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  1. And here is the score data submitted to date. Clicking the image should make it larger. Shown are both raw scores (top) and their corresponding percentages (bottom.)
  2. Welcome to the 2nd redemption round. PLEASE read this post before participating. I know everybody hates reading the details, but work with me here. Use this round to work on improving your scores on up to (6) already-played games. If you wish to submit fewer than (6) that is fine. If you're happy with your scores to date, feel free to enjoy a short break. You need not "commit" to game selections up front, but to make record-keeping more manageable, please avoid posting scores for more than (6) different games in this thread. Please ensure DIPs are set according to those listed in the original thread for the games you're playing. If you're using the same MAME/ROMs/computer as before, this should already be set correctly unless you've changed it. CALLING ALL NEW PLAYERS! If you're seeing this thread and haven't participated in this competition yet, I will allow you to submit scores for all games for the duration of this round, so you can catch up and then proceed with the pack for the remainder of the competition. Following this round will be the final round of the competition, consisting of (4) games. Redemption Round ends: Sunday 12/6, 11:59pm PST Previous Round Results: Vs. Excitebike Razzie.P 117,440 100.0% roadrunner 110,035 93.7% Cynicaster 98,655 84.0% MAME Offender 79,265 67.5% Floyd Turbo 65,645 55.9% AtariWarlord 56,435 48.1% hero2millions 30,675 26.1% jblenkle 0.0% youxia 0.0% S.BAZ 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Donkey Kong Cynicaster 301,500 100.0% MAME Offender 230,900 76.6% Razzie.P 87,000 28.9% AtariWarlord 34,600 11.5% jblenkle 28,800 9.6% Floyd Turbo 15,500 5.1% roadrunner 12,900 4.3% hero2millions 9,700 3.2% youxia 0.0% S.BAZ 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Standings to Date: 1 Razzie.P 70.96% 2 MAME Offender 61.02% 3 Cynicaster 60.80% 4 AtariWarlord 30.13% 5 Floyd Turbo 28.07% 6 youxia 26.19% 7 roadrunner 22.48% 8 hero2millions 17.55% 9 jblenkle 10.76% 10 bigbee99 5.95% 11 S.BAZ 5.09%
  3. Yes, redemption round. I will post the thread soon, just need to tabulate the scores. Feel free to start polishing up your scores on any game you like.
  4. 301,500 I almost bailed on this run because at about 155k I died multiple times in quick succession and was down to my last life. Ended up almost doubling that score with my final guy... that never happens.
  5. If you have a half decent grasp of how to use a computer you should be able to get up and running with retropie pretty easily. Just buy the kit and google for a tutorial. I got mine up and running in about a half hour.
  6. It’s definitely one of my fave versions as well, but I didn’t mention it because it’s the version I grew up playing and I struggle to judge it objectively. All the others are essentially new to me in my adult years.
  7. I've never once even attempted PS2 emulation (PS1 is as far as I've gone). Roughly speaking, how beefy of a PC is needed?
  8. Kind of funny to see this video today; coincidentally, about 4-5 days ago I was up late going through my console emulators and playing multiple versions of Ms. Pac back to back. It's hard to get a really good feel for how the different versions compare simply by memory, so playing them one right after the other is pretty informative. Based on that exercise, my conclusion is that the availability of MAME renders the ports obsolete. The game just works best as an arcade game with the fixed/vertical screen. But, if I must play a port, give me one of the older 8-bit era ones, any day of the week. I don't say that out of some "older = better" dogma or whatever; I say it because Pac-Man games are inherently all about the gameplay, so little graphical enhancements don't make them any better. I don't give a shit how many additional colors the sprites have, but one thing is for sure: Ms. Pac Man with a scrolling maze sucks my nutsack. I mean, I guess I understand why it was done, to open up higher resolution possbilities for the sprites in relation to the maze or whatever. The Lynx version tries to go the fixed screen route but looks like complete dump as a result. That's why I like the Atari 8-bit, Atari 7800, and a few of those older versions. The graphics are more than "good enough" for a game of Pac-Man and the screens don't scroll. My main gripe with the older versions is the sound effects. The real arcade sound effects are a very important aspect of the experience, IMO.
