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  1. Actually, I always asked about cooperation. And I promised to share every single step, if a tune of MY request is used. Armageddon Man (the SID style) was one of those requests. "Vixen" or "Golden Axe" because they are very special.
  2. Btw: Which version is the latest version that includes the gen. 2 patch? But I have to say that I like the lower start more, so I still kept it. Some parts, particular the fast note changes were still horrible to get fully clean. 1) The timing differences 2) The missing active control It's the more fun, if the reached sweep of the synth enhances the tune...
  3. Here a quick update. Some (more) parts sound outstanding now imho
  4. It's not unsolvable It just takes more time to edit, save and play it in Altirra, till it fits. It's also to get the feeling about it, where to change things and where to "let the goodies going on". It also seems, I'd have to play the martyr and to listen to the SID , to optimize things
  5. Again a version to get a feeling for it. Seems gen. E isn't correct supported in the gen. 2 patch? So I used my "crap banjo" there It's also (still) the problem with the timing, and actually a little hard in this tune to determine where to put the corrections.
  6. Thanks for releasing the RMT. I'll check it later
  7. Except the tooth pulling here and there, it's fine. After 0:59 to 1:40 things get interesting, because there is that touch of a "low pass filter" , this had to be forced
  8. It's even more funny that people still don't know what it means at all. I'm looking forward to have a working tune in any demoscene related release
  9. lol Seems there is a discussion going on that wouldn't be there at all, just caused by the fact that POKEY music never could have reached the current level before.
  10. Nothing irregular from the video.
  11. That's actually the feature of that patch.
  12. Some playing around. The sounds are divided into clean sound, sounds that do interactions between the channles, and there is the wobbling of the emulation.
  13. The point is that you have to balance the wave offset from time to time. Start with the closest wave offset and change the pitch for a short time on one channel, to have the wave moving backward, and keep the pulse width inside the range of two cancelling points.
  14. Very good, but the continuous use of gen. 2 gives an overlay to the tune that stresses the ears. And the synth sounds nicer without clicks
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