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  1. It says, "Bidding has ended" 16 minutes ago with 0 bids. That must have been the shortest ebay auction ever.
  2. Meh, probably not unless you take it outside and even then it's probably not at risk unless it's for a while...but again, stickers are cheap so slappin' one over that window could be considered insurance. Just don't bathe it in 400nm wavelengths.
  3. That's what I was thinking. I know it would take some time for it to erase but I wouldn't take that chance since stickers are cheap.
  4. Isn't there a concern with that eprom having the window exposed like that?
  5. Well, there ya go. CRT's, disks, and tapes are things that are diminishing in existence these days and so I'm not as concerned about the impact.
  6. Yeah, the PBI doesn't sound like a path I'd want to travel nor can I think of a need these days to use the parallel bus. For me, minor tweaks would be fine, such as improving video output. Ideally, any changes I make are switchable (from one OS to another) or reversible. When whoever install the XL Boss into my 800xl put the switch inside the cartridge port and attached it to the shielding so it's a completely stealth installation. I mean, I want functionality but I don't know if I want to make it an 800xl in a 1200xl body. If it was my only Atari, compatibility would be more important but if it doesn't work on the 1200xl, slide on over to my 800, 800xl, 130xe, or XEGS. 🙂 I guess it would be useful in determining which games don't actually work on the 1200xl. That brings up another question. Is there a list of programs that will not function at all on the 1200xl, translator or not? SIDE THOUGHT: Speaking of stealth switches, I thought of the idea of using a small magnet to actuate a switch internally making it so no drilling into a case was required. You just move the magnet over the area where the switch resides, the magnet pulled on the actuator, and now you've engaged that switch.
  7. I currently have a XL Boss in my 800xl and wasn't sure I would needed it when I install my Ultimate 1MB into it. If not, I was thinking it could be used in the 1200xl but the instructions don't mention that system.
  8. What does the 11 OS do for ya?
  9. When you say, "bad", I'm assuming you mean that over time they dry out and just need to be replaced?
  10. Opened her up and she looks good inside. Pushed down on all of the chips but all were pretty well seated. Gently cleaned the cart port with a bit of 91% Isopropyl alcohol and a small wire brush. BTW: Once and a while when I turn the 1200xl, the screen is just green. Turning it back off and one resolves the issue. It doesn't happen often but does happen from time to time. I saw some posts where people had the issue all of the time. Probably going to use a chip puller and just pull em out a little and reseat them again to scrape off any possible corrosion.
  11. Well, the good news it's not my only system so if one cart fails, I'll just play it on another so although the BOB1200XL is a great option, it's probably not necessary for more needs.That grounding issue is interesting and so is the asymmetrical clock. Do we have aa definitive, "Everything wrong with the 1200xl" list as well as a "How to make the 1200xl better"?
  12. I don't think it's the cable. Sorry for the moire pattern but the image is clean.
  13. It looks fine so that, originally, made me think the cart port was dirty. I'm using the "television monitor jack" and that is plugged into the composite connector on the back of my LCD TV.
  14. So, if the internal RAM diagnostic passed, what are other suggestions? I do see that "DRAM refresh issues" discussed here ( ) but this seems way more serious. Here is what I'm thinking. If everything is socketed, I could pull all of the chips and make sure all of the contacts are clean. I could also spray some contact cleaner into the monitor plug and see if I can get a small wire brush in there to clean off the surface of anything that could be causing interference. The cartridge port was a bit finicky unless I cleaned it up a bit and since the power port also had a contact issue, I suspect this port would be no different. but
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