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  1. Much new stuff (not) read The Memory Alignment of the Apple Graphics is similar to the Atari Character mode. The difference is that every 3 lines the character were read new by the graphics chip . This is where the Atari has to use a DLI for new character content every three Character mode lines. So there are 8 characters left. Using that mode (including DLIs) on the Atari allows about 1.2MHz of CPU speed. So from that point, it is no big deal to convert Apple Stuff to the Atari. The graphics has to be rebuild and resized to fit to the game then. That mode on the Atari allows up to 9 colors without any complexity. Remember?
  2. The definition of "classic" is a weird thing. Classic is "Archon" that is using the available brightness steps on the Atari. But how "classic" is the BBC Version with it's 2018 Graphics? If you want to have an "Atari 8-Bit" version, you'd have to find the best fit. Things like palette FX come almost for free, but there have to be tactful handling to not end up in "DLI color bleeding" as in AR: The City.
  3. I wonder what you'd expect. Since when is the Atari a 80's and modern hybrid machine? Let's wait and see
  4. Erm. No. If you have a look at other's text contribution, you might read that Mode D is my favor At the end the mode is the best that fits best to the game. PoP doesn't need much colors, and the amount of moving objects is "low". The degree of moving details, and the other given facts, point to the use of Mode E. I'm only doing suggestions here. But , if I was doing a game, I'd try to use as much colors as possible on the Atari. Playing more with lightning, instead of trying to enhance details. The BBC Version shows that less details don't kill the game. But more colors could give the game a real nice touch. X-Box like The Atari simply has the palette to get closer to lightning logics. So I would stay with a "4 color" game plus color logics and special color fx. If you want, I could do a mockup in Grapf2fnt.
  5. The biggest problem with using graphics mode is that there is no CPU saving by reusing anything. So the Game has restrictions in animation and movement. That's why I'm proposing the colorization in fields and using them as additional light FX.
  6. Totally wrong ? Hm? The chlothes are not white. The Hair is definitely not "blonde". But it is at I stated before: The "Prince" doesn't look like a Persian. He looks more like some western guy. Though not much authentic.
  7. I really like the look of this remake: I you look at 4:22 (for example) : The red aura around the flask. Very easy to adapt to the Atari. A two color (software) object plus some Player underlay in a darker color...
  8. Really more interesting that the limits of the Apple Machine cause that discussion. If people might take a closer look at the Box Art : https://www.mobygames.com/game/apple2/prince-of-persia Seems the "Blonde" Guy is a result of a misunderstood "Pixelation" ? A "beige Turban" also might look like blonde Hair ? The Apple hadn't the needed colors, so they had chosen that look as in the game? The Atari could have done it a whole different way. As some game versions show it much more "original" to the real world There are grey stones and there are brownish ranges where the lights are shining. So everything is a little brownish there. But they even decided to do just some "Detail Correction" for the 16 Bit Machines with some added phantasy ?
  9. Actually, there has been a lot crap going on in the last years. But there is really no point to blame the current project. I'm just curious how it will be at the end.
  10. Hm.... They take the Turban but offer a free cloth washer and a barber ? Even the sword is something, he finds later
  11. Interesting about the Turban discussion now Ofcourse the Prince doesn't wear a SIKH Turban. It is a "standard" Turban. And a Prince of Persia authentically should wear a Turban. Actually he should wear a Beard too, but this is an other Story. Seems some people miss that "authentic" look of the PoP version from the Apple Version. On a political path, who knows , if the game had been accepted, when the Prince looked like a "Far Eastern Guy" ? As build in the original Apple Game, the Prince looks like a "western" Guy and the clothes have been clean white.... so much purity must lead to a Prince
  12. rensoup , sorry for the derailing , but this is an old thing here on Atariage. They don't listen, fall, and blame me for falling. Actually, in the other "Prince of Persia" Thread they blamed me "stopping" any development. But even after I didn't write into that thread for about 6 years, nothing really happened. In a coincidence, you did something righteous, taking the BBC Version, doing a lot things that I was proposing back then. I hope they will stay silent now. But , I'm not sure if they learned their lesson. Please keep up the great work with this project.
  13. hr..hr..hr.. The game isn't finished , and how it will look like , is a part of the unknown future . But people already blame the loading time. PMg extensions and Cutscenes not included. More Details, more Colors, more Leveldesign has it's side effect, using more Data could be one If the game is working, afterwards someone may think of throwing it all onto a Cartridge.
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