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  1. Actually, I find it interesting that A8.Fandal and Atarimania have the older version in their database. It's not just the music, there have been several enhancements and fixes included.
  2. Being just nosy: Wich version did you play? The version with "one tune" or the version with "several tunes" ?
  3. What type of FX were you searching for?
  4. To me this is a waste of resources, to use just some G2F image. The combination of an RMT tune plus Rasta Image, helps to show the usage of the CPU. It would be much more fun to have some small animation based on G2F running, while an RMT tune is played. A small unpacker, showing character animations (decompressed on the flow) plus some editor to create some small "films" . Imagining a Gr. 10 screen , based on the hires Character Mode ANTIC 2 ... Yes, I know, everything that could look impressive, isn't worth to be developed
  5. Atariage Forums. The only forums where you are a bad guy, if you are about the main topic.
  6. The thread puts thing to the foreground When I encountered RMT the 1st time. I had a lot ideas. Raster was still developing it, But I recognized quickly that my request won't find the feedback that it deserved. I did that tune back in 2003 , just to show that POKEY's generators could be programmed with additional FX.
  7. Seems you encountered a logical problem? Ofcourse ALTIRRA is recording in the system speed. The player is changing POKEY's registers two times in one frame. As everything is updated faster, any Instrument get's a more "digitized" sounding. The 200 Hz Update is really adding deeper sounds to POKEY's sound registers. That's why drums sound much more punchy. There is already a distinguishable diference between 50 and 60 Hz. The problem with faster speed is that the envelope is also "4 times shorter" in replay time. So it would have been better to have just one channel played faster, particular for the drums.
  8. Remember Crownland? The demo came directly from a gamer's heaven, and the final game ended up in the endless hell of missing the point. The 32 Bytes width killed the game as "something to show" to other people. Well, Yoomp! also was set to 32 bytes, but the content didn't need to be full of details and moving objects, while Crownland was promised to be some "Mayhem in Monsterland" on the Atari. I see , so the 60% are real 80%.
  9. One of my most wanted pieces of MUSIC was the "1st Samuari" . What made things bad was always the missing features in RMT. So I thought about some "simulation" of the missing features. "this tune has catched me in the original AMIGA version. I tried a lot of different settings for POKEY , to have a version running that resembles the "touch" of the original. Particular this tune is heavily depending on the features of the used tracker, that's why it isn't possible to make a satisfying POKEY version. For a demonstration with is possible in RMT of what is missing. Feel free to have a listen. Particular the "heroic synth" is what makes things screwed. I did some "Real Tracker simulation" on several instruments. But keep in mind that RMT also has a limited size in an instrument's settings. Particular 2:07 to 2:20 . The instrument isn't sounding that bad in the terms of usage. The visualization shows that it is real 4 channels, thus only 8 bit resolution. But it sounds better than that. The problem is that all POKEY Tracker were set fixed to the 8 bit resolution, wich can be really bad in PAL btw. Then the music creator has to set a new instrument for every single change in the instrument. A musician's "catastrophy " is the result. Doing like a real Tracker would allow to set real needed values and to do manipulations like changing the registers of pokey till the instrument fits. Then , needed variations like pitch changes, should be possible in the patterns. It's just that "small" fact that keeps things stalled."
  10. The answer of flashjazzcat made possibly unclear words clear
  11. That is still missing the point. Very often (depending on what often means in such hobby based forums) , people ask for what could be done. You see rather quick people jumping in giving applause to everything. This is already misleading . Then people really ask for information. I put some relevant stuff together, what do they add ? "Don't believe emkay, Atari is better than the C64 .... and so on. Not going closer into that , just have a look at this thread: Shanti 77 did some great part with Bosconian, but even there he started with a demo that he seems not able to keep. The screen size is about 60% of the 1st impression. It is a very huge difference, if moving objects were a part of the background, or if the move freely. I wonder what they expect. Now imagine yourself a coder who had never seen the Atari before. Believing those people who claim the Atari could do this or that? At least, one has to write warning words. So later they cannot say they haven't been warned. The part that makes me pissed is that there ARE CODERS that have TIME TO CODE for the ATARI, get that misleading. Accepting things from the beginning would enhance the appeareance of the final result for sure.
  12. RE using the PMg is no miracle. If you want to do that several times in a scanline, you have to create small programs. For the start, a DLI that is running at the full height of a re used objects. Just set them in the code to the new position. As you move them horizontally, You'd have to change DLI Code from frame to frame. The easiest way might be to set a row of NOP commands. You have to find the best positions while writing the code. Be aware that this type of multiplexing gets worse, the more the objects move to the left. If you just want to re use them on the screen (attack wave) , in other games the solution was to set the position horizontally, if they vertically do not cross. Space invaders did not do it that way. The main attack waves have been built, using the scrolling Background. The PMG is just some separate moving ships and shots.
  13. There are a lot of them here in the forums for sure. They don't accept what I'm writing, because they are right. But this is not a problem of today. It happens everywhere , where people miss some knowledge. Particular technical stuff needs deeper knowledge. People who don't have that, would even force physical rules to be changed by a referendum. And, as long as you have the supporters in the background, it might quite look to be a solution available. Politicians save their income, Atari coders waste their time. So you think I am god ? Interesting. I can be everywhere , I can do everything at the same time ? So no Problem for one who has 28h a day things to do , to write games inbetween. They mostly don't do the Projects for the "beloved Atari" they do it for their beloved self. As long a Coder do that for their own fun, why not? But, if Jesters claim the Atari could do this or that, while they even never did read a book about it, getting some coder , who has the available time to do games on the Atari is listening to them , and ends up rather quick in a dead end. What is so hard to understand there? Helping people (interested coders) doing really possible stuff and for them to get quick results (asap) ?
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