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  1. Some volume control demo using pwm. A very controversal shorty The synth is not changed with extra volume settings.
  2. The real interesting stuff behind the 1.79MHz filter is that it builds an "interference" at the (starting)3.58MHz resulting waves. Thus you don't hear the absolutely high frequencies, just the "interferencing" sound. which results in a sawtooth wave by standard. Could be interesting to have the tool changing the channel pitch fast enough, to get any other resulting wave coming through. You know: An ascending sawtooth followed by a descending sawtooth is a triangle As you might get from my POKEY edits, waveforms can be build all over the "musical range" . What is really missing, is the controlled replay of "channel addition" sounds. This is the only way to put more power to the created wave and to cut the high frequencies. Listen to the start of this tune... (it starts very "volumetric" ) . This type of channel wave addition is only to control fully, if a "pokey reset" can be placed on specific points.
  3. This is only not shown in RMT, because RMT doesn't support 16 bit values. At least it shows the possibility of wave shaping , forward sawtooth, backward sawtooth.. and so on, at 16 bit resolution. Pulses a "3.58 MHz" allow clean mid to high range waves of all possiblities. "digital playback via hardware! given.
  4. I wonder why I didn't see this channel earlier
  5. This is mind opening, too ... or in other words "see how filter sweeps save a lot memory The presentation of the notation really forces things to do
  6. Not much time yet... But here is the loop of the last video with some speed change and different pwm settings. You might recognize the continous change of "low cut" to higher cut" frequencies in the pattern.
  7. Seems the Cheese Cutter needs a converter for Cheese Cutter tunes itself. The ED files load always empty.
  8. Version 2.9 runs fine . Thanks. Let's check things out
  9. Well. This is a funny tool. There is a Windows version available, but this needs common Linux libraries to run. I wonder if there is a trustworthy package for Windows around. The usual links won't work.
  10. Seems "hacking" tunes from YouTube Videos is the only resource
  11. Sadly you are right. People who write their music in GOAT Tracker hide their files. So there are only some "demosongs" available. I'm still searching...
  12. Real notes like to get dismissed here... I know
  13. Reminder: POKEY can only play 2 octaves "clear" . But this small loop plays "4 octaves" clearly. There are also no "volume" problems. Not to mention that octave 5 has not been used in other tunes yet. And a notation range from octave 2 to 5 is far beyond all written
  14. That's Atariscene . 42 seconds of "absolutely impossible stuff" but no response.
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