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  1. Maybe when I said alpha I ment pre-alpha testing. BTW: You said, "I'm not good at graphics, so I'm not dropping the best thing I've drawn" and I'm in love with your slime animation. Top notch. If it sucked I'd just give you a thumbs up and move on. I don't feel like the movement slows down the action because I think it's more of a puzzle/platformer game. I love the pipe idea and I think you should expand upon that fluidity idea. Maybe you can turn the blob into a solid or a gas. Use the solid form to break through barriers or destroy enemies. Gas could get you through perforated areas or slip past enemies. From gas, you could go to a plasma state. This might be the invisibility mode. As far as a story... Just spitballing here but because you're slime, maybe your some lifeform that found it's way onto a spaceship and you need to find your way to communicate with the humans. Every so often you could reach a point where you've send a portion of a message to the human but they can't quite figure out where it's coming from. By then end of the game you've given them enough info for them to greet you with open arms. Feel free to hit me up for further level ideas.
  2. You know, if you need some alpha testers, just ask. Obviously let us know where you think the game has issue so that we don't rub it in but it's possible we might be able to contribute gameplay ideas to help get over any writers block.
  3. Frank Farian was pulling the strings behind Pink Floyd the entire time. I actually had to look up who Frank Farian is and as a music producer, he damage was minimal. This sounds like a bitter ex-wife, girlfriend, or Fabrice Morvan.
  4. You're probably right. Corona's seems to have less melody, or polyphony, and so would probably be easier to reproduce with the POKEY. Now, two POKEY's...😃
  5. True. I'll bring it back. Make all of these songs Pokey versions. I'd love to learn how to do that but so far I haven't found any good tutorials on using Raster Music Tracker.
  6. Now THIS screams 90's in a good way.
  7. Smoker, eh. Unfortunately, you now probably have a right and left cartcinogen slot. 😉😄 Don't toss anything, even if it smells like smoke. I'm sure someone here is interested in parts.
  8. Oh, man. Doesn't that scream early 90's. I get the tie-in to our latest situation but wouldn't you rather get a Pokey version of this song of the same name? 😃
  9. A quick and dirty effort to colorize.
  10. So, in comparison to other storage devices (original, enhanced, and alternative (aka: New devices such as FujiNet), how does it stack up as far as the throughput compared to other storage devices (keeping in mind your devices does a heck of a lot more).
  11. Yeah, but you're working on resolving that, right. 👍
  12. Well, if there is any best time to write a new game, I think NOW it is. 🤣
  13. The 1450XLD? Sticking a floppy drive on top of a 1200XL was more likely the inspiration. It also had a 300 baud modem and voice synthesiser but by that time 300 baud was outdated and several other systems had voice synthesis. It was a great idea a bit too late IMO. Still, back in the day it was very desirable.
  14. You're welcome. I'd skip BASIC unless you want to use a lot of the typed in programs that are available. BASIC worked for us back in the day but if you're starting from scratch, ACTION! is probably a better language. Assembly is hard core but kids might take right to that. You do have C but it's going to be somewhat limited. If you were on a 16 bit system, I'd definatly say C + Assembly. Of course, any interest they show in programming is an advantage. If they are really young, LOGO is a great language to get them to give the computer instructions and see results.
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