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  1. @pedgarcia I’m curious what exactly did you find difficulty with 8bit-unity ?
  2. I know a VM is not the best solution but could help with this.
  3. https://www.howtogeek.com/697300/a-vintage-atari-is-an-amazing-weather-terminal-in-2020/amp/ It is a great story! If someone posted this already, feel free to delete this post.
  4. Yes, I have been working with @MacRorie about getting the XEL. He has been amazing. With all the email and questions, I wonder why hasn't he stop replying already. Thanks @MacRorie for all your help! I'm only worry about my wife. I may have to keep it at the office.
  5. They do carry a stigma but they should not. I don't have anything like he has but I have OCD and attention deficit disorder. In my case, the former I can use it to my advantage but it can always be my biggest weakness. One day, mental health will not carry the stigmas that are still around by some people. He seems like a very nice person!
  6. I would love to get one whenever is ready but some months after the XEL. I haven't ready every single post here but I know @mytek said he will not be selling it but any updates who and when?
  7. A great interview I found: https://www.computingpioneers.com/index.php/JD_Casten I’m not sure all his story but I would say that he is a brave person.
  8. I wonder what was the reasoning to change the PBI for the 130xe from the Atari Perspective ?
  9. MyTek (or anyone). Assuming I’m correct, XEL does not have a PBI. Is the thinking that a PBI is not needed since you can mod it and have space to do it? Im not sure if the PBI can be used much but the freezer mod, I think used the PBI (and I may be totally wrong)
  10. At the risk of sounding stupid, what are mylars?
  11. Hi all, I was looking at best electronics options from keyboard replacements. They have multiple of them for the same machine and I was wondering what is your experience with any of them (or all of them): CA061983-2nd Atari 600XL / 800XL U.S. Qwerty Keyboard upgraded the new Best XL Lifetime Keyboard mylar CA061983-2nd $59.95 CB101055-2nd The New 2nd Gen. Best Enhanced / Upgraded / Lifetime 600XL / 800XL Keyboard replacement mylar are $32.95. CA061983PCB 600XL / 800XL U.S. Qwerty Keyboard, PCB / mechanical switch version