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    Busy updating XEGS Podcast website to Angular6
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    I've been playing some Broforce lately. It's great when you don't have a lot of time but you just want to get to gaming for a moment or two
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    I've got a ton of games I need to finish or start. Too many to list.
  1. I've tested my Minecraft server using my external IP address so it's possible. I tried it again today and it still wouldn't connect.
  2. Yep. Great idea. It would be a great place to look for new hardware project and possibly repair questions and tip.
  3. Ok, now I'm connected but no real prompt. I just change from VT-102 to ANSI.
  4. Correct. I got something before. It was before you said, "OK I fixed part of the problem , it was set to min 9600 baud, that would do it"
  5. It says it's connected but it's not responding. I'm now trying Netrunner instead of Putty just to make sure.
  6. I'm just using Putty. Hopefully that works for you. If you need more, just let me know.
  7. You blinked. It was in there. In fact, I think the Atari fuji, from the original movie, was harder to spot. I never noticed it when I saw it in the theaters but when I purchased the comic book, which I still have 😀, it was in there. It wasn't a bad movie. It won't replace the original Blade Runner but it was a good follow up.
  8. You mean the movie from 2 years ago?
  9. I struggled as well but my first problem was not having the correct serial cable but it seems you are using a official Atari serial cable so that's one problem down. 9600 might be too fast. Try dropping it down to a more reasonable 2400 baud. I can look at my settings when I get home tonight to compare them to your settings.
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