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  1. Yes, the build quality on the XEGS was due to Tramel's cost cutting. Back in the day I had a 800 first, and then moved to a 130xe for the extra RAM and although the keyboard was very mushy on the XE, I didn't really care that much. Now that I have several 8bit system, I have my favs but the difference isn't enough to say you gotta have one over the other. I don't like how the XE line put the cart port in the back but this isn't an issue with the XEGS. Some people don't like the pastel colors of the XEGS, and I understand, but you get a detachable keyboard with, to me, offsets that color design choice. To me, all of the 8bit systems look great in one way or another. If you don't plan to do much heavy keyboard use, I think the XE(including the XEGS line) is probably fine. If you plan to mod the thing, I think the XL line is probably a better choice due to a mode solid construction and that most of the time the chips are already socketed.
  2. I don't think you'll be as happy with the 130xe as you will be with your XL's and original 800's. The only advantage is the extra RAM to use for a RAM disk and if you really wanted more RAM, you could just invest in the add on for your XL or original 800. If you're a completionist and you just want to get one for your collection, then get it, but the XE didn't have the quality that the XL had.
  3. WOW! Nice score. Sorry about the chemo. One would think that by this time there would be a surefire cure for cancer that wouldn't take such a toll on a person's body. I, once and awhile, hear of better methods, but I suspect this is just the news reporting on some new process that isn't fully tested and that doctors are just trying out. At least that Atari score will give you something to fight to live fore as well as a Theremin😆 to learn to play.
  4. An April fools joke posted on April 1st? Ok, who chummed the waters cuz the sharks are up in a frenzy biting at anything that moves. 😉
  5. Cool! SSI had some complex stuff back then. When pandemic comes to mind, I recommend Agent USA. If only everyone kept social distancing but it's difficult when you're riding the train everywhere. 😉
  6. Yes, Fujinet does look very promising and might be worth holding out for.
  7. I've been working on such a list for quite sometime for this very reason and I've sorta dragged my feet (shame on me). First off, you probably want a modern storage system; one that plays carts as well as floppies and cassettes. If you want to get by on the cheap, you can make a cable that goes from your PC to your Atari and floppies/cassettes that way. I, personally, have a Sdrive-max which I put together using off the shelf parts and it works great and has I nice little touch screen display. As far as carts, I'm using the Ultimate Cart and am very happy with this but there is also the SIOCart, Uno Cart, AVG Cart, and Z-IDE, myIDE-II, Side 2, and The!Cart. I don't have a ton of information, yet, on these, but I really need to rectify that and soon. Again, dragged my feet way too long. Lotharek (http://lotharek.pl/) sells a ton of great upgrades for your Atari but some will require a bit of soldering and probably a lot of these things are more for hard core Atari fans who want to be able to extend their Atari's past the point that they were originally intended for. I know this isn't a complete list of things, and I'm sorry for that, but it might help get your started.
  8. I question your defination of "random". 🤣
  9. LOVE both of those games and they were, many times, my go-to games back in the day. Ballblazer, especially, for 2-player.
  10. Oh, "Amiga die hard" is quite evident and that would be a conversation I would only expect to be having on a school playground in 1997. Adults should have a more objective viewpoint. 😆
  11. Look, I know this is 2 years old but....you must be joking. Are you sure you don't have a bit of bias here? Wolf and even more so, DOOM, were very groundbreaking at the time and inspired so many clones that in itself proves its significance. I remember the first time I went to a guys house and saw Wolf3D playing on his PC and knew right there my ST was at the end of the line. Then, throw in a sound card so you could hear them speak and WOW! You mention the Amiga and Jaguar. If Wolf3D/DOOM were crap then why would anyone try to make games for these systems? But that is exactly what they did....or did some clone of that. Those games didn't come before Wolf3D/DOOM, they came after and they came because those system owners wanted to play something like those games. I mean, "DOOM Clone" is a well known phase for good reason. I know you play other games but there are a TON more people that still boot up those original games. Popular doesn't always mean good but there is so much content other than games around DOOM that I can't see how significantly important these games were. No one is still talking about Lotus II/III nor are people clamoring for an updated version of it but both DOOM and Wolf3D have because they're so beloved. As you mention, you probably consider me a loser but I don't really think you made a winning argument before you made those claims. This guy did an entire video on DOOM Clones on non-PC systems.
  12. My best guess, and it's a guess fer sure, is that you need to lower your baud rate to like 1200. I remember Thomas Cherryhomes telling me this was the speed I had to use. Other than that, you might just reach out to Thomas directly. I think he goes by tschak909 on here. I'm going to assume you did some GoogleFu to see if anyone has reproduced your method? If not, I think it would be helpful to others to share that process when you get it resolved. Good luck.
  13. Just so you know, you get one stupid question a week. That's at least what I afford myself.
  14. So, that binary you pointed us to has a link on the right side of the screen titled, "Fonts for Tesseract Training." --> https://github.com/UB-Mannheim/tesseract/wiki/Fonts-for-Tesseract-training and this is also a link to this tool. https://tesseract-ocr.github.io/tessdoc/TrainingTesseract-4.00.html
  15. Dumb question but did you train the fonts for Tesseract?
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