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  1. So, you got me wondering. Is an SD card preferred to a CF? I assume you get more storage for your money but will that matter for something like the 8bit? I mean, how much space would we really need to put all of the Atari software onto one?
  2. I'm 19929. If those numbers are incremental, this is a good sign that this was a VERY popular offering.
  3. No email yet but since others are getting em, that's a good sign.
  4. Google does make the Tesseract OCR API available. It won't work straight out of the box so you'll have to train it. Git probably has a project or two that you might be able to try out but I suspect it will still need to train it for the specific font you're trying to convert. There are also more professional OCR applications but they will cost you some money. If you become familiar with the BASIC syntax, a lot of that will stand out as bad and you can quickly fix it but it appear that the manner in which you're pasting this into the BASIC interpreter isn't going work without producing typos. Of course, you could look at it like this. Copy/Pasting wasn't an option back then so you're slightly ahead of the 1983 experience we all suffered through.
  5. Reason I ask is that we all learned BASIC because that came with the computers and it was what was taught at more schools or what mode programs were listed in magazines. Action is much faster than BASIC but uses a familiar syntax. It's not something like Assembly Language which is what a lot of people did learn to make really fast programs. I'm sure someone can recommend a better book but the one I learned BASIC with the the one that game with my computer (https://www.atariarchives.org/basic/). I see there is this one for the XL line, like you have (https://www.atariarchives.org/basicxl/) but I'm pretty sure they are similar. When you get that down this is a pretty good book for Graphics (https://www.atariarchives.org/agagd/) I don't know how much you know about BASIC but just in case you don't know much, they aren't all alike. If you find a book with a BASIC listing in it and it doesn't say it's for the specific computer or BASIC (For example, Microsoft BASIC) don't expect it to work. I had books as a kid with BASIC listings but because they were written in other computer's BASIC, they wouldn't work without some tweaking to make it work with Atari BASIC. As for using your 1050 Driver, here is the manual (https://archive.org/details/Atari_1050_Disk_Drive_Owners_Guide_1982_Atari) but since you have a Lotharek SIO2sd Ver 1.3, you'll probably use that most of the time. As far as the two XC12, nice. Again, you'll probably not use those too much now a days but there is a mod to speed up their loading much quicker. I look at them more as something to finish the collection. If you want to use that, https://archive.org/details/Atari_XC12_Program_Recorder_Owners_Manual_1986_Atari As for the toggle switch, I have one of those in my 800xl and it's for a 3rd party chip that helped with compatability between old 400/800 software and the XL line of computers. There were several out there so I couldn't tell you what is without looking at it but it's possible the chip is labelled. Maybe just flipping the switch will bring up a menu that will tell you. Hopefully this is all useful info and I didn't misread your needs.
  6. First off, learn the syntax from a book, which there are plenty. https://www.atariarchives.org/. Mapping the Atari will also help you when you start to look at BASIC listings but there are just so many books that can assist you that you're not going to run out of reading. Are you wanting to learn BASIC just to learn it OR do you want to learn a programming language on the Atari because I hear good things about Action!
  7. Yep, that's what I use and although it doesn't feel like a true Atari joystick, it's very convenient since I can use these controllers for other games. Would love to get a device to plug my CX-40 into to use on my computer but the price is a bit more than I'm willing to pay right now.
  8. Screw you with the Hayes, you GD rich MF. Why my modem was so dumb....how dumb was it....it was so dumb that I had translate for it (rim shot).
  9. OK, 10 or 20 mb sounds more reasonable. I know the Mac had the option of a 10 mg drive. So when he said "80mb hard drive" or "14.4 modem" he was more than likely thinking about the 16 bit line of computers. Now he did mention stuff that was inherent to the 800xl so it's more than likely his memories are a bit fuzzy.
  10. You had a 80 mb SCSI hard drive on the 8-bit computer? Damn! I didn't realise they made SCSI for the 8bits. I know the ST's had a similar technology. Now, as Ray said, he was cruising BBS's using a 14.4 modem and I just figured most of use has moved onto an ST or PC by then. I don't remember many Atari BBS's being around past the 2400 days and so I guess I just assumed he meant the ST. Maybe you had just held off longer than the rest of us so that these things were more available but I didn't get my first hard drive until my ST. They were just out of many peoples price range. UPDATE: I did find some info on a SCSI drive for the Atari 8-bits but they appear to be modern ones. Did they offer this back in the 80's? I mean, an 80 mb hard drive was pretty big back in the 80's so it would be surprising that he would have something so large, not to mention an overabundance of storage since l that would be overkill for the software at the time.
  11. Welcome and we're glad you're back after such a long time. From what you are says, I'm guessing you probably had both Atari's 8 bit computer and their 16 bit (AKA: Atari ST). No worries and i'm sure we can help you sort all of that out. For one, when you say, "Hard drive" and "modem speeds greater that 2400 baud", you're probably thinking of the ST. The rest of the stuff seems 800xl. Funny how memories work but they're all warm and fuzzy and that's probably why a lot of us our here.
  12. Just check with another browser and it's working. Go figure. Oh, and thanks for everyone's response. 👍
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