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  1. @foft Hi. Thank you for doing this. I have been following the thread but I haven’t done anything. Today, with newer boards, what would you recommend me to buy to work on this? Should I still use the DE-1 or do you recommend other options ?
  2. What was this right fiasco ? Also, while I’m sure he was not the only one, everything seems to point to Jack’s bad decisions. It is sad— They showed so much potential with the 8-bit but things didn’t work out for Atari.
  3. @JesperGravgaard Thank you for taking the time to give me this detailed answered and for giving us this alternative. Thanks!
  4. @JesperGravgaard Thank you for working on this. I wanted to ask, for my own knowledge, what are the differences with cc65? One of the great features seems to be that KickC provides better optimizations, right? What other there are other more important features compared to cc65? I checked your reference manual (very nice by the way).
  5. I don't know why but you are doing all this wonderful things. I pictured you much younger... I guess Atari users are getting older, I'm old myself I don't have a grandson yet but I started late!
  6. I don’t know about KickC but is there a reason that you are not using CC65?
  7. I think is the possible mods and the keyboard I like it and if goodwill let me pay, I will get it but if I have to bid again, I think Im being wanting an apple iigs and other things.
  8. Good/bad news. When I place the bid, I made a mistake of the amount. I emailed them. However, I never received a response. I went to pay for the item and it is not available for payment. I received an email right after I did that saying that I was given a 1-time exception. This is coming from Good Will. Anyways, it seems that it may be placed again for bidding. If I can't buy it, I will probably not go for it again as I will do something else with the Money. Bad news for me (maybe) but good news for someone else that may want this.
  9. thank you for posting the link in the first place !!
  10. I did. I meant to bid a bit less but I made a mistake. Anyways, I’m paying it tomorrow.
  11. Isn’t it more organized to have a thread per question ? I’m wondering why would all the questions about X should be on one thread ? or maybe is better? I’m not arguing — Just curious.
  12. think you for the answer. I will read the link.
  13. Hi, I was reading about both and there seems to be some similarities. Can someone tell me the differences between Side 3 and Ultimate Cartridge and similarities? Why have one over the other? Or maybe you have both? I did search for a comparison but I did not find one. It is only informational, I'm really not trying to ask which one is best. The reality is that I don't know the differences. Thanks,
  14. so,what kind of power supply is that using ? the default that comes with the 400?
  15. I don't do much 8-bit coding (well, I haven't much in a while but I hope to get back in when I have time). Here goes my advise, because I do code and I'm a CS professor. If you are new to programming, start learning a language (and hopefully the concepts). If you like 8-bit, then there are various choices, like different flavors of Basic, Action!, C, and Assembly, among others. Just pick one. @Rybags is right. I believe you are trying to fly before you can walk. There are many online tutorials and PDF books. There is even a thread here I think with book suggestions. I started myself when I was a kid with Basic and then Turbo Basic but most of my professional programming was with Intel 486 and higher (a bit of Alpha/VMS) and now of course, the level of abstraction is extremely high, as many situations, understanding the hardware is not always (but sometimes it is) important. I hope this helps. For example, I think when I have time (and it maybe a few years or less before I do), I will pick just one or two languages (assembly and C or maybe just assembly) to work with Atari 8-bit and I'm an experience Computer Scientist. One of the cool things about this forum is that there is lots of support, so I think you will do fine if you start with Atari 8-bit. medir: added “online tutorials”
  16. It seems that I missed that part. Thanks for pointing this out to me.
  17. I love the blue — I’m more of a navy blue but this is amazing !! Thank you!!!
  18. I'm looking forward to purchase the fully assembled 576NUC+. For sure, I hope that someone can put it together with case + Fujinet, but whichever way it is, I will get it. This is so nice. I feel all this new hardware for 8-bit is so cool. I'm already getting the 1088XEL (thank you for doing the design @mytek) and the next one will be 576NUC+. One day, maybe I can get the 1088XLD. The one that I would like but I really need more time (which I don't have for now) is the Mister too... This is so cool. Is the Commodore 8-bit community as involved as this one? (I don't know anything about the commodore to be honest, except some of the C64 mini that is out but I think that's emulated, right ?). Thank you
  19. but the Rapidus wouldn't be needed to match it since NES wasn't using a 16 bit chip (right?), but I get what you are saying. I have to know search what Veronika is.
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