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  1. Wow, that Super Console X thing looks pretty freakin' awesome, can't believe I've never heard of that before. I recently got onboard with my first retro emulation handheld and went with the Anbernic RG351MP. Not sure exactly what I was expecting but I feel as though this device has exceeded my expectations in almost every way I could come up with. The metal case gives it a nice heft that makes it feel almost like a premium device. I installed the "aftermarket" firmware called "AmberElec" and it is super easy to use and very to-the-point. Highly recommended.
  2. The Gravitar Recharged game looks neat, but based on what I can glean from the quick trailer, it almost seems like the same thing as Gravity Crash (PS3, 2009).
  3. Yeah, I thought I had remembered an announcement that PC was getting the C64 treatment and coincidentally I just recently thought about it and was wondering if I somehow missed the boat on it. Glad to hear it’s getting revisited.
  4. I'd be more than happy to provide feedback on test versions of a C64 Pressure Cooker. I had the game back in the 80s and to this day it's a top 10 Atari 2600 game on my list. I just checked the "badge" score and looks like it's 45,000 which I'm certain I could get no problem in a single attempt. I've got a day job and 2 young kids so my gaming time is usually limited to a few hours a week here and there late at night after everyone goes to bed, so I can't promise super-rapid feedback at all times. If that's OK then hit me up in private message when you're ready to send over a test version. Hopefully you get other volunteers as well. PS - I'm comfortable with VICE.
  5. I figured out the problem, in case anybody has a similar issue and comes across this thread. Turns out the problem wasn't Retroarch, but LaunchBox. The Turbo CD games I have are all in the format of multiple "tracks" + a .CUE file. When I "imported" these games into LaunchBox, the software was taking one of the "track" files to launch the game, which is not how it is supposed to work. I had to point the software to the .CUE file in each case and it worked fine after that.
  6. Thanks gents. I hope that if we give it a few months of downtime people will come back to play when the weather starts getting shitty. CYN DoDonPachi Score Points MAME Offender 13,280,580 12 Cynicaster 7,840,380 9 Floyd Turbo 3,979,900 8 evan04 0 Hero2millions 0 S.BAZ 0 jblenkle 0 roadrunner 0 Fres 0 Vulgus Score Points MAME Offender 139,850 12 Cynicaster 96,250 9 Floyd Turbo 15,750 8 evan04 0 Hero2millions 0 S.BAZ 0 jblenkle 0 roadrunner 0 Fres 0 *** FINAL STANDINGS *** STANDINGS TO DATE 1 Cynicaster 199 2 Floyd Turbo 147 3 evan04 131 4 MAME Offender 121 5 Hero2millions 115 6 jblenkle 19 7 roadrunner 15 8 S.BAZ 7 9 Fres 7
  7. So it's been established in this thread that the list is not meant to be timeless but I'd take it a lot more seriously if it included at least a few classic arcade games. I mean, come on... NES Qix is a better game than the original Robotron 2084? Right.
  8. I see the next game is posted but it’s still the 24th so I assume I can still sneak these in. Black Belt 273,000 KFK 122,400
  9. Welcome to the last round of the MAME HSC! I originally had some other plans for dragging this out a bit, including a redemption round to allow everyone to take another swing at a few games of their choice to improve their standing as well as a much bigger final round with more games, but with participation being as low as it has, it feels like a waste of time. Once this wraps up, maybe we can try again in a few months and hopefully get a bit more participation.
  10. This round's game 1 of 2: DoDonPachi ROM Name: DoDonPachi (International, Master Ver. 97/02/05) ROM File: ddonpach Picked by: MAME Offender DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) : DEFAULTS This round's game 2 of 2: Vulgus ROM Name: Vulgus (set 1) ROM File: vulgus Picked by: Cynicaster DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) : DEFAULTS Rules: Please change your DIPs to the settings listed. If you're unsure how to do this, please ask Screenshots required No continues No save states No cheats Any working version of MAME can be used, but the ROMs provided for this competition will be verified to work on MAME v0.139. The "user interface" version of MAME v0.139 can be downloaded at: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mameui/ Competition ends: Sunday July 24, 11:59pm PST Previous Round Results: League Bowling Score Points Cynicaster 184 12 Floyd Turbo 168 9 Hero2millions 163 8 evan04 16 7 MAME Offender 0 S.BAZ 0 jblenkle 0 roadrunner 0 Fres 0 Dig Dug 2 Score Points Cynicaster 45,000 12 Floyd Turbo 33,300 9 evan04 10,900 8 Hero2millions 1,800 7 MAME Offender 0 S.BAZ 0 jblenkle 0 roadrunner 0 Fres 0 Standings to Date: STANDINGS TO DATE 1 Cynicaster 181 2 Floyd Turbo 131 3 evan04 131 4 Hero2millions 115 5 MAME Offender 97 6 jblenkle 19 7 roadrunner 15 8 S.BAZ 7 9 Fres 7 ddonpach.zip vulgus.zip
  11. To me, Dr. Mario is "OK" but I've never really understood the hype relative to other contemporaneous games. Part of the problem might be that my wife absolutely schools me at it. In the early days of the pandemic we played a lot of the Dr. Mario / Tetris combo on SNES, which is a very cool way to play these games. There is a head-to-head mode that combines Tetris and Dr. Mario into a sort of triathlon.
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