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  1. Bought a Colecovision Module 1. Price and condition were great and he shipped it quickly. Once again, Yurkie is the man to buy from when looking for Colecovision hardware. Thanks
  2. Had such a great experience buying carts last time that I bought a bunch more. They were fairly priced, shipped fast, and arrived in great condition. Thanks
  3. My games arrived today. They were well packed and look great. Buy with confidence. Cheers Bob
  4. No problem So Cal....Just glad that your up and running.
  5. Right you are sir...same here. I wonder whats going on.
  6. On latest check, as of this post, its back up. Glad to see it. Bob
  7. ProperRogue is definitely one of the good guys. I agree with mimo. in that he absolutely goes beyond the call of duty. If you have an opportunity to deal with Mike you won't regret it. Cheers to an asset to our hobby. Bob
  8. Is anyone having trouble getting on to the gamegavel sites? As of this posting, I have not been able to get to the auction site, forums, or retroarcaderadio.
  9. Wow. This is really cool to see. I have loved the homebrew scene on Vectrex for years but the programmers have often found the process of making overlays too time consuming, expensive, or both. Since you've tried to reach out to the authors of YASI and Protector, have you considered talking to George(Fury), John Dondzilla (Classic game creations) and other programmers. I'm sure that they have some ideas for overlays that were never made for games in their libraries and with your help and input we might finally have overlays for games like War of the Worlds, Space Frenzy, Gravitrex, Sundance, etc..... ......and Star Fire....that would be flippin' sweet Keep up the great work, Bob
  10. Its interesting. I thought that overlay 1 was a pure red with only the variation in the center but the more I look at it other colors are coming though (purple etc...). i think thats the one I'll go for. Thanks for the feedback guys. Bob
  11. Hey Guys, I am looking to pick up a copy of Vector Pilots but, before I do, I was wondering which of the 3 overlay options that you guys found most appealing and, prehaps, best for gameplay. There appears to be a mostly red version with a multi blue and multi red option as well. I've looked at many youtube videos on the game but its hard to make out which overlays are being used (except for the mostly red..thats an easy catch) since most vids were recorded in the dark. So..what do you all think? Bob
  12. The overlays look great. I would be all over the Protector/YASI overlays as well. Cheers Bob
  13. Not at all. Drop me a line with the cost. Thanks a million. Bob
  14. Bump....had a deal for one but in place but never panned out.
  15. Any updates on this thread. It seems that there are some outstanding transactions going on and any info would be helpful.
  16. I was going to start this thread if it hadn't been started already. Any updates would be helpful.
  17. Looks like the deal i had in place for one of these fell through so I am looking for a: Sony branded ps1 memory card that is tested/working in a ps2 slim Thanks Bob
  18. Update....I've been doing some research on this and it appears that the PS2 Slim uses only the Sony Branded cards. So I suppose that I'm looking for a few of those. If you know that the card worked with the PS2 Slim.....all the better. Thanks for the responses everyone. Bob
  19. Trying to play FFVII on my PS2 slim and I just found out that I need a PS1 memory card for it to save. Anyone have an extra laying around? Bob
  20. What do these things go for anyway? PM me. Bob
  21. Sold me some SMS and Genesis carts. Great selection of games and a great seller. Thanks for making them available and shipping so promptly. Bob
  22. I agree. Don't accept it. The seller certainly expected quite a bit more than you won it for and, once he realized that you were interesting in picking it up locally, realized that he was not going to be able to make anything on shipping. If he doesn't want to sell it, you should let him know that HE will take the negative feedback and HE will be reported to ebay. This is the kind of auction that I used to like Ebay for. The occasional good, or even great, deal. Nowadays, between the specualtion, overpriced shipping and "its old so its worth a fortune" attitude....you can keep it. Hold his feet to the fire. All you did was bid on, and win, a Genesis. Bob
  23. "The problem with internet resources is that they are hard to verify." -Abraham Lincoln
  24. My 4-year old asked for this for Christmas and the more I looked into to it the more I was, personally, intrigued to see it in action. Well luckily enough Santa dropped off the Wii version and, can you believe it, about 5 or so figurines (one per character type I think). He has absolutely loved it and I have really enjoyed playing it with him. Luckily for me he hasn't quite grasped the concept of articulating the nunchuck while using the wiimote(at least not fast enough to avoid the "bad guys"), so I sit next to him moving the character around while he shoots everything and, constantly, switches figures. Here's a few things I noticed so far: 1. I'm glad that we got the Wii version. As a Wii/360 owner this generation, I am once again mad at Microsoft for making wireless accesories so difficult to produce for 360. Didn't we go through this with the MadCatz stuff for SFIV? In any case,since the game was, allegedly, made for Wii and ported to the HD systems I don't feel like I'm losing anything in getting the Wii version. 2. For those still looking for figures...stay the course. I've seen them popping up at Walmart, Target, etc.. Don't pay the ridiculous prices for "standard" figures. The brilliance of this product is that it creates that pre-holiday "gotta have it" feeling that leads parents to do most anything to satisfy the kids. The in-game "ads" for other figures doesn't help but just keep the faith. I'm sure Activision has it together enough to get more of these things out on the market. 3. Mark for Classic Game Room should be getting a commission from Activision. His reviews of these "toys" have been great. He definitely recognizes that this game resonates with little and "big" kids alike. Well Done. 4. Could this be the type of gaming product that makes "physical media" a necessity? I don't mean to redirect the thread but we, as classic collectors and gamers, have worried about the trend towards cloud/digital download gaming. Perhaps Spiro and his pals are doing well enough to stem the tide for a bit. Just something I was pondering while I watched my kids fighting over who get to put the next figure on the portal. Enjoy Bob
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