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  1. Do people get some weird, sick fascination out of wasting peoples' time on FB marketplace, CL, OfferUp, etc.? I posted a 2-3 year old small sofa for my neighbor -- mint shape, non-smoking home. $100 obo. Had like 20 people message me, but no one actually came to buy it. I even had appt's set up for like 5 of them to come buy it, all no-shows. Finally, he got tired of the BS and put it on the curb, and a lady asked if I still had it. I said yeah but it's on curb. I would've taken $50 for it I said, and she said she would've totally bought it. So then I said well it's still on curb if you want it. Gave her my address, and she said she'd be right over. Never showed up even for a free nice sofa. It's still sitting out there 3 days later. Humans are bizarre. 

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      You have to post it at a greater than new price, then they will come... shoot for the stars and list ebay like prices... they send carrier company to pick up that special sofa

    2. jetset


      Not sure, but I got at least one great deal from Fb so I'm not complaining.

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