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  1. Star Raiders and Star Raiders 2 (Wilmunder) . If you use "Aftview" and fly at speed 1, you can do circles around single stars.
  2. It bothers myself that they feel to act on my posts. Without them , the thread can be fun and informative. Particular if you know that in Rescue on Fractalus the "flying around a vanishing point" is not possible, because you only can fly forward. So you are always in the center of the movement. It's exactly vice versa to "fly around a vanishing point" . Also Mark2008 explained that it is NOT a hardware scrolling effect itself, as on a single scanline the pixel have to move in different speeds.
  3. The point is that you understood the part of what I want to reach for the Atari. And, actually you're doing nice stuff, and there is no weird feedback . Things a simpler as it seems. Some of them are open doors, some of them still leave me questions. -McLaineinc is the most intelligent of them . His attitude is about himself, his meaning , and his understanding of the world. Selling somehow Ataris and thinks he know things, because he know people who know things. -Stephen a predefined teacher to people he don't understand. He also don't know things about the Atari, possibly some stuff due all communications here. Zbyti is originally a C64 freak. No Idea why he is interested in the Atari. Adam1977 is just a troll in this forums Youxia seems to react just by any cause he feels to need to do Yautja has the view on all things And so on. It's going problematic , if people who really do useful things for the Atari, support them who only write into a thread to aim aggressive feedback. Not that there is just the lie that MARIO130XE is spreading. Have you seen the 1st encounter with Mazzspeed? Their common sense about their own truth and lies about me made him aggressive towards me without any cause. Not sure, if they told him lies, or he did get it from the written crap they write about me . Their acting is absolutely dangerous, and has nothing to do with civilization. And that is just based on a hobby.
  4. Not sure what happened to you in the last years, you have been lot more thoughtful back then. And you did actually some nice stuff for the Atari. But why do you put yourself to the same level as most of them with just an "attitude"? Supporting them in their wrong position?
  5. It's not my fault when people like you support that. You actually make jokes about it on and on. And that really shows a lot.
  6. Keep in mind. This is my last reaction to your endless selfish provocations. But that doesn't mean that I won't read them.
  7. Yeah too much of a game that also beats some Demos of that time graphically. Not bad for someone who learned it all from Books and Computer Magazines.
  8. I guess you hear it every day.
  9. I know I did something wrong. I really should promise people oncoming stuff, keep my own life doing by others, and when the money is empty, because I'm to lazy to earn my own money, I'll start to beg for money here at the forums. Then I'm going to be a hero. It's approved several times .
  10. Sounds all interesting. Table Manuscrite sound very special, using the extreme distorted guitar sound from time to time. Even the reverb is working nicely. But, you are sure about the uridium sketch?
  11. He means surely not parallax scrolling, neither Rescue on Fractalus, not Dimension X nor Encounter. The "Huts" look like they move in a circle.
  12. Back then, I proposed to have the "clean" Note and Pattern editor , as RMT is now. The instruments might need a "synthesizing tool" , to develop the resultings sounds. But it all needs the possibility of doing pitch adjustments, when the tune is running at the patterns. It can be used to avoid cancelling, or to release from some "deaf clamped tuning" that happens due to physical restrictions.
  13. Goat Tracker seems to be the closest solution to what would be the "optimum" in music creation . It's done for SID, but it also points to the best "musical" features of POKEY.
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