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  1. Idea for the "Palace in the title". It should be darker than the sky. Then put some windows in where some light comes trough.
  2. I find the idea of giving attention to the mouse in the title really funny. It gives an idea of soemone who is telling the story (a mouse told me ... ) If it's possible to show the palace (?) a little better, why not.
  3. I checked the disk version directly, and wasn't disappointed. The Mouse animation is a nice add. And I had a good laugh at the title. Looks all very polished. Music is high level. Together with my set of FX it feels like playing on a 16 bit machine.
  4. It's what I wrote: POKEY doesn't need the "Keychange" trickery a with "just square wave" producing Soundchips. It's not getting boring, because a lot different sound-styles can be used. And to be honest, back in time I was wondering, why sometimes I liked the Amiga version a lot, and inbetween ... not. I really don't see "beauty" in key chage there. The ST version also sounds "partially" ... not detuned but "droning" . But for the sake of completeness. Perhaps the key-change will find it's way
  5. Btw. How long is the real tune ? ivop's tune is 2:33 VinsCool's edit is 4:16
  6. There are officially just THE three people : VinsCool, ivop, and some emkay guy. So I wonder about "all"
  7. Rastaconverter images are very limited even using the PMg. Without the Players, it's mostly wasted CPU time. There are more efficient ways to create colorful images. Using Graph2Font with a "PMg-Overlay" for a game, looks like this:
  8. The character mode allows PMg to have two PF registers as a hardware masking . So Enemies build on PMg, can be placed correctly into the scene. And they can be used even with no additionalCPU cost. Just don't change them , move the whole thing 360 degrees around it. It's a sad part that softwaredevelopment on the Atari is that slow. Even more thanks to people who do this today. If an old 8 bit computer is able to show a playable rendition of Wolf 3D , then the Atari .
  9. The Thread was about asking for interest.
  10. Till now, no other people seem to be interested in the challenge. So. Let's wait another week. If no one else wants to take part, we should shorten things and end the "Xenon challenge" at the 19th of June (ofcourse in 2021 )
  11. Oh, he did it already. I hope, he will do a borderless version too.
  12. Right now I don't see the clue, about changing the arrangement, when POKEY can do such a broad variety of sounds. I'd still propose to not pushing that "key arrangement" stuff, and to focus on "in tune" music plus exceptional POKEY sounds. "Perfect" tuning is still a time consuming part, because the real "musician's tricks" cannot be applied , as the available software isn't sufficient.
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