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  1. As to archival storage, your best bet is to use an M-Disk. It looks like a CD/DVD, but it uses a completely different substrate for the data (and any recent CD/DVD writable drive supports them). The disks will hold the data for at least 100 years, and are reputed to last for up to 1,000 years without data loss. The disks are a bit expensive, but worth it for data you are interested in preserving for time periods longer than the recording format is likely to last. . .
  2. If you were going to use any type of metal case there, definitely stay away from the TI cases, as they have some metal bumps inside at dangerous points for shorting out boards. A CorComp, Atronic, or Foundation case would be much less risky--but you would still have two issues: the spacer/standoff issue (those cases come with them already though) and the exit point from the case for the back of the PEB (tape may be enough to solve this last issue), but it is still a bit iffy, as the card really wasn't designed to go into a metal case.
  3. Several TI carts used the blobs. Miner 2049er, Espial, St. Nick, and even some experimental The Attack cartridges from TI.
  4. Nice bit of background data exchange on how GROM bases work too. It is unfortunate that the actual (original) Arcturus cartridges are so hard to find. I like the cartridge shells they used--and those cases could be used with somewhat different circuit cards as regular cartridge slot cases as well, so they were nicely multifunctional. I may have to open mine one of these days and see if I can make a mold set for the cases. . .and the Killer Caterpillar cartridges in the same shells are even harder to find.
  5. These should work fine on any non-inverting board (Red, Yellow, or UberGROM) without any issues. If you want to use them on one of the inverting boards (Guidry or Black boards), you'd have to run them through a bank inverter program first (Rasmus put one up that will switch bank order back and forth between the two types a long time ago).
  6. Ksarul

    Eye Candy

    Those plastic cases are getting pretty fragile as the plastic ages though--but they do look very nice. I have also seen thick, flexible plastic covers like the fake leather one that are mostly clear as well. That type also had available covers for the Speech, sidecars, thermal printer, and disk drive enclosures.
  7. If you are looking at it as an original cartridge for the collection, $75 is high but not in the realm of horrible. If you're lucky, the board will be one of the Pilgrim's Pride 6000+ circuit cards (Myarc used these initially, after they bought up the remaining board stock from Pilgrim's Pride, while later boards were purpose-designed by Myarc). Then you can add an E/A GROM to the board and you'll have an 8K Supercart. If you just wanted a board that could launch XB-II, you could just use one of my Supercart boards in a TI case and add a label (I have a sheet of the labels that I had made a while back).
  8. Now the trick will be to find the spot that is actually shorted--those hunts can be a lot of high-magnification fun. I had to do that for a TI disk controller for @arcadeshopper a while back. Two little tiny whiskers of solder made life extremely difficult. . .
  9. Ksarul

    flex cable

    I've bought from them before too. As I noted, the source I use gets sockets with all metal parts gold plated, not just the socket inserts. Of course, they also cost about double what the ones you ordered cost. I also buy the sockets like yours from time-to-time, especially when the price is right (like when I found 3,000 of the 16-pin sockets for a price that could not be passed up earlier this year--I think it was about 8 cents a socket).
  10. Ksarul

    flex cable

    You forgot the two most likely local sources for parts: Unicorn Electronics and me. I always have lots of sockets on hand for the various projects I'm working on. I actually have 500 of the 20-pin sockets on their way from a reliable Chinese source at the moment (they are somewhere in the outbound Chinese customs process as of yesterday). Bonus with this source is that all of the metal parts are gold plated, so I never have to worry about ROHS/Legacy soldering issues with them. Their prices are pretty good too, although they can be a bit slow to ship. I always get my items though. . .so I can live with a bit of slow, and I program the standard delays with them into my order frequency. I have probably ordered 10,000 sockets from them over the last ten years.
  11. It is always good to see an interesting program recovered from the depths of time. Many thanks!
  12. That one seems to have a seriously overinflated sense of the current value of almost all of his TI items. . .same price as shown here for quite a few of the seller's third-party cartridges--most without manuals. This one is missing the manual, the disks, and the 128K (or 256K or 512K) card with the 128K OS EPROM required to actually make the cartridge DO anything.
  13. Considering that we discovered (and fixed) an ancient ROS bug (I think we found it in every ROS version we had access to from about V4 on) while testing our updates for the HRD-4000B, you may be waiting a long time for perfection, @Vorticon
  14. The labels on those bottles have a definite Jim Beam vibe. . .And the name is interesting too: Duch Puszczy is "the Spirit of the Forest", although I suspect there is the definite possibility of mangled English pronunciations turning it into something somewhat pornographic. The company also makes a 95% alcohol "Spiritus" in the vein of the classic Everclear.
  15. It was actually the Dominican Republic, but that does make up half of the island of Haiti, so all is technically right here. Interestingly enough, his exit fee issues were seriously overblown importance-wise. If he had enough banked to pay $4.5M as restitution, he had more than enough to pay the $100K to $200K in Dominican Republic exit fees. I suspect he figured no one would bother him there, so he just hunkered down in mostly care-free mode until the locals picked him up (surprise) to extradite him to the US.
  16. Ksarul

    flex cable

    The schematics are also on Mainbyte's site.
  17. Good test--and your drive/controller combination is formatting both sides of the disk to give you 180K.
  18. ISTR that the pin rows flip at some point during the transition (top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top). Just follow the traces to be sure. . .
  19. Ksarul

    Eye Candy

    The first--and last, Flipper-Snapper product. . .
  20. Definitely true, @mizapf. I seem to remember there was a push back then for 320K as more reliable than the alternatives (even the IBM PC had a 320K disk formatting option), but in practice, that falsehood was very quickly put to rest and nearly every system out there was using 360K disks without issues.
  21. The original DSR for the Myarc DDCC-1 formatted to 320K,and could neither format nor read 360K disks. Later revisions would also format to 360K to compete with CorComp offerings. Atronic and BwG controllers followed the CorComp 360K mode from the start, as it had become the de facto double-density standard. Myarc originally built their cards to be compatible with the TI specification, which was 320K. The only problem there was that the TI DSDD controller card using that format was never released, and the other TI offering that used it, the Hex-Bus Floppy, wasn't released either. As Myarc was the only manufacturer that had hardware in the field supporting the standard, they had no choice but to change to conform to the rest of the market. One note, they didn't abandon the 320K format entirely, as it always remained an option with DDCC-1 cards, and it was an available formatting option on the later HFDC and the Geneve9640 Master DSR. In the case of the Geneve, the Master DSR made the 320K (and 80-track, 720K) option available to any installed floppy controller capable of double density operation. I do have one of the TI DSDD cards, one of the Hex-Bus drives, and a Myarc controller installed various systems at my house.
  22. And if the drive in the PEB is an original TI disk drive, you can only read/write to Single Sided, Single Density disks (90K). There are still a lot of PEBs out there with one of the original drives (an MPI-51 or the single-sided Shugart drives). An easy way to double your capacity in that case is to get a standard 360K 5.25 drive. It will format both sides and give you 180K with a TI controller--and if you find a CorComp, Myarc, Atronic, or BwG controller, the full 360K will now be available on that drive.
  23. I have plenty of 512K and 2M boards in stock at the moment too, so current supply isn't a problem either.
  24. I'll have to test it against my Atronics controllers (PEB and CPS-99) one of these days, as they are also close clones of the CorComp.
  25. I've got one, but I still need to connect it. . .one of my backburner hobby projects.
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