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  1. Cedar Point theme park here in Ohio has had to close a few days in the week due to not having enough employees. Even though they are paying $20 an hour. So come to Ohio if you want to make about $40k/year making overpriced munchies for families or tearing tickets at the roller coaster. Not making light of their work, I am sure it's hard, as most jobs are. Rent is cheap in Ohio. $700-$800 a month in most areas will get you a nice apartment with a pool, gym, etc..

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    2. Machine


      We are heading there today. They cancelled one of our nights at the hotel so now we had 4 days notice to find a rental car and hotel for one night. Very disappointed as now we lose a day at the park/hotel. 4 day notice is just wrong.

    3. Allan


      OK I am quitting my job and going to work at the park for the summer. Do I get to use the park for free on my days off? Do I get a discount on the tasty but crappy park food? I just need to find a cheap rent for the summer. 



      I am joking obviously but I tell you if that park was close to me I almost might be tempted just for the fun of it. 

    4. Allan


      P.S. JD_1138. I love firebirds as well. I had three of them years ago. Two Trans Ams and a Formula.

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