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  1. Your conclusion doesn't make sense 1. The images don't show the real thing. 2. You need to buy a C64 to see the real stuff 3. If you don't have the real thing , you'd have to believe what the computer shows to you. 4. Wow: C64 had 28 colors and 16 different lumas. Conclusion: C64 was better than written in the books. If the real thing doesn't exist, you cannot check the facts and have to believe your available sources. They are everywhere, so they might be correct Luckily there are sources, showing the real images, banishing a lot of those flying unicorns. It helps to analyze the image , and to think of solutions ...
  2. I'm still wondering, tebe Didn't you check the MCS demo that I did 20 years ago? Up to 9 colors on the screen, also several character/color ram changes there, a lot details, and it looks good in a thumbnail, and also is a real image on a big screen. There is no midline changing happening, and no color register has been changed. And, yes it was aimed to have something like a C64 color mode there. Thinking about a max. of 16 colors, what colors were really usable without any color bleeding... 6 colors per scanline can be handled in details similar to the C64. Up to 128 colors can be used on the screen. 9 colors per scanline were given withouth the need of color changes via the CPU, if ranges allow to change the colorblocks via PMg. If the image is then "perfect enough", nifty solutions might bring additional dither every second line, or in the 7 character lines where changes were possible. A Rastaconverter for Graph 2 Font , to have best fitting images in the result, would be the solution. People could draw an image on a different platform drawing tool, and then import the main graphics easily. As time has been saved, the artist could do some "finetune" then ...
  3. The colorization isn't real. Some of the pictures show more than 28 colors. And this one still has 16 different shades of grey ( ) , after cutting the colors. On the Atari it shows REAL 8 colors of one hue. Normally , you could add any color and keep the brightness. And, if Rastaconverter supported character mode, there would be a more detailes picture aswell. rulps.xex
  4. A working Midi to RMT converter would solve a lot problems. Particularly it would save a lot time, as POKEY finetuning is time consuming enough. What to expect over 40 years after the release of the 800? What could be too hard, to save patterns , notes and instruments from midi to rmt? Just set the real notes, then do the technical stuff manually, to keep the right frequency for the note ? Sooooo hard. An impossible treat... . It's also toooooooooooooo hard to set instruments to the range of what POKEY can do, and give the instrument the name "1 2 3 octaves lower or higher " ... As no one is interested in having good music played on the Atari, such a tool would help to solve things, rather than to beg for know-it-alls for some cooperation that never will be.
  5. Seems, particular stuff will never change. After all this years, MIDI Import to RMT is horrible. Using any dedicated tool, with prepared data, seems to have an own will Hey Converter, I want to have you pattern " A A# B C C " imported to RMT. why do you give me "B A H C# D" ? Answer: "It's the same" . OK. So I leave some parts of your calculated "chords", and several patterns run with real notes. Let's see the result... ...
  6. You would do better to put your efforts into RMT, and save the world from interlaced pictures.
  7. Actually, I started several times to convert some of "Joe's" pictures. No offense to TeBe, but it always ended with the buggy editing in G2F. After re-setting several values on and on , because the program changes them by accidental crossing something (?) . Quick entering the values also doesn't work . Just entering the values, the value is changed because the program decides that the value is wrong before you finish entering . If you delete the value, before you enter something, you get also a value, the program decides that could be the right value. You need 4x wide players? Have fun trying to set them one pixel shifted. Re-using players per scanline is not included. It is a solution to have some images done , but complex pictures are making you crazy before they were finished. Even more worse is the Rastaconverter. It doesn't use the Mode 4, so you never get the needed resolution for color changes. Not to forget the faulty pallette usage there. Also, 99% of those resulting images are not satisfying on a big screen. A painting tool that automatically is adding the possible solutions to enhance the graphics, would be the miracle tool. Calculating up to 9 colors per scanline plus all available colors over the screen in an automated tool to import graphics to the Atari. That would mean stunning results and quick solutions.
  8. The pictures shown in there aren't possible on the C64 too . There is a lot color dither used. Actually it looks like a simulated PAL mixing. Are there "real" images to view?
  9. With every little color you get more on the screen, the more the picture benefits from the bigger pallette. The point here is that an image can be viewed on a small screen, also on a big screen the image is clearly there. The image only uses 10 colors , and the available ones on the Atari do their addition. 16 colors on the C64, 10 colors used, and 3 colors have been already displaced. How long does it take you to convert this picture in G2F? As it seems, the tool that rensoup is creating, is aimed to "just load" and show the conversion without a lot of additional work.
  10. Found the original https://auralcrave.com/en/2018/03/14/scarlett-johansson-the-smashing-pumpkins-a-video-tribute-to-true-beauty/
  11. Sometimes it is better to change the colors from the original. That green shine in the eyes looks like excuse for the weird lighnting. Yellow light on the hair, green liegt on the eyes, white light on the lips.... In the Atari version, the hair and skin look definitely better.
  12. The problem is , you guys don't see what is possible , that's why missing software won't see the light. . A recently released prod might give some clues. 256b for a scene lightning effect...
  13. Not to like a game, because the whole thing isn't fun. It is no fun because there is not a bit love put into it. The graphics and the gameplay remind of a beginner's prototype of a game. You die with no reason. Then it uses Mode 5 . But you don't see any benefit. It's just a blank screen with some outlines. Not much happening at all. This is misantropic for you? You know the definition of "misatropic" ? Isn't it about to make the Atari more attractive to others? No chance with this game.
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