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  1. Sorry for the noise. Saw I asked this in another thread....
  2. By the way, except for JS99'er. is this available in any way, shape or form for another emulator? A manual perhaps? Would be much appreciated....
  3. Now, Im feeling dumb. And the mappings for the emulated keyboard?
  4. Another question For the natural keyboard, what are the keyboard mappings?
  5. Sorry for the noise, figured it out. Press scroll lock, then tab. Select File Manager, and the where the tape is. Use the Tape Control for play, stop etc.
  6. Thanks for this!!! Works excellently. By the way, how does one use a "tape drive" tape image in Mame?
  7. Ola No problems. Recovery is more important than the gui though. Any way, just glad you are ok... Keep well.
  8. Guys Seeing that my memory is failing, I would like your help on this one. When I had my TI, I used it a bit to create an inventory of my dad's LP records and tapes. I can not remember if this was on a module, or a program on tape. For some or other reason I think you could do it on TE II. I do not know why. If I can recall you had a limited number of records, and you had to save it to tape before you could enter in more records. It was almost like a database. If I recall correctly, it was not a main program but rather some submenu somewhere. Except for some game carts, I had TE II and Minimem. And I did not buy programs on tape. Can anyone shed some light on this? Cheers
  9. Guys Seeing that we are in a festive spirit, it really warms my heart that there are a younger generation coming into our hobby through their parents (Here's looking at ilikerurtles). What other younger generation people are taking the TI up as a hobby? (I am looking for people not necessarily related to others on here). And while we're at it, any ladies in our hobby? Cheers and a belated Xmas
  10. LASooner, Damn, wish I could have something like that.
  11. jedimatt I have also purchased this a while back, and have also struggled to get it downloaded. I ended up with a text file, and using notepad++ could find the download link in there. If you subscribe to their Yahoo group, you will get all the update links. I have actually been planning to purchase it foe a while, and only did so when it became financially feasible. Link to the group is: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PC99W/info. The cyc is a wealth of info. Overall I am very glad I purchased it.
  12. From The Cyc: Mini Editor/Assembler. © John T. Dow, 1982. Complements the Line-by-Line Assembler and the Editor/Assembler command module. The Mini Editor/Assembler requires the Mini Memory module, but is written in TI Basic. This means it executes out of the 16K VDP RAM, which is in the console. [This description is based on a bound manual, but marked "Draft Version" and "The program also needs further testing."] So I guess the one who finds that is very lucky. LOL
  13. twoodland What color is your monitor? (I like this very very much)
  14. Didn't John T. Dow also create another program similar to this? I think it was Mini Editor/Assembler. Anyone got a copy of that?
  15. Hi guys Sorry for the ignorance guys, but I simply cannot get actual fctn keys to work without using the "on screen keyboard". What do i use to emulate the fctn keys?
  16. Hi guys. (Mods please feel free to move, but this forum is visited more) I am now again (I think the third time this year) looking to revive my first computer. I am looking for a person or a group of people that would be willing to ship to South Africa. Looking for: 1. Either a European console (preferably beige) or one with the F18A. 2. Data recorder 3. Speech Synth 4. XB 5. Minimem and tape 6. Munchman 7. Alpiner Then I might me looking for Editor Assembler if there is a way to run without PEB (Is there? What are the alternatives to the disk memory system, or can I use FG99) I do not need manuals or boxes Regards Pieter
  17. Hi Contains both a dsk image and a wav file. Works in js99er LBLA.zip
  18. Sorry, forgot to attach lobster_bay.zip
  19. I have attached the Lobster Bay files I have. Hope it helps someone
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