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  1. Watching the local news, I see that 2 local Mensa members broke into a popular local Italian deli with no masks on in this era of mask use (even a basic blue mask conceals most of one's features). Now their ugly stupid faces are plastered on the news. They will be caught quickly hopefully. They stole some beverages and a gift basket. I sorta know the owners -- nice family. I hope those few bottles of Snapple were worth it. :) They do have nice gift baskets there -- imported cured meats, pricey imported pasta, marinara sauce, Italian espresso pot, etc. -- stuff like that.

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    2. joeatari1


      Damn.  I knew I didn't join MENSA for some reason.  I knew those guys were up to no good!

    3. jd_1138


      And the police caught 'em........................

    4. GoldLeader


      Awesome!!!   Hey,  Thanks for the Update!!!

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