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  1. The default hi score is 30,000. Yours in that screenshot isn't.
  2. Nothing yet. I'll probably build something with a Raspberry Pi at some point. Been too busy to have much time for video games anyways.
  3. So I'm cleaning out my office and can't justify owning stuff that I don't have time to play anymore . I'm gonna ask for $1k even shipped and will consider reasonable offers. Most of the consoles selling were purchased/modded by members of AtariAge. Consoles: -NES RGB modded with nintendo multi out. Has a switch on the bottom for 3 different palettes and was purchased by a member here. -Atari 2600 with Longhorn Engineer AV/S-video mod. -Sega Genesis model 1 modded for s-video and stereo sound. -Turbo Grafx with Turbo Booster Plus -JVC X'eye (pictured running a CD game) -SNES -NES toaster with replaced pin connector -PS1 x 3 all working. One is soft modded....Just not sure which one. I think there are only two power cables and one AV cable for the playstations. Atari 2600 Games -Berzerk -Space Invaders -Defender -Asteroids -Pitfall -Combat -Pac-Man -Missile Command -Yar's Revenge NES Games -MegaMan 2 -Contra -SMB 2 -SMB 2 (J) reproduction -Balloon Fight -TMNT Arcade -Duck Tales -Final Fantasy -Double Dragon 2 -Castlevania Simon's Quest -Rampart -Super C x2 -Final Fantasy 3 -SMB 3 -SMB/Duck Hunt -Tetris -Techmo Super Bowl -Castlevania III -Techmo Superbowl 2011 (homebrew) SNES Games -Zelda: Link to the Past -Super Metroid -Contro III -Super Mario Cart -Lufia and the Fortress of Doom -Final Fantasy III -Star Fox -Super Mario RPG -Final Fantasy 5 (reproduction) -Final Fantasy II -Super Mario World -Battle Toads-Double Dragon -Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest -Secret of Mana -Chrono Trigger Sega Genesis Games -Attack Sub 688 -NHL 95 -Alladin -NHL 94 -Road Rage 2 -Road Rage 3 -NHLPH Hockey 93 -Sonic The Hedgehog TG16 Games -Bonk's Revenge -Bonk's Adventure -Ninja Spirit -Legendary Axe -Parasol Stars -Neutopia II -Vigilante -Sports Football -Blood Wolf -Blazing Lasers -Keith Courage Alpha Zone x 2 -Dungeon Explorer Also including a copy of Final Fantasy 7 for the PS1. Pics of everything included. Feel free to ask questions and I'll consider any offers....I'm in Marblehead Ohio so if anyone wants to pick it up I'd take a fair amount off the 1k price.
  4. So my wife is a neat freak and doesn't like all of the cables/controllers that come with the 9 consoles I have in the entertainment center....Basically if I want to play a game I have to go through a cabinet with all the cables/controllers and then put them away when I'm done. This has resulted in me not playing video games very much at all. I'm thinking about selling a few of the consoles to fund a nice HTPC to run emulators (most likely RetroArch or if anyone has other suggestions let me know) and Steam games. I'd probably get a couple Blissboxes so I could use genuine controllers. I'm considering 3 options and I'll list them in order of most attractive currently for me to least. Oh yeah, gonna use Windows 10 most likely. 1: Building a FANLESS Intel Nuc Basically getting an Intel i5RYH board and installing it in an Akasa Max S chassis. Then throwing in 8 gig of ram and a 1TB SSD. The case is basically designed to act as a heat sink. If overheating isn't a problem this would essentially be a pretty nice HTPC with basically no moving parts other than ability to have an optical drive. 2: Buying a NUC i5RYH and throwing in the ram/SSD then installing windows. The CON is that I've heard of people saying the fan on some NUCs can spin up to super loud speed without much load. 3: Buying a small case and basically building a NUC. Pro would be that it would be a lot easier to make sure that overheating isn't an issue. If anyone has any advice, comments, pictures, etc on the topic I'd love to hear them. To end the post here is a picture of the Akasa Max S which I think is a really nice looking case!
  5. So I've got a PC with an HDMI out to a secondary monitor (Plasma TV) and cannot get any emulators to display full screen on the TV.....Anyone know what the problem may be? Was hoping to get a couple USB controllers to be able to play NES/SNES/Genesis/2600/etc/etc on my 60 inch plasma......
  6. This is pretty accurate. I've played Super C for about 6 hours straight before my wife made me quit with 40+ lives. The original Contra gets harder with each playthrough....Super C doesn't get noticeably harder.
  7. So I'm thinking about building a PC with the sole purpose of Emulating video game consoles. I'll probably get a Blissbox to use original controllers. I've only ever built Windows PCs and have never built a specialized machine. Basically I'd be looking to emulate everything from the 2600 to the Wii and up if possible. Anyone have good experiences with a specific linux distro that I should try (that is reasonably user friendly)?
  8. You might wanna cut it down to 100K if at all possible.
  9. Thanks for the hard work. Really hoping what you're trying to make becomes a reality. You still making blissboxes?
  10. I have 2 back up units and really only need one. No cords/controllers included. Just tested it and it works fine. Should fit in a Medium Flat Rate Shipping box....so I figure $22.00 including shipping. PM me with any questions:-)
  11. if I was gonna drop the cash I'd probably go with a PC Engine Duo. This guy has good feedback:-) http://www.ebay.com/itm/191234077913
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