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  1. Ohio has opened up Covid vaccine to 40 and up folks. I tried the chain pharmacies, and their systems were broken (no appt's within 20 miles or 5 days) with no option to expand the search. Went to the OH health website instead and was able to schedule an appointment for a "jab" in a few days.  Though to be fair, perhaps if I spoke to someone directly at the pharmacies then perhaps I could've gotten an appt? But they probably would've just said "go onto the website/app".

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    2. Keatah


      That's right. I would have done similar had I been in charge.


      Personally I would have liked to seen essential workers and emergency personnel get it first. Then free for all.


      Instead we got some states prioritizing down to the nearest 10 year group like 60-50, then 50-40, 40-30, 30-20..


      Cinema workers getting preferred over orchestra conductors. Farmers producing crop X first, then crop Y second, and Z third.


      Far too many tedious prioritizations. How can that be enforced? It can't. And its not like any of the vaccine sign-up sites are working right.


      I know seniors that can't navigate them anyways.

    3. jd_1138


      I think all medical and emergency personnel like EMT/paramedic/firefighter/police, etc. were already given first dibs after the very frail and elderly. It's a shame there are wasted doses. I heard that it was a problem that some a-holes were booking multiple appt's in order to give themselves flexibility and then only showing up for one "jab", so there was too much vaccine at some sites that had to be tossed.



    4. zylon


      Around here, I can see that happening... Up in TN, any left at end of day's appointments that show, go to those waiting outside, so they aren't going to waste at least. I got mine that way.

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