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  1. It's a slang term spelling. It's to emphasise the stupidity of a person. It's defiantly not proper English but in the terms of online communication, it's a thing. Just wanted to point that out. Ok. Continue on with your in-fighting. 😄
  2. @ParanoidLittleMan Just wanted to understand something you said. Did you said you created YouTube videos for each game? I don't think I've seen these YT video and, yes, they would take time but are they necessary? It seems like they might be a bonus to have but I wouldn't think it would be something you'd add to the reasons why you'd want to charge for the compelations since they aren't necessary to have. As far as "Why am I doing this"? That's something only you can answer but I can think of several reasons. Making the software run from other media besides floppies. Heck, when I got my hdd back in the day, I dumped as much as I could only that thing but, as we all know, games weren't, generally, one of those things. I think what you've done by making this happen a huge contribution to the community. I don't know, however, if that effort is lessened by the advent of the Gotex drives but for some of us who have Falcon's (Which only allow for one floppy, if we chose to keep the internal floppy intact, putting all of the games on HDD is very desirable. Notoriety. Yes, some people are motivated by the admiration of others. Personal Challenges. Some people like the technical challenges that might come with a certain effort. I'm guessing this process has some of those technical puzzles that might interest someone like yourself. Just for the love of retro. Heck, you might just do it because software makes the hardware and having another way to access these games with keep that community alive longer. Cash. Well, we all like cash. I don't know how much you'll make off of this effort but maybe it'll be enough to keep up this effort of converting games. I don't tend to judge people for asking for compensation for the work they put into things. I might question what they think that work is worth, and I feel that it's not unusual for people to share feedback but in the end, that's your decision to make. I do a less-than-regularly-released podcast. My reasons were personal and not financial or for the adulation from fans....because I don't think it's good enough to get either 😉 BUT what I can tell you is the effort is extensive. Now, if at some point in time I completely lost my mind and thought I should start charging people for this effort, that's within my right and I'd expect some people who would not approve of this decision. If you're finding the effort isn't worth your time, another option is to teach others how you do such things. Since you said you do YouTube videos, a conversion tutorial would be very helpful and would take some of the work off of your shoulders.
  3. Well, it seems you're grouping your compilations based on TOS versions so what I'm expecting is that if you modify a new piece of software to work off of the hard drive (AKA: Adaptation), you would add it to the appropriate compilation(s) and, possibly, notify purchasers of those compellations that updates have been made so they can download the latest version. I'm not expecting you to create new compilations based on the TOS version since I'm sure those three are probably all that are needed.
  4. Just for clarification, will this payment allow one unlimited access to future conversions? If so, how will you provide access to those people who have paid for that compilation?
  5. There are a couple Atari 8bit emulators out there. My guess is if they exist, they might work. Only one way to find out. https://demozoo.org/productions/153288/
  6. They must be doing some kind of maintenance cuz up-down-up gives me that impression. Oh, and for me....down.
  7. Ahhh. I didn't think about the origin of the person writing the program but I'm looking over the Polish Alphabet and B comes after A and before C so.....what they smokin' over there? 😉🤣
  8. Well, please share whatever you find out. I'm trying to learn this thing so I can do, at the very least, an introduction video tutorial. I've mentioned getting help with this and I think this interaction has been the most feedback I've gotten so I think others might be interested in something to get them started.
  9. Another mistake on my part. Started the scale with A, not C. It's been a while since I took piano. I've fixed that. Now, why did they use H instead of B? That's honestly strange, right?
  10. Ah. OK. I didn't see that. So, when I said, "real device" I was actually meaning hooking up a real keyboard to my PC so I could key in the notes BUT as you mentioned, I would need sequencing software and was thinking that RTM would be able to identify a connected midi devices w/o sequencing software but this is probably ignorance on my part since I'm totally new to all of this. Thanks for the software suggestions. I'll install those and see what I get. One more question. I was playing around with notes last night and mapped them all in Excel (since the instructions didn't seem to have these listed). Three things I noticed. Some keys are duplicated for some reason (For example, C-2, D-2, D#2, E-2) are duplicated elsewhere on the keyboard. Why? Some notes are missing. For example, no A-1, B-1, B-2, A-3, B-3, G#3. Why are these notes missing? What the heck is note H as in H-1 & H-2. H isn't a note an any scale I know. I'm guessing this has to do with how the Atari produces sounds but #3 just throws me.
  11. So, when I push the midi button in RTM 1.28, nothing happens and the instructions lack details. How do you map the channels to a specific midi device? I also don't have a real device so I assume I can use a software package to simulate this. Yes?
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