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  1. It is also possible that they considered this option at about the same time they were releasing Tombstonce City, TI Invaders, and Munchman on disk--and then settled on Tombstone City as the only one they were truly willing to release in source code form.
  2. @humeur here on the forum is also very familiar with the Exelvision machines. Between him and @fabrice montupet, pretty much any Exelvision questions can be easily answered.
  3. Actually, I have a Lotharek connected to an HFDC modified to work as a floppy-only controller in a TI. It too fails to write--although it reads fine. I thought the issue might have been a cabling issue that I haven't had time to look at as write wasn't super-high on my needs list, but your experiences tell me I might want to try a different controller just to see what happens there. Looks like I may need to dig out one of my spare controllers. . .
  4. I went digging. It appears that I indeed purchased two copies of Markus (both Limited Edition, with stickers to that effect on the bags), one black cassette and one red one. ISTR that you had limited numbers of the red and blue ones, but also offered black for those with multiple purchases. I also found both of my disk copies of W&W. Oh yes, and your message box says you can't receive messages. . .
  5. Ksarul

    Eye Candy

    I have physical copies of all of the titles Infocom released for the TI, and in addition to that, I have physical copies of all of the titles Asgard released under Infocom license.
  6. I'll look on the Markus files, @Opry99er. ISTR that I bought two from you. . .
  7. And with a standard floppy drive, the changes you made to the names will allow the correct files to load, so you were on the right path for use with a floppy drive. The tips from @9640News will be invaluable once you change over to the V2.00 boot EPROM, as it replaces the slash from earlier versions of the EPROMs with a dash.
  8. It has the cable too, which fits all of the DBT cartridge port modules with print capability.
  9. Harald Glaab can tell you a lot about this one. I believe there was also an extensive article about it in the German TI-Revue magazine.
  10. It might not be a bad idea to run the cable daisy-chaining PEBs through a set of buffer chips to keep from overloading bus drivers--that may have timing consequences, however.
  11. Several of the 18-cartridge hinged-lid boxes have shown up on eBay in the last couple of weeks, but not alone. They were either part of a larger lot of random TI stuff or they were included with a group of cartridges. I've seen at least one of the plastic console shilds show up in the last few weeks as well.
  12. That being the case, you might also have issues with a Triton Super Extended BASIC cartridge. It likely won't affect the MicroPal or Exceltek versions of Extended BASIC, as they both use pretty much the same circuitry TI did.
  13. Did this change the symptoms for the items that didn't work after the original mod?
  14. Not quite true. The function of the GROM Buster is to hijack the console startup routine when it checks the >4000 space. It then executes a routine that scans the cartridge port and puts the appropriate entry for the ROM cartridge into the selection menu. The cartridge must be in the cartridge port, as usual. The GROM Buster does pass the bus on through to additional peripherals, so it doesn't act as a bus terminator like the TigerVision, Exceltek, CorComp, or DataBioTics sideport cartridges. One would have to design another device to do what is being asked for here--and it would need to pull any missing signals out using wire connections to bypass the sideport. Even then, it would likely still need the necessary delay circuitry to eliminate the known timing difference of the QI consoles.
  15. I've got a T56, but I haven't had to burn any 25V chips yet, so I haven't gone hunting.
  16. True statement for a lot of things there, @OLD CS1. Never try cleaning up old coins, porcelain, banknotes, or even books. The results will not be what you desired. . .on the other hand, gently cleaning up the dust on an old appliance with a damp cloth won't damage the patina, but it will clean up the crusty dusties.
  17. But vintage is "supposed" to look grungy. Cleaning it up would reduce the value, as that vintage dust is worth a lot of extra money. . . LOLOLOL
  18. Didn't Jerry Coffee also make some changes/corrections to the 9640 p-System? I seem to remember coming across something to that effect in the 1995/1996 time-frame.
  19. That is a most beautiful collection--and the contents of the PEB could be anything too. . .definitely worth it for anyone collecting in France, and even a good thing for the folks in Europe if the seller is willing to sell outside of France (the auction specifies France though, so that would require some discussion with the seller). Looks like one of the speech synthesizers has load interrupt and reset mods done to it too. . .
  20. That is a bizarre console. I have never seen one without a cartridge port. There were planned variants without the side port though (they used Hex-Bus instead). Looking carefully at the picture here, it looks like the narrow strip at the top of the cartridge slot above the piece blocking the door is a different , manual addition. It would require more pix or the physical case to be certain. . .
  21. @tmop69 is burning through the range between 400 and 500 compiled games at warp speed! I like it!
  22. That beige telephone coupler never made it release either, IIRC. Note that there seem to be a reasonable number of beige joysticks out there too, but they were all assembled with black cables and don't have serial numbers, so they are more properly prototypes too.
  23. Seriously fun game. . .another Retrospect Classic. I need to get cracking and make myself a complete physical set of all of your cartridges. . .
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