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  1. OK. Actually , I hate those scanlines. The Atari needs only one type of scanlines , if mixing of resolutions is wanted. Remember: Yes, it's my old friend You see 3 different modes in one scanline, you see "high resolution" colored text , and standard Modes in one game screen. On a real monitor you won't see any "scanline"... no flicker.... As I had chosen to use the PMg for a Pause Mode in that game, and for a simple switch inbetween, no PMg is used in the graphics. So there is a lot potential to add colors and details with ease. Not to tell that the display information of the game is 3 times in density...
  2. Don't know why, but this new version looks somewhat better than the 1992 demo.
  3. The picture really shows the advantage of the Atari's palette .... in the house. It looks a little like the Amiga original. But the Garden part looks like befallen by some disease. If someone drew this picture natively , it would look marvelous.
  4. The Atari 8-Bit Computer Forum really need outsourcing of non Atari Hardware based threads . See today again a thread about 3D programming, using the VBXE, without naming that in the title. Kindly said: It is not nice.
  5. A sub forum for non stock /expanded Ataris would do better.
  6. A bunch of posts read that caused some de ja vu Interlace, flicker ? In some cases it could impress ... Sigh.... One of THE features to have stable graphics manipulations on the Atari is WSYNC . How about some special super duper hires color mode that allows 100 sprites at 30x60 pixel. Well, I know, it's not possible.... Back in the days I planned to do a graphics mode in ANTIC D with software colors. It would result in NO scanlines ( yeah ) and allowed to have a lot manipulation due to the low Cycle Stealing. But then the Atari had to wait more than 12 Years on the Attic and all graphics tools had been lost.
  7. It really depends on the Image. And it depends on how it is all used. The PMg (and the multiplexing) over a mode that doesn't need any special handling, can give a lot of details. Particular if a coder uses the "masking" wich is free in that mode. You won't need to open the horizontal borders to get a feeling for depth and to solve glitches that could happen , using standard PMg over a graphicsmode. The "landscape" in my posted picture doesn't really miss a higher resolution. Also, you're not restricted to that resolution over the whole screen.
  8. I posted my image just for the records. Back then it was part of a tutorial. To show to some special guy that colorful images can be used for a loading screen. 7 years passed since then. Sometimes things turn weird.
  9. If you follow my writings, you might have recognized that I always propose graphics that can be used for something. GTIA Mode 10 allows a lot tricks for free, as masking is given by the used color register. Also some kind of parallax scrolling is possible while almost all CPU is free to do a full screen PMg multiplexer. GPRIOR 0 allows to have a small range on the screen for 17 colors. Imagine a graphics window as in Alternate Reality (when walking through the city or dungeon) using 17 colors. At least the "enemies" could look very detailed . Also "highres" text is possible with no cost, if you interleave ANTIC Mode E and F . and so on...
  10. Also very underestimated is the use of GTIA modes with multiplexed PMg. 10 colors with no color DLI. Only a split for PMg has been set.
  11. Yeah, back then I suggested to use a picture that breaks the common "vertical" break even in a loading screen. The colored loading above a 5 color display. Up to 11 colors per scanline while the limits were 4 colors in game loading screens . Sadly, the game never made it.
  12. Funny , you show me particulary this picture But to do a little nit picking: The small image has exactly 5 colors. The "Loading" part has no details Could be interesting to have an editor for that directly. But G2F is fair enough. 17 colors in a small screen.... Wait... There is an additional idea. As people like huge borders. How about a small screen about 11x11 chars, using the PMg with GPRIOR 0 , allowing any game with "up to 23 colors" per scanline and fluently playable .
  13. Hm.... long time stability test for ALTIRRA....
  14. Up to.... but if you want to have some nice image...
  15. 9 color registers plus GRPIOR logics. Allowing 17 colors per Scanline for small pictures without DLI usage. For loaders and else.
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