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  1. Hi Mike I own an original ATR-8000 without the 8088 addon card. Would it be possible to connect the new 8088 board you may add also be used in the original ATR8000 ?
  2. I am looking for Cubase audio for atari
  3. New iso link http://www.retro1games.com/download/jagmovie.iso Enjoy and share with everyone its free. Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk
  4. Will share a full iso link today Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk
  5. Hi I just did see someone is selling one of my cinepak releases on ebay for 50usd!!!! The cd was made free for everyone please dont buy it. https://www.u-235.co.uk/jaguar-archives/txgmnx-cinepak-movies/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/164028062958 Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk
  6. Accelerated io on ide+? What do you need to enable that? Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk
  7. No mind reading needed, I wanted to create a transulant box over an existing background see picture above. I also posted the changes I made to get it working. Varmode_on did the trick for me. Thanx for pointing me to the right direction CJ. Verstuurd vanaf mijn POCO F1 met Tapatalk
  8. Hi, I read the JAG_V8.PDF Okay I turned VARMODE ON and now I can mix cry with RGB, and have a transulent color in rapapp.s raptor_video_VARMOD equ vidVARMOD_ON In assets.txt I added this line: ABS,sprite_overlay,gfx_cry,ASSETS\GFX\overlay.bmp and in rapinit.s overlay dc.l 1 ; repeat dc.l is_active ; active dc.w 100,0 ; x dc.w 90,0 ; y dc.w 0,0 ; xadd dc.w 0,0 ; yadd dc.l 160 ; width dc.l 80 ; height dc.l is_normal ; flip dc.l 0 ; coffx dc.l 0 ; coffy dc.l 160 ; hbox dc.l 80 ; vbox dc.l sprite_overlay ; gfxbase dc.l 16 ; gfxbits dc.l is_cry ; gfxformat dc.l is_trans ; gfxbacktype jag_v8.pdf
  9. Hi, In the manual I see these modes: CRY16, RGB16, RGB24, DIRECT16 When using RGB16 only RGB values are supported right or can I still use CRY objects? What about DIRECT16 mode I cannot find the info on that in the manual.
  10. Hi, I like to mix RGB and CRY pictures, is that even possible? I did set the mode in the objectlist to is_Cry The reason is that I would like to try if I get a picture transulant instead of transparant. I failed to set a picture to cry any help would be great.
  11. yep fixed it not using 256 color images right now
  12. Hi, I was playing around with to images 8-bit 256 color bmp files. The first does display right when I disable the second object in the rapinit.s When enable both pictures the first objects gets corrupt and doesnot look the same. It seems its using the clut table of the second picture. Both pictures are 8-bit bmp loadclut(strptr(sprite_background_clut),0,256) loadclut(strptr(sprite_girlb_clut),0,256) How can I handle two or more 8-bit bmp files with cluts ? picture 1: Jaguar is 256 color bmp picture 2: Jaguar + clut enabled + second sprite girlb 256 color no clut in code jaguar ok, girlb sprite not ok picture 3: Jaguar no clut in code and girlb clut enabled in code girlb displays ok, jaguar don't Could someone show me an example code of two 256 color bmp files shown on screen ?
  13. Hi, In the rapinit there is this line: dc.l ani_rept ; animloop What value shout ani_rept be to use the once option ?
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