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  1. Don't you love it when you call out an inconsiderate arsewhole for their crappy behavior, and then they try to turn it around onto you. "Now you made me feel bad", he said instead of a simple "sorry". Um, you should feel bad or better yet don't be an arse in the first place.

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    2. bubufubu


      Welcome to the age of zero accountability.  There's no common sense.  No scruples.  No right or wrong.  Thus, no closure.  It's 100% perspective.  It's baffling and unbelievably discouraging to know that there are those who find this to be progression when, in fact, it's the complete fucking opposite.  I genuinely hate people like this.  You try to call them out and they retaliate against you.  Selfish, infantile folks whose behavior is detrimental to society.

    3. KaeruYojimbo


      I call it "Everyone's An A**hole But Me" Syndrome.

    4. GoldLeader


      Sure,...Make me look up the word "contrition." 






      Cuz that's what I want to do now that I'm old enough not to be in school....Learn stuff!

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