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  1. Hell yeah! Can't wait to get this little sweetie
  2. Got a email from Igor (krikzz). He told me that it is impossible to do for the Mega Everdrive
  3. Is it possible to go back to the Everdrive Menu after playing a game like pressing Start & A + B + C or something like that? Would be a nice feature
  4. Hi, werde auf jeden Fall am Start sein Hoffe das es eine menge an Atari 7800 und Colecovision Stuff geben wird
  5. @ retroillucid What about the DigitalVision - Thing? I think it's good idea and I would pay small donation for buying a homebrew rom from games that are not avaiable as cartridge anymore It would be like a little itunes - store
  6. No man! You can still get it! Go here: http://www.opcodegames.com/games.php It's the awesome. Yeah! Thanx for the link
  7. Want a Halo 2600 PAL Version NOW !!! Where's the BUY IT NOW - Button ???
  8. The boxes look fantastic Any chance to buy them???
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