  9. Looks pretty good to me, and you're almost certainly going to enjoy using SNES-type controllers (assuming they're decent quality) rather than XBOX. What kind of TV are you planning to use? I've had problems with my 4k TV, where Retroarch keeps wanting to force a high resolution and update rate and the games stutter and slow down. Even if I change settings and save, it changes back next time I load it up - very frustrating. That same system on an older 1080 TV runs like a champ. This is using a PC; I have no experience hooking a Pi up to a 4k TV.
  10. I guess it's just one of those game design cues where opinions will differ from player to player. For me, I just prefer to be dropped right back into the game after dying. This need not compromise challenge level - look at Cave games. When you're paying quarters to play, it just seems a bit wierd to have to keep pumping quarters into an an arcade game only to potentially re-do the same section of the game over and over again.
  11. Even if that's the case and flicker is the same between the two, my point remains mostly unchanged - namely, that the style of R-Type's graphics play to the advantages of the SMS onscreen color capabilities more so than NES.
  12. I hadn't heard of this company but I checked out the website to see what they're offering and admittedly my knee-jerk reaction was along the lines of "that's extremely expensive considering I could get much the same functionality for literally no cost using a 10 year-old PC that is collecting dust in my closet and freely available software." But if I consider a hypothetical situation where all of the knowledge and experience I've gained in the last 10-15 years fiddling with retro console emulation just goes POOF and disappears, especially at this stage of my life where I have limited spare time, etc. then I can begin to see myself being willing to pay a premium to get my hands on a system that I can just set up and play. So, from the perspective of a fairly experienced emulation user and multi-hobby father of a toddler who values his spare time very much, here is my $0.02 for you: if, even after learning that you can get up and running on something almost identical to this arcade-one system for almost no cost, you are still seeing value in what is being offered, then go for it. More and more - regardless of whether we're talking about home reno tasks, car maintenance, or retro console emulation - I'm a huge advocate of choosing my battles carefully. In other words, DIY can be satisfying but it shouldn't be a religion. If you have the budget, some things are just worth paying for, and which things make the grade will vary from person to person. With that out of the way, you mentioned XBOX controllers, and here I would recommend you do some more research. Not sure if you mean XBox 360 or XBox One. I have no experience with XBox One but I've spent a fair bit of time using XBox 360 controllers for retro emulation and if that's your plan, I'd urge you to shop elsewhere. Obviously, for retro emulation, d-pad performance is paramount. IMO, here's the problem with X360 controllers in this use case - they're just good enough that you might decide to stick with them, but they're just bad enough to degrade the experience. The d-pad on those is fine for modern games where they get used to navigate menus and perform auxiliary functions, but if they're the sole method of directional input, they're not quite up to the task (again, IMO.) If wireless is a priority, there are other options. For example, I've not used the 8BitDo products but people seem to love those, and they're available in a bunch of different formats.
  13. Arcade R-Type, for me, is one of the quintessential shooters of my childhood arcade days. I didn't play much of it back then because it was just too quick of a drain on my limited supply of quarters. Still, I clearly remember seeing it all the time and hearing the excellent music and sound effects emanating through the arcade. I've become much more acquainted with the game in recent years and it's definitely a classic. If I'm being brutally honest, I do have my complaints about it, though. Just like Ghosts 'N Goblins and others, I really dislike how you get sent backward when you die and have to retread parts of the game. This is acceptable in home console games but IMO it's a very dickish design feature for a game you're paying to play. It's especially maddening in a shooter because in shooters you have to gradually build up your power-ups to the point where you're able to survive the onslaught. You lose a life and get reverted back to a wimpy pea-shooter weapon, and as if that doesn't make it difficult enough, R-Type adds insult to injury by also moving you backward in the game, thus forcing you to re-try the very section of the game with a pea-shooter that only seconds ago killed you when you had a powerful weapon. 🤨 Just seems like a bit more balance and fairness would have made R-Type a much more enjoyable game than it already is. I agree the TG-16 version is outstanding and the SMS version is very impressive, especially for that era of console gaming. It would be interesting to see how well the game could be executed on NES but I have a feeling it would be a bit disappointing due to flicker and fewer onscreen colors as compared to SMS. Then again, the game did make it to Game Boy and while it's not a great version of the game relative to others out there, I'd file it under "exceeds expectations."
