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  1. Hey Guys, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I got a sega cd model one and at first no power. I replaced the common fuse and boom power! Now I have a new problem the cd try will not open or eject. I took it apart and it appears that the tray is hitting the laser and the silver dis mount. It appears that the silver disc holder does not move up and down? any suggestions? thanks Jim
  2. Hey I have some cash in Paypal and wanted to buy a large lot of nes games. Not being picky but don’t want just commons would like some good games too if possible. Let me know if you can help!
  3. Hello, Anyone have a working power supply? I can pay or can trade, I have some NES, Genesis stuff. I am in Canada but also have a USA mailbox thanks Jim
  4. Hello Looking for cheap way to hook a Atari 800 to my tube tv. I just need to test the unit. I was looking at a coaxial f adapter but wasnt sure if they work? Suggestions are much appreciated.
  5. Will Ship USA/Canada. Prices in CAD, or Make offer! Prefer Paypal.. I will add more as I get more... Nintendo NES Super Mario / Duck Hunt (Cart) Label falling off $4 Nintendo Wii New Super Mario Bros Wii (CIB) $20 Mario Kart (CIB) $26 Resident Evil 4 (CIB) $5 Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles (CIB) $ 14 Wii Sports Nintendo Select (CIB) $15 Freddi Fish Kelp Seed Mystery (CIB) $11 PS2 Romance of the Three Kingdom XI (no coverart for case) $20 XBox 360 Dancce Dance Revolution Universe 2 (Missing manual) $5 Guitar Hero Aerosmith (CIB) $3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (CIB-Sealed) $12 Dance Dance Revolution Universe (CIB) $5 Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock (CIB) $ $5 Call of Duty Black Ops (CIB) $5 Guitar Hero 5 (CIB) $10 Guitar Hero World Tour (CIB) $4 Rockband (missin manual) $ 2.5 Deca Sports Freedsom (disk) $1.5 Dance Central (disk) $2 Kiinect Adventures (disk) $1.5 Gears of War (Box and Manual-no disk) $.50 Lego Batman 2 (Box and manual-no disk) $.50 XBox (Original) Ghost Recon (CIB) $2 Max Payne 2 (Missing manual) $3 Call of Duty Finest Hour (CIB) $5 Max Payne (Box and Manual no Disk) $.50 Accessories XBox 360 power brick x 2 $8 each.
  6. Hey Guys Years ago I sold my collection, well now I want to re start a new one. I was wondering if anyone could sell bulk lots of NES games? or Genesis Games? I remember when 2$ a game was common for them.. not sure what they are now.. let me know if you can help.... I am in Canada and would like them shipped there BUT i do have a usa mailbox too.... Also after a sega genesis High Deff unit and sega model 1 cd... thanks
  7. Hey Been having a tough time finding a quality console with gamepads..... anyone help.. in ON, Canada. Looking for system, gamepads and would consider game lot.. I do have a US mailbox too. thanks Jim
  8. Well after attempting to use a modified wii on LCD for retro gaming, I am not happy. Looks good but LAGS with controls.... SO yesterday I scored at 32" Sony Trinitron! (for free!) Now I need to rebuild my collection! I am in the market for fair prices Sega Genesis 1, Sega Cd 1, Nintendo, and Playstation 1 modified.. (for now). Prefer to have two official controls with them (except PSX, already have 2 pads). Obviously I need all hookups. Would be nice to have the best video out too! i.e.) RGB or video-s ,. so I don't have to mod.... PM anything you have and what your after. I am in ONT, Canada, and can pickup or can pay shipping. Also have a USA mailbox. Thanks Jim
  9. Hey Well I once had a great collection of games, then sold it, thinking a modded wii would be great to play games on but I miss the original pads. In order to get the pads I have to re buy the controllers and an adapter for each system. They are $30 a piece!! I was considering canning the wii idea (since I mainly play Genesis./Nes) and going back to the old ever drives. The issue is I know have a LCD tv and have no idea what is best video out? I have read s-video and rgb? What options would you suggest? Whats the price ranges? thanks Jim PS i am in ON, Canada.
  10. Hey I am interested in some sort of upscaler as well.Jim
  11. Hey Guys I am after a complete xbox action replay with hookup, memory card and disc if possible. Please msg me if you can help. I would appreciate it. thanks Jim
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