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  1. So I found this at the flea market I wanted to do a rarity check for the PAL version of this game but I couldn't really find any data for it. I know the NTSC version is one of the rarer Telesys games but I'd love to know more about the PAL version
  2. Actually, I know the story. This is no photoshop! Once upon a time, some guy in Taiwan made an Atari console for Atari, but he had no idea of what would happen to it as it arrived to America in order to be sold. Its first owner was a guy that was an employee of the Three Mile Island power plant. This console was actually the reason there was a nuclear accident at that place on March 29, 1979, as the employee who bought the system brought it to work because he was just like Homer Simpson: A fat, lazy and stupid guy who works in a power plant! Nevertheless, during several rounds of Dodge'em and Circus Atari, he didn't see that the reactor had melted and made a huge mess, but as soon as he had to change the controller (he wasn't that stupid he didn't even know that Circus Atari is for use with Paddle Controllers), he saw that he and his job were fucked big time. His first reflex was to throw the system in the reactor to cool it down, but it didn't quite work out… The guy is now known to be dead (Actually, he did not die because of the radiation, instead he got lynched by his boss and a bunch of hippies), but the console is still known to exist, albeit with weird switch malformation. That was the story of the 14-switch atari, which is now a collector's item, with people wanting to trade their copy of Air Raid for it.
  3. China syndrome game over sound! 'Nuff said
  4. I wonder why he didn't have X-man as a kid
  5. This is just wrong... And I thought the Swiss customs were retards! Boy was I wrong
  6. I just realised I did nothing but playing Ocarina of time today

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PitfallHarry2600


      Actually, I hate the owl more than I hate Navi, but this game probably has the world record of annoying characters.

    3. Amstari


      Best day ever.

    4. NE146


      Played finished it at launch. Played, finished years later on the 3DS as well. Honestly, I just never thought it was all that fun a Zelda game... maybe because I dislike 3D Zelda. LTTP & LA are still my favs.

  7. Today I learned how to play Backgammon thanks to the Atari 2600 manual of the same game

    1. pangasinan


      Yes,I used the General Custer manual for teaching me stuff.

    2. Keatah


      Some fat girl taught me.

  8. nope. Light Here's my Heavy: You can compare it to your light, and you'll see that the edges are much more rounded.
  9. I use the switch box from my Intellivision with my PAL Heavy Sixer which has an RCA cable
  10. My flight has been cancelled ON NEW YEAR'S EVE! Fuck you Swiss airlines!

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    2. Atarian7
    3. PitfallHarry2600


      Finally arrived with a (little) delay of 7 hours thanks to British Airlines. At least I'll be in Switzerland for New Year...

      And Arkhan... Did you know that I am Swiss T_T

    4. Keatah


      Swiss airplanes and Swiss army knifes are not compatible.

  11. I just found 10 Swiss Francs on the ground :P What should I buy with it???

    1. accousticguitar


      A pop machine wouldn't take my quarter the other day. It turned out to be a one franc coin.

    2. SoulBlazer


      Had that issue with Canadian coins.

    3. PitfallHarry2600


      The pop machines here take 1 franc coins. Maybe it's because I live in switzerland :P

  12. I just found 10 Swiss Francs on the ground :P What hould I buy with it???

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