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  1. I saw an item on eBay I was interested in and the seller is 2 miles away, but the item didn't offer a local pickup option. I messaged them saying if they change the listing to "local pickup allowed", I'd use the BIN and pay full price (sans s/h) and meet them locally to collect the item. Seller sent me back boilerplate from eBay with all the bull s--t about it being against their rules, fraudulent, etc. to exchange info. and cut eBay out of the process. :( I replied: "never mind". I don't want to meet an idiot like that in person. I already have to deal with enough idiots at work and in everyday life.

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    2. GoldLeader


      @batari Now that guy was total f-ing Tool!  He could have quietly canceled the auction to save on fees anyway and not dragged you through the mud.

    3. jd_1138


      The message was from seller, and he didn't respond to my 2nd message. He's just a low IQ knucklehead. Someone asked if he could change his auction to "local pickup allowed", and he freaked out. Never had this problem before. Every other local seller I've asked to change their auction to "local pickup allowed" has done so, and I met them at a Starbuck's or something to pickup the item after I paid them via PayPal. Most people don't select "local pickup allowed" option when they fill out a listing for an item.


      I am finding the best place to buy/sell items is FB Marketplace. You can list the item on like 20 different groups, and it will sell fast. Also OfferUp is a good place to buy. CL is dried up.

    4. jd_1138


      I am sure the dude probably wasted 2 hours on eBay's customer service number to report me as some evil person who wanted to bypass eBay to buy an item.

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