.  Once you use an iPad, it's kinda hard to go back to Android tablets which are kinda fecal matter compared to iPads.  

    3. jd_1138


      Yeah I need to buy a new iPad.  Once you use an iPad, it's kinda hard to go back to Android tablets which are kinda fecal matter compared to iPads.  

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