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  1. LOVE both of those games and they were, many times, my go-to games back in the day. Ballblazer, especially, for 2-player.
  2. Oh, "Amiga die hard" is quite evident and that would be a conversation I would only expect to be having on a school playground in 1997. Adults should have a more objective viewpoint. 😆
  3. Look, I know this is 2 years old but....you must be joking. Are you sure you don't have a bit of bias here? Wolf and even more so, DOOM, were very groundbreaking at the time and inspired so many clones that in itself proves its significance. I remember the first time I went to a guys house and saw Wolf3D playing on his PC and knew right there my ST was at the end of the line. Then, throw in a sound card so you could hear them speak and WOW! You mention the Amiga and Jaguar. If Wolf3D/DOOM were crap then why would anyone try to make games for these systems? But that is exactly what they did....or did some clone of that. Those games didn't come before Wolf3D/DOOM, they came after and they came because those system owners wanted to play something like those games. I mean, "DOOM Clone" is a well known phase for good reason. I know you play other games but there are a TON more people that still boot up those original games. Popular doesn't always mean good but there is so much content other than games around DOOM that I can't see how significantly important these games were. No one is still talking about Lotus II/III nor are people clamoring for an updated version of it but both DOOM and Wolf3D have because they're so beloved. As you mention, you probably consider me a loser but I don't really think you made a winning argument before you made those claims. This guy did an entire video on DOOM Clones on non-PC systems.
  4. My best guess, and it's a guess fer sure, is that you need to lower your baud rate to like 1200. I remember Thomas Cherryhomes telling me this was the speed I had to use. Other than that, you might just reach out to Thomas directly. I think he goes by tschak909 on here. I'm going to assume you did some GoogleFu to see if anyone has reproduced your method? If not, I think it would be helpful to others to share that process when you get it resolved. Good luck.
  5. Just so you know, you get one stupid question a week. That's at least what I afford myself.
  6. So, that binary you pointed us to has a link on the right side of the screen titled, "Fonts for Tesseract Training." --> https://github.com/UB-Mannheim/tesseract/wiki/Fonts-for-Tesseract-training and this is also a link to this tool. https://tesseract-ocr.github.io/tessdoc/TrainingTesseract-4.00.html
  7. Dumb question but did you train the fonts for Tesseract?
  8. I don't know if this helps or just muddies the waters but I did try to extract BASIC programs from old magazines. Of course, it was that HORRIBLE dot matrix type which OCR hates BUT I heard that you could train the AI in Google's Tesseract. Unfortunately, the programs I found that used it were clunky and didn't result in any better results. Now, it's been a year since I did this and I think Google has probably improved on this BUT there also there to make money so I think you can use this service but on a limited amount of calls to it per day. What does that mean for you if you don't plan to write your own application? It means that if you use a program that somebody else wrote, you'll also have to know what the limitation are of the Google service since that program will also have to adhere to it. Here is a link to the Google OCR stuff. https://cloud.google.com/vision/docs/ocr I just did a real quick search and found this process. Give it a shot. https://pdf.wondershare.com/pdf-software-comparison/google-docs-convert-scanned-pdf-text.html
  9. Back in the day, I met most of my Atari friends on BBS's. I actually met a bunch of them in person at pirate parties. A few of us hung out individually doing some Atari stuff but also just hanging out as friend. Had some really good times with those guys. Over the years we drifted apart for one reason or another. Recently I found out that one of them died. He wasn't that old but I suspect poor living was a result of this. In any case I contacted one of the other guys to tell him about it and, strangely, he also looked this guy up and discovered the same thing. Funny how that works. In any case, when all of the pandemic is over we're going to get together for a beer. I suspect I haven't seen this guy in probably 20 years even though we're connected on LinkedIn so it will be good to touch base.
  10. Wow! He must have been a good friend if you looked after him. So sad to hear you lost such a close friend and having to watch him go through dementia must have been terrible since you probably saw his old self slip away.
  11. And I think I have Asteroids (box/manual/cart).
  12. Yeah, but you could use them for glowing treasure or magical items and enhancements to status indicators.
  13. Well, if anyone here did pay that price they'd also be stupid enough to tell us. 😄
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