  14. Looks like the RNG wanted it to be a Nintendo round. I imagine these games won't be new to anybody. I haven't played DK in a while, hope I'm not too rusty. Don't forget - following this round, we will have the 2nd scheduled redemption round with the same basic rules as the first. Following that will be the final round of the competition, which will consist of (4) games. CYN
  15. This round's game 1 of 2: Vs. Excite Bike ROM Name: Vs. Excite Bike ROM File: excitebk Picked by: Floyd Turbo DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) Bonus: 100k and every 50k 1st half qualifying time: easy 2nd half qualifying time: easy This round's game 2 of 2: Donkey Kong ROM Name: Donkey Kong (US Set 1) ROM File: dkong Picked by: Cynicaster DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) Lives: 3 Bonus: 7,000 Rules: Please change your DIPs to the settings listed. If you're unsure how to do this, please ask Screenshots required No continues No save states No cheats Any working version of MAME can be used, but the ROMs provided for this competition will be verified to work on MAME v0.139. The "user interface" version of MAME v0.139 can be downloaded at: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mameui/ Competition ends: Sunday November 22, 11:59pm PST Previous Round Results: Qix Cynicaster 89,392 100.0% MAME Offender 37,056 41.5% youxia 23,764 26.6% roadrunner 20,998 23.5% AtariWarlord 20,946 23.4% jblenkle 16,328 18.3% Razzie.P 16,310 18.2% Floyd Turbo 15,728 17.6% hero2millions 10,632 11.9% S.BAZ 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Boogie Wings Cynicaster 132,950 100.0% Razzie.P 113,850 85.6% Floyd Turbo 102,090 76.8% roadrunner 90,910 68.4% AtariWarlord 87,850 66.1% youxia 54,040 40.6% jblenkle 0.0% hero2millions 0.0% S.BAZ 0.0% MAME Offender 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Standings to Date: 1 Razzie.P 71.68% 2 MAME Offender 59.80% 3 Cynicaster 57.33% 4 AtariWarlord 30.17% 5 youxia 29.10% 6 Floyd Turbo 27.79% 7 roadrunner 19.53% 8 hero2millions 17.87% 9 jblenkle 11.42% 10 bigbee99 6.61% 11 S.BAZ 5.66% dkong.zip excitebk.zip
  16. Kind of a downcast turnout this round; too bad. I enjoy Qix but I never play it unless it's part of a competition I'm participating in because it's just too maddening. A good basic strategy is to build little skinny "fingers" out into the screen using the fast draw, then wait for the Qix to come down beside one and then you trap him in there using a short stroke of the slow draw pen. This floods the screen red for big points. On top of that you get 1000 points for every % complete you achieve over 75%. I think the highest bonus I got last week was 17,000 for 92% complete on the first screen. Then I choked and lost all 3 lives on the 2nd screen. And Boogie Wings... a very strange game but damn, it's ambitious for the time. For the developers to work in all those little things with the different vehicles and the skyhook device and the physics of the motion and all that, it's pretty impressive in its details. I assume many just find the game "too much" and a bit off-putting as a result. I imagine it probably benefits greatly from just spending some time with it.
  17. I don't feel particularly strongly on this either way, because sure, in an ideal world a legit achievement would remain a legit achievement, regardless of any cheating/dishonesty that may have taken place in a completely separate situation. But the problem is, it's not an ideal world, and the distinction of legit vs. fake does not just fall down from on high - it requires a churn on the system to discern which is which. If you have already demonstrated a pattern of suspicious behavior - including what amounts to smoking-gun proof of fakery - then it doesn't seem fair to place the onus on "the system" to devote the resources needed to check and re-check everything you're doing to separate out which of your achievements are real and which ones are fake. You are given an initial level of trust, but if you squander it, you sideline yourself. Think of it as a deterrent.
  18. Fucking right, I finally figured it out. As I suspected, it wasn't the emulator settings that were causing the problems, it was the settings of the Pi itself. I ran a raspi-config -> advanced options and selected the correct monitor resolution from the list of options, and re-booted. BOOM - both vertical and horizontal games look awesome now. Where I'm confused is I am 99.9% certain I didn't have to do this step the first time I set this thing up with this monitor 2-3 years ago. Regardless, it works now... just wish I could have those 3 hours back.
  19. Any Retropie MAME experts about? I've got a Pi (version 3b) running MAME2003 on the v0.78 romset. Games all work, but the aspect ratio of the display is out of whack. I'm trying to use a small 4:3 LCD monitor in landscape orientation. When I just use default settings all around, I get big black bars of unused space on the sides of the screen. I fully expect this when running vertical games on a horizontal screen but I'm getting it on all games, even horizontal ones. Both types are showing an image that is obviously too narrow in the side-to-side direction, so the proportions look like crap. I'm Ok with black bars on vertical games but I want the proportions of the image to look right, with the largest possible image that will fit in the 4:3 horizontal screen. I have no trouble at all getting this to work on a PC version of MAME - in fact, it "just works" without having to do anything. But this Pi is driving me nuts. I am able to go into the Retroarch video settings and select different aspect ratios until I find one that looks great on either horizontal or vertical games, but whenever I set it up for one, the other gets hosed. For example, if I set up Kung Fu Master (a horizontal game) so that it fills the screen and looks nice, then all vertical games are also stretched wide to fill the screen. Same goes for vertical - I get them looking proportionally correct with the black bars at the sides, but then all horizontal games are squished side-to-side in the same fashion. Since both game types are too narrow in the horizontal direction when using default settings, I'm wondering if it's some kind of setting at the OS level (rather than at the emulator level) where the system is misidentifying the monitor's resolution or something like that. But that doesn't really make sense either because it seems like if that were the case, the Emulation Station front end would also be squashed in the horizontal direction but it's displaying correctly at full screen. Can anybody shed light? I'm pretty sure I can create game-by-game config files to force the correct image size but if the answer is that I have to go game by game and create config files to force the correct image size then I'm just not going to bother with this project. I had this thing up and running before on the same monitor and never had this issue, but I'm starting to think I might have been using MAME2010 before. I'm going to try that but if I can get 2003 going that would be preferable because I already have all the ROMs copied over, etc.
  20. This round's game 1 of 2: Qix ROM Name: Qix (set 1) ROM File: qix Picked by: S.BAZ DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) Internal defaults This round's game 2 of 2: Boogie Wings ROM Name: Boogie Wings (Euro v1.5, 92.12.07) ROM File: boogwing Picked by: youxia DIP settings (changes from default shown in RED ) Lives: 2 Difficulty: Normal Rules: Please change your DIPs to the settings listed. If you're unsure how to do this, please ask Screenshots required No continues No save states No cheats Any working version of MAME can be used, but the ROMs provided for this competition will be verified to work on MAME v0.139. The "user interface" version of MAME v0.139 can be downloaded at: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mameui/ Competition ends: Sunday November 8, 11:59pm PST Previous Round Results: Eggs Razzie.P 121,820 100.0% Cynicaster 90,360 74.2% MAME Offender 84,640 69.5% AtariWarlord 54,390 44.6% youxia 19,770 16.2% roadrunner 14,570 12.0% Floyd Turbo 14,110 11.6% jblenkle 10,940 9.0% hero2millions 9,610 7.9% S.BAZ 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Moonwalker MAME Offender 170,630 100.0% Razzie.P 163,790 96.0% Cynicaster 83,100 48.7% hero2millions 75,370 44.2% roadrunner 68,410 40.1% youxia 66,790 39.1% Floyd Turbo 64,690 37.9% AtariWarlord 49,500 29.0% jblenkle 31,540 18.5% S.BAZ 0.0% bigbee99 0.0% Standings to Date: STANDINGS TO DATE 1 Razzie.P 74.15% 2 MAME Offender 64.68% 3 Cynicaster 51.99% 4 youxia 28.54% 5 AtariWarlord 28.35% 6 Floyd Turbo 25.37% 7 hero2millions 19.36% 8 roadrunner 16.23% 9 jblenkle 11.71% 10 bigbee99 7.43% 11 S.BAZ 6.37% boogwing.zip qix.zip
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