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  1. From australia the shipping would be 20 dollars. I can still do it if you are up for the price of 25 dollars for the mod.
  2. *Bump* Now offering pause button mod for only 20 dollars plus 5 dollars return shipping!
  3. I did this mod, and I highly recomend it, no need to wait the 10 SECONDS OF DEATH!
  4. Here I will be modding and repairing colecovision consoles. Simply post the mod or repair you would like and I will tell you what the problem is and the price of fixing. Here are the following mods I can do. -coleco controller microswitch mod -composite mod -led mod -power swich fix/mod I will be working of a component mod kit so sit tight!
  5. We all know the colcovision, it's amazing story of birth, it's near perfect arcade ports, it's death in the crash of '83. But how did you and your colecovision become to be. My story starts when I was young. Our family was poor and was bearly making it. Most of our games consisted of just kicking the soccer ball. But one day I went to the the local video game store and I saw the colcovision for the first time. It was nothing like my friend's atari 2600, it blew away the graphics of the former consoles. I looked at the price tag, a hefty 159.99! I could never aford it so I walked out. A month later, my friend got a job to do yard work for his dad's friend. Togeather, we raised enough money to buy a colcovision. It was just as great as I thought it was! 20 years later, I saw my friend and he gave me a box. When I opened it, it was the colecovision. I hope you enjoyed my colecovision story. Share yours below! LONG LIVE COLECO!
  6. fighting nintendo with my coleco controller in hand

  7. fighting nintendo with my coleco controller in hand

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