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  1. I like my T56. It is a nice, solid device, and if we can convince them to add the older 25v chips (it supports the voltage, but not the chips), it will do everything the older TL866 did for us.
  2. And a steal for the low, low price of $119.95. Obviously, the seller is under the influence of some form of psychoactive substance. . .even though it does at least appear to be a non-QI motherboard.
  3. A lot of stuff back before 1980 showed up first on PDP-11 machines. The earliest text adventures were developed and used as a troubleshooting aide on them. I remember regularly putting the diagnostic pack into the hard drive of the one I used in Berlin and booting the game to give the system a thorough workout during preventive maintenance sessions.
  4. I have several of the Comprodine and Great Lakes Software titles identified in the catalog. . .
  5. String Master did make it out into the wild in limited numbers, I think I may even have a copy of it somewhere. I remember that my disk was very strange, as only the portions of the disk with programs on it were actually initialized. . .
  6. Ksarul

    Eye Candy

    Does your copy include all of the expansions released on a regular basis while the program was still actively supported by J&KH? I probably need to dig my copy out to see what the release notation was.
  7. You're sending some interesting gibberish, @arcadeshopper. Norton did several games, but they actually also released a TI utility disk or two. I have to look, as I might even have one of them.
  8. Some of us will stay in newbie mode forever (like me). It comes with the territory when we age. . .welcome back to the insanity!
  9. That would be Zach Beschormer, Isellhomeszach on eBay. I think he may also be a lurker here on the forum, and he is definitely active on the Facebook TI group.
  10. It is reported as a security risk when I attempt to download it, so there may be an issue with the file. . .
  11. You might want to start here to see how it is supposed to work. There is a whole section on bank switching and code to do such on Stuart's page.
  12. You are correct--Ariolasoft was for the Funware titles and TELDEC/CARRERA was TigerVision. I bought my copy of Espial from that hoard too.
  13. @urbite could probably provide some enlightment there, as one of the original programmers for this title. . .and there may be clues in the source code as well (available in the programming resources thread).
  14. I bought three titles from one of the European Funware vendors (Driving Demon, Ambulance, and Henhouse). One of my friends also purchased a sealed copy of Rabbit Trail from the same vendor. All four came with little French/German manuals (from TELEDEC/CARRERA, which was the European distributor, IIRC). There was also a round TELEDEC/CARRERA sticker on the boxes. Those boxes were all sealed in shrink-wrap plastic. All of my other copies were bought second-hand, so I can't speak for the US-release versions of the boxed cartridges. All NOS ROMOX cartridges I have ever seen did come in shrink wrap though.
  15. If you have label problems with any Funware cart, I have reproduction vinyl labels that work great as replacements for seriously damaged/missing Funware labels. I believe @Toucan has mentioned he even has a few original Funware labels for a couple of titles.
  16. That one was the first Tenex catalog, IIRC. You are right that it hasn't been scanned before--I don't even have that one as a hardcopy. . .
  17. Yes--that's the machine type. This one had a mind of its own though--it would work for a couple of minutes and then go into terminal reboot. It was an interesting experience to time the machine just right to actually get it to dispense something, LOLOL.
  18. @iliketurtles will definitely miss you this year--he really enjoys talking to you at the Faire (as do I). He was stunned that the BK was dead when I told him that particular nugget last night. He has lots of nice memories of that place, including the soda machine from hell. . .
  19. I actually borrowed that cable from Bill Gaskill many years ago to determine the pinout so that I could build my own cable for it. I will have to look in my notes for the details and post them here--but after the Faire, as I am still preparing things to go on the road tomorrow.
  20. I had notes that I made with a friend BITD when we hand-jammed a couple of TOD games on our own (well before the Editor was in circulation), but that notebook was destroyed in a flood while I lived in Turkey. . .unfortunately.
  21. Stickeryou has a pretty intuitive interface. You set the shape you want, define the size parameters, and upload your picture to the resulting sticker template. You can then stretch or shrink the image to get the details to show up within the frame and at the proper size to fill that frame. I've made a lot of different TI cartridge labels using their process.
  22. The safety wire wraps around the handles so that the whole assembly can hang at proper height on the wall. . .
  23. @iliketurtles and I will be arriving Saturday morning, following our usual travel plan.
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