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  1. I use a pair of them hooked up to custom built adapter for my Wico sticks and Wico keypad. Just cable extender, no control issues.
  2. NO UPSCALE ISSUES Any tube TV even if a 1080i tube look beautiful even with older consoles. You only lose retro light gun support with the HD Tube, not a big deal when newer consoles such as the Wii has the light bar for light gun style games. Look at the back for either an HDMI or DVI input; an indication of the HD TV. Hopefully that WEGA still there, snag that beast! I prefer the HD Tube over an SD Tube, all consoles display crisp and bright.
  3. Why declare for a second hand sale? The LYNX though retro will not be a huge amount.
  4. Plasma TVs are much more forgiving then LCD and LED TVs when it comes to upscale of lower resolutions. As others stated, component cables are a better connection, especially when enabling 480p mode. For older consoles that only have composite cable try a direct connection bypassing the switchbox to see if any improvement. Can you post a picture of just the TV screen displaying a composite hookup console? The fuzzyness you describe could be an upscale issue at which better quality cables will make no difference. the 42" plasma even with the 480 mode feature still blowing the pixels up to the larger screen.
  5. For me the instant thrust speed the main part of the game. By throwing in the Trakball support for the 5200, the instant "Spinner control" could be emulated along with rapid rocket in performing the crazy moves. Delta Space Arena already has the gameplay of the old vector arcade Omega Race, so adding the speed should not make any difference as far as copy right of a decades old cabinet. Perhaps include an option menu just like the vector arcade Space Wars to select speed? You could even go nuts in a 2.0 version adding a second player and include the Space War options of team or enemy play. now that would be a cart I would hyper jump and even buy a second Trakball for the 5200!
  6. Neat, looking forward to information on the 5200 version, good idea offering paddle and Trakball option. In watching the video, is that the fastest the ship can move? One of the unique aspect of Omega Race is the crazy fast response of the thrust causing the player ship to bounce in a mad frenzied control. Perhaps include thrust speed setting option defaulting to Arcade Omega Race standard?
  7. I have that for message alerts and the Metal Gear ringtone as my phone ringer for the nostalgia. Back in the day everyone had it which threw off whose phone rang; today not near as common.
  8. Very cool, a really nice TV with the connectors and that UHF mechanical tuner. You can get adapters for the composite input. Please, a followup if you get that vintage TV working. A can of Liftoff 2 and plastic putty knife will get rid of all the paint splotches.
  9. The 2600jr and also the 7800 has a tighter slot then the older 2600 consoles. You really have to seat the carts prior to powering on. There is a mod to fix that tight slot, have care on the plastic guide while trimming so you do not damage the mother board. The 7800 plastic guide can be unscrewed underneath for the mod, but the 2600jr would require tricky desoldering so it needs done in place. Could also be dirty contacts inside, easiest route is insert cart a few times. Cleaning the contacts with alcohol and q-tip also can help, just be sure dry before plugging back in.
  10. THANK YOU! Okay now I really have to do some research. Here is what I am doing that leads to the mystery of my KD series CRT. 1. I use the official Sony Guncon video adapter for my PS2 which allows multiple hookups. Component Cable to HD CRT and Composite hooked up the same time to a portable LCD mounted on top of the PS2. I normally boot games to 480p for the HD CRT unless I prefer to see the image on the small screen such as monitoring an HDAdvance install. When I enable 480p and turn on the LCD, I still can see text (though in dim black and white) on the small screen. 2. I recently cut cable and went with DIRECTV. The mini boxes default to 480p with either the Composite or Componentn adaper hooked up. Of course with Composite the 480p is 480i though the box still attempts 480p. 3. My Samsung 20" CRT has Component hookup but only supports 480i. I noticed when Component is hooked up the screen would show the same distortion as your TV. This seems to be common for SD tubes, nothing legible at all when 480p is enabled. 4. Going back to the KD-27FS170 which is the last of the CRTs put out by Sony. A starnge beast that has both Analog and Digital tuner. To conform to the digital tuner mandate, perhaps the tube can be set to emulate HD broadcast signals? When 480p is enabled, the TV does not display a rolling distortion, but a split screen with the text visible. The same black and white screen (though now split image) as the LCD screen. This does point to something different in the KD series CRT. More research needed, I know it is an SD tube, but the TV does have this strange quirk. I must say that when component hooked up 480i Color Stream mode, the video quality so clear even better then other SD WEGA tubes. Something in the processing to meet the HD mandate? @ Scotterpop - Definitely leave the Component hookup for your TV and stick to 480i since an SD tube. You get the best video quality going the "Color Stream" of component hookup. For lightgun gaming simply run a Y-Adapter to the green cable.
  11. Definitely get the 7800 coupler! The home brew T:ME Salvo also worth getting, available at Atari Age store. 3D Priinted 7800 Twinstick Couplers - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/274385-atari-5200-joystick-coupler/?do=findComment&comment=3936766 I have both styles, really adds to the twinstick capability. The 7800 sticks work surprisingly well when in the coupler. No more hand cramps!
  12. I am curious about something that perhaps you can help me on? I know your Sony CRT has an SD Tube and will not display in 480p mode. I am trying to verify a quirk on my KD series CRT which is also SD, but has an HD tuner, Can you try the following? Be sure you have Component cables for your DVD player or your PS2. 1. Plug in the component cable and change TV menu input matched to component input. 2. Powering up the PS2 or DVD player should display in 480i. 3, Set DVD Player to 480p thru its menu Settings. Or your PS2 to 480p on certain games upon power up hold triangle and X while game is loading. 4. You know you will have the DVD Player or PS2 in 480p mode due to screen now distorting. What I'm trying to find out if you get a rolling distortion or a split screen where you can still read partial text on the screen. Perhaps include the 480p mode screenshot in your reply? 5. To set your DVD player back to 480i, plug in composite cable and turn off 480p. You can use one of the component hookups as a temporary composite plug in to yellow jack. For the PS2, it defaults to 480i even in component unless you hold the button combo at game load. 6. Best to use Component cables for your TV even though only 480i. This gives the best video separation called Color Stream back in the day before HD took over. The reason for the video tap dance is Sony Specs sheet advertises my KD-27FS170 Sony CRT as SD and a 1080i tube! I know very likely a misprint in the specs sheet below. However when in 480p mode it does a similiar imagery as my portable PS2 LCD screen (also non HD) where you can partially read the text.
  13. Though still a 480i image on your KV series CRT, the component separation improves the video color stream separation. I use a 3rd party component hookup on my Xbox and set to progressive on my HD CRT. Going from 480i to 480p an even cleaner image. Some of the games kick up to 720p.
  14. Oh man, that is a sweet TV. Even if you do not use the VCR, Aiwa are cool systems. I own a compact Aiwa home stereo, the cassette deck handled tapes just like a car player insert sideways.
  15. Love the KD series, that tuner really sweet picking up broadcast HD channels with a flat antennae. True on the audio, not near as good as the earlier WEGA series that include a third surround speaker woofer inside. The on board speakers are not bad, but do not cut it when watching a movie or getting into the aura of a game. I performed a simple mod on mine adding in low level output jacks. On board speakers always on, kick up the stereo for the simulated surround sound. Television Mods - Audio Out - HD Antenna http://www.racketboy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1005514#p1005514
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