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  1. 52 minutes ago, bfollowell said:


    As cheap as they are, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to get anything smaller than 32GB, assuming whatever device you're using it on is compatible with them. As far as larger, larger doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either. 32GB would store several copies of every piece of software ever published for the Atari 8-bits and still have quite a bit of room left over. You'd just wind up with a lot of unused space with anything larger.


    That's my opinion anyway. It's really up to personal taste.


    Yes, I found some good prices in 32 and 64. I will probably go for 32 but I sow 64 almost at the same price, at least for the micro with the adapters.



  2. How about size? Any prefer size?


    I see one of you is using 16GB. That seems to be more than ideal. There are good prices for 32GB.


    @mimo do you know if the SDrive would work fine with Sandisk?

  3. Hi,


    I search and I could not find the right topic for my question but if there is any, please let me know.


    There are so many Atari 8-bit addons that uses SD cards. UNO, Ultimate Cart, FujiNet, etc... Is there a model and brand that will work for any of them or each of them may have some specific needs.


    Also, if you have a CF/SD device to connect to a PC that you like, please share it with me. It will be great to know. I have some SD devices but no CF one.




  4. 12 hours ago, Simius said:

    The DVI standard is most suitable because includes both analog and digital signals. Connecting DVI to HDMI is simple and only requires a cable. Dropping the DVI standard by manufacturers isn’t a problem as well as dropping Atari computers. 

    Thank you. I have learned something new. I didn’t know that DVI had both signals. 


    Does DVI to Display Port also suffers no conversation problems with a cable, right ? 

  5. 48 minutes ago, Firedawg said:

    Oh my!  I built 4 XEL (two for me and 2 for others) for under that amount with some variations, but not many.  The hours spent building the XELs was the true value for me.  Either way, the enjoyment of having a well designed, built, and awesome device is now yours Sir!  Congratulations!

    I understand. I don’t have the time nor the manual skills to do this, otherwise, I would have save money. 


    The biggest problem is time because I could learn this (but I’m clumsy with hands). 

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  6. 2 minutes ago, mytek said:

    Not true. I have never requested a cut of the proceeds, and anyone is free to use my designs without charge.


    Of course this also means I'm not obligated to fix or render assistance on the products being sold based on my designs. That is the responsibility of the manufacturer.


    I'm sorry for the incorrect assumption.


    This is something very nice of you.



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  7. @Simius Thank you for doing this new revision. I'm looking forward to this.


    I have a question. And my knowledge about video adapters/standards (DVI, HDMI) is extremely limited, to say the least.


    Some monitors have started to drop DVI. I think there is no loss of quality going from DVI to HDMI (the same for display port?)... but I wonder why is the selection for DVI for Sophia 2? I figured it may be that you have already being working on this and it is best to continue this route?


    Any comments about it, so I can learn more, would be greatly appreciated.


  8. 3 hours ago, Larry said:

    Thanks, Blues76.  Close enough -- my "eyeball" look at the build sheet seems reasonable then.

    I paid 0x683 (in hex) us dollars.


    I think is worth it, as @mytek mentions. I may have gone overboard. At some point, I wanted a COVOX in it and more stuff but @MacRorie always kept me in check, as I was going crazy with the options. I think @MacRorie is super cool. With the amount of emails I sent him, I would have blocked myself. He is a great person.


    I'm also happy, as I think, since I'm able, this may support some of the people doing add-ons. I believe that some royalties may go to @mytek


    I do plan getting another XEL later but my eyes are in the 576+ that @mytek is working on and maybe XLD. I do think I will get less options.


    Something I really wanted was the Rapidus (would have been extra) but @MacRorie mentions in the video why this was not possible, at least at this time. I think I will send him one of my Atari to mod with Rapidus at some point.


    One thing that would be nice is to have Sophia 2 on it. I don't know if it will be easy to swap, put on a new build, or send my XEL back to @MacRorie


    In short, I received


    The custom Blue case with the Atari logo (which I really wanted it... I was thinking one with my initials but I never asked if it was possible since I figured it would delayed my order but maybe next time).


    Cartridge port, dual CF, midi, soundblaster, u1mb, sophia B and Sophia C, all the ports (joystick, midi), and other stuff.


    Here are the options:




    Blue Main Board - 1088XEL Atari LSI (1088XEL Bundle)



    Daughterboards (UAV/U1M/SIO2PC) Daughterboards: UAV [stock video], Ultimate 1MB

    [BIOS/RAM], SIO2PC [RespeQt])


    Sophia rev. C (1280) Sophia rec. C (1280) DVI board


    XEL-CF3 F-chip (KIT-R) Compact Flash HDD ver. 3 (KIT with F-series chips)

    XEL CF-][/3 Assembly

    Assembly of XEL CF-][/3 (Dual or Solo)


    Realan H80-Black Realan H80 gaming Mini ITX computer case
    Aluminum PC case Chassis for without power supply (but he sent me a power supply)


    Realan Custom Top Realan H60/H80 Custom Lid for case Customer design

    Realan Custom Backplane


    Custom backplane design/color for H60/H80 Realan cases (Customer Design)

    Realan H80 Cart Tunnel 3d Printed cartridge tunnel for Realan H80


    Joystick Kit-1088XEL 6" joystick cables (2) for internal 1088XEL KIT

    Joystick Cable Assembly


    Fee to Assemble, Test, & Install (if applicable) 1088XEL internal joystick cables

    Mouse Select-KIT Mouse Select DIY Kit for 1088XEL

    Mouse Select



    Assembly fee for Mouse Select

    Lid Status Indicator (KIT)

    Status indicator PCB for Case lid DIY KIT


    Lid Status Kit Assembly Assembly & Testing of XEL lid status indicator


    MultiSIO KIT MultiSIO board (internal) KIT

    MultiSIO Assembly Fee Assembly Fee for MultiSIO


    Joystick Extension cables

    DB9 Joystick extension cables (pair)


    MIDI-XEL MIDI Interface for XEL (could be adapted for standard a8)

    MIDI-DIN INTFC INterface for a MIDI Device and the MIDI-XEL

    MIDI Assembly Fee Fee to seemble & test any MIDI interface

    VBXE VBXE (internal RGB board) for Atari XE

    Assembly Fee-1088XEL Assemble, flash, test, & burn-in any BOM option for the 1088XEL

    Board Level Components & p/s on

    Full BOM NOT inlcuding: daughter boards & Atari LSI chips



    Shipping, 1088XEL, +Case, US

    Domestic USPS Shipping for 1088XEL in case

    web-250+ Free US Domestic Shipping for orders over $250.00 -100.00%



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  9. 1 hour ago, Mclaneinc said:


    Hey Blues76, all jokes about lying to the wife aside, we all love a treat and some would say that this year EVERYONE should have a treat, can't always be that way but if you can I say make it a good one that will last..


    I don't know the price of these machines but if YOU are happy then its the right price..


    Have fun with it and a happy new year to you and yours..



    Thank you.

  10. 1 hour ago, Larry said:

    Well, perhaps not easily... IMO kind of like buying a car at the parts department.  Was just looking for a quick ballpark figure, but if you're not comfortable posting the price, no problem.  Just glancing at the build/price sheet, looks like you could get to $1000 with an assembled unit, and maybe  a bit higher with some options included.  Not saying it is not worth it, but it looks fairly expensive. 

    I did not meant not give you the price — It was over 1k but I was not in front of the computer to give you the price and the parts. I apologize if I came out this way. 


    I will get that to you. 

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  11. 21 hours ago, Larry said:

    What main options did you get?  And what was the total price?  When you have a chance to use it for awhile, how about a short review (from your user perspective) here?  

    I will post the options soon. 

    Total price was high but worth it. Not high because brewing academy is expensive but I asked for way too many things. 


    You can easily get the price from their site. I opted for them building it. This adds a cost as well. 


    I hope to get a 576+ in the future and may be an XLD. But for sure, I will know use them for any mods on my Atari’s. 


    As far as review, I will. The video does provide a good overview of the options and the functionality. 





  12. I want to thanks Marlin @MacRorie for sending me a beautiful product, creating this amazing video, and delivering sooner than promised (way sooner).


    I still need to get me a PS/2 keyboard or find the one I have somewhere.


    I'm going to be honest. The U1MB has so many moving pieces that it is not easy for me to grasp everything right away but I'm excited.


    I have not turned on yet because I need a few things but I'm extremely happy.


    I did tell my wife it cost me around 30 dollars, if she asks :) LOL -- However, she hasn't seen what it is, just the box, so I don't think she will buy it. She told me to stop buying Atari stuff. But the time she notices....


    EDIT: Added corrected link


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  13. 1 hour ago, gs80065xe said:

    Still early in the book. But the author is trying to do some things starting in Basic. He assumes the readers will be familiar with it. And I assume later he will show it in Assembly. But I haven't gotten that far because I'm trying to get my display list working for the last day or two. I know there are Display list methods in FastBasic. But the author wants the reader to manually create the Display List because you'll need to do the same thing in Assembly.

    which book ?

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