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  1. This looks like a later variant of the original RAM Trap tester from TI. I recently acquired one of the TI-Style testers, but I haven't taken time to try and read out the ROM yet. One note: the TI variant has two switches, while the one in your schematic only has one, so the software may not be fully compatible. . .and no, I don't think I've ever seen the EPROM for this one in the wild, although @atrax27407 may be able to find it in his EPROM reference library.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tempest said:

    Interesting.  Any other differences?  Why did they release these on disk?

    The disk releases came after the cartridges and were intended to attract people with disk systems to the games, as the disks were a little less costly than the cartridges. It gave folks an option. None of the disk versions were well-marketed, so sales stayed abysmally low for all of them. TI then quietly dropped them and doubled down on the more profitable cartridge releases. . .



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  3. 7 hours ago, Count9929A said:

    Bump [inspired by the thread on EA Diskette B].

    @Ksarul: any news about the original release in diskette format of Tombstone City?

    Oddly enough, I was looking at my Tombstone City disk this past weekend. . .and it is the standalone version too. I'll pull it out again and check, now that I know where it is again.

  4. 7 hours ago, hloberg said:

    still working on MSMP with @InsaneMultitasker I'm sure there is something I'm misinterpreting cause if he's getting it to work I'm sure I can too.

    still I am jazzed that TiBase worked so easily. Just wished it could be 80 column but you take what you can get. :)

    that has the Geneve with a word processor, art program, spread sheet & data base, a full productivity suite. Microsoft Office, look out. 😁

    It has a hypertext program as well: HQ Stacks from McCann Software.

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  5. 4 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

    @Shift838 Your image is 180k versus my 90k, but in comparison to a legitimate 90k image, I found the image created by Disk Backup is 1k too long.  I trimmed the image with dd and voila! TIMT recognizes it just fine and the disk checks out in perfect health.  The original program might be XB, and if it is maybe that can be corrected.


    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Mr. Bertsch?

    Here's his website.

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  6. 9 hours ago, mvancopp said:

    Thanks for the info @Schmitzi.

    The inability to write to a dsk file with the Gotek/FlashFloppy appears to be a issue when used with HFDC. Both 360K and 720K dsk files read fine but cannot be written. MDOS (6.0 or 7.3) format completes and verifies but the contents are untouched (old files are still there untouched and working). If I connect a TI FDC on the Geneve then I can read and write the 180k dsk files and the 360k file fails to read or write (I do not yet have the 80 track mod installed). I have not gotten the 4A systems running yet to try the HFDC/Gotek there. The HFDC does work with 5.25" 90k-360k and 3.5" 1.44 (and lower) on the Geneve. I will hopefully get the 4As running soon.


    Has anyone been successful in using and HFDC and a Gotek drive (dsk?, hfe, any file type)?





    Actually, I have a Lotharek connected to an HFDC modified to work as a floppy-only controller in a TI. It too fails to write--although it reads fine. I thought the issue might have been a cabling issue that I haven't had time to look at as write wasn't super-high on my needs list, but your experiences tell me I might want to try a different controller just to see what happens there. Looks like I may need to dig out one of my spare controllers. . .

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  7. I went digging. It appears that I indeed purchased two copies of Markus (both Limited Edition, with stickers to that effect on the bags), one black cassette and one red one. ISTR that you had limited numbers of the red and blue ones, but also offered black for those with multiple purchases. I also found both of my disk copies of W&W.


    Oh yes, and your message box says you can't receive messages. . .

  8. 1 hour ago, dhe said:



    In tribute to all the work InsaneMultitasker has done on the interpreter.


    Does anyone have all the physical titles released for the TI?


    I have physical copies of all of the titles Infocom released for the TI, and in addition to that, I have physical copies of all of the titles Asgard released under Infocom license.

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  9. And with a standard floppy drive, the changes you made to the names will allow the correct files to load, so you were on the right path for use with a floppy drive. The tips from @9640News will be invaluable once you change over to the V2.00 boot EPROM, as it replaces the slash from earlier versions of the EPROMs with a dash.

  10. 1 minute ago, Calab said:

    The FG99 now works with the PEB and Speech Synthesizer attached. Still no joy for the Mechatronics cartridge though.

    That being the case, you might also have issues with a Triton Super Extended BASIC cartridge. It likely won't affect the MicroPal or Exceltek versions of Extended BASIC, as they both use pretty much the same circuitry TI did.

  11. On 12/31/2021 at 4:05 PM, arcadeshopper said:

    You can connect a cart to the side port it just needs an adapter. Like the navarone grom buster

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    Not quite true. The function of the GROM Buster is to hijack the console startup routine when it checks the >4000 space. It then executes a routine that scans the cartridge port and puts the appropriate entry for the ROM cartridge into the selection menu. The cartridge must be in the cartridge port, as usual. The GROM Buster does pass the bus on through to additional peripherals, so it doesn't act as a bus terminator like the TigerVision, Exceltek, CorComp, or DataBioTics sideport cartridges. One would have to design another device to do what is being asked for here--and it would need to pull any missing signals out using wire connections to bypass the sideport. Even then, it would likely still need the necessary delay circuitry to eliminate the known timing difference of the QI consoles.

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