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  1. Great! I look forward to the fruits of your collaboration. Thanks for acquiring, holding onto, and sharing those documents!
  2. He disagrees. Yup. And shipping him books would be your part. Preferring not to collaborate with someone who has the technology, passion, and mission to assist with this project — and whose day job is to do exactly that — would seem consistent with the Apple community's perceived historical tendency to jealously hoard its treasures and not share them, which led to this predicament in the first place. -Ken
  3. That blog post was written years before the Internet Archive provided Jason with a book scanner. The technology to scan glue bound books without destroying them may still not accessible to the everyday man — but Jason is not an everyday man. -Ken
  4. I agree that these publications need to be scanned and preserved in PDF format and appreciate the efforts of anyone willing to do so. But again, I don't see why that means the destruction of the original. I don't have anything more to contribute to that stance that hasn't already been more eloquently and comprehensively expressed by Jason Scott.
  5. To me, recycled = lost. These days, we have plenty of technology and methods for preserving both hardcopy and digital. I don't see the value in going with a destructive option when we don't need to. -Ken
  6. "First of all, please understand that we do NOT return any books after they are scanned. The books are recycled after they are cut and this is part of our operation practice." That'd be a dealbreaker for me. -Ken
  7. @iigsfan: you wrote that the links are fixed, but I'm still getting a 404 on all these URLs off the homepage: http://www.electronicarchives.org/books http://www.electronicarchives.org/catalogs http://www.electronicarchives.org/manuals http://www.electronicarchives.org/other_material http://www.electronicarchives.org/systems http://www.electronicarchives.org/contribute.html -Ken
  8. The CFFA is a kick-butt accessory that deserves to be in every modern Apple II user's inventory. It'll suit the needs you outlined in your first message as well as many others. There are tons of other ways to transfer files between an Apple II and another computer, though: local network, FTP, floppy disk, etc. There's an attempt at cataloging all the methods in this PDF. </blatant plug> -Ken
  9. Not that I disagree, but I'm wondering what that would look like. There are many individuals working on preserving different aspects of the Apple II in unique ways. Would it be best for them to be coordinated into pouring their efforts into a single repository? If so, there's been some momentum recently into putting those materials into the Internet Archive, though obviously that wouldn't work for commercial ventures like Nibble. Or would a single site that indexes and links to all those separate sites be valuable? The A2-Web used to be such a resource, but I don't think its moderator actively supervises it. -Ken
  10. Check out some of these sites: http://www.a2-web.com/a2hrdware.html http://www.a2-web.com/a2sftware.html I specifically recommend ReactiveMicro and Syndicomm.
  11. I see three sub-fora, none of which is for free games -- you mean the pinned topic? Anyway, looks like everything is gone now. I'm glad you found it a good home!
  12. These games don't ring a bell, but you may want to peruse the games in this YouTube playlist to see if any match your memories:
  13. Most of the games you'll want to play are probably 8-bit and will run fine on any of those three models, whereas the 16-bit games will require an Apple IIGS. I personally prefer the IIGS due to its backward compatibility, greater on-board RAM, and faster CPU -- it can do everything the IIe can do, and then some. But the IIe and IIc certainly have a more retro feel to them. As for choosing between the 8-bit models, it depends on whether you intend to make additional investments in the hardware. The IIe is more expandable, while the IIc is more compact and portable. For getting files off your Mac, I'd recommend ADTPro. There are literally dozens of other methods for transferring files to the Apple II, but not all of them are as obvious or painless as this one — though the additional cables you'll need may cost you more than the Apple II did!
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