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  1. Ben Heck Hacks just did a TI Video. Enjoy. Gonna watch it now.
  2. Just watching this, might be of interest:
  3. Just saw this video on youtube. Might be of interest. If it is in incorrect forum, please move.
  4. Hiya The Geneve Mame zip on your file is not available for download. GDRIVE says it is your trash
  5. I got mine in 1981'ish and got a Speech Synth, Data recorder, Munchman, Alpiner and a TEII with it. Later on I would find out that a friend of mine also had a TI, with Extended Basic and Joysticks. I was very envious!. Till I found out that someone who I met through a computer club had a system with Expansion Box. I finally got Mini Memory and Personal Record Keeping in about 82 ish. I never got Extended Basic. Back in those days, I wanted something different from my friends (They had ZX Spectrums, Vic20's and C64's). My sole reason was to learn BASIC. In South Africa we struggled to get material for the TI, and I remember I had to order C. Regena's Programmers Guide to the TI book from the US. Luckily, our local newsagent sold Compute Magazines, and I devoured them. We only could get beige systems, and I always wondered why the friend's PEB was grey, and my Speech Synth also grey. I sold my TI later on, and am now looking to get one again (Wink wink.... Who has one to sell?) Now, I am just relying on Emulation to keep me happy.
  6. Hi Asmusr How does one generate a rpk from files? I would like to make a rpk from the newest Extended Basic G.E.M.
  7. Hi Sorry guys, I had the thread on the Chameleon bookmarked, but deleted it a year or so ago. I don't know why I thought it was In the Inty forum. Sorry again
  8. Hi guys Just wanna know, what was the name of the vaporware Intellivision console that was introduced a couple of years ago at a Video Game expo, that contained mockups, and parts from other stuff that was eventually outed as a fake?
  9. RickyDean Yes, thats what I am after
  10. Hi atrax27407 I presume it is raw. See attached for what I need
  11. Anyone know where I can get the cc_mgbank1.bin and cc_mgbank2.bin Corcomp disk DSR roms for v9t9? (Or for that matter, a full rom set. I need the Corcomp, and Pcode)
  12. Mehridian Slightly off topic here, but your last two paragraphs in the previous post has absolutely made my morning.
  13. xabin If you are able to, could you scan in just one page, and post it here. I have done this many years ago when all my friends had ZX Spectrums or Vic 20's or C64's. They always had the better programs. I usually ended up writing my own version...
  14. Sorry for the noise. Saw I asked this in another thread....
  15. By the way, except for JS99'er. is this available in any way, shape or form for another emulator? A manual perhaps? Would be much appreciated....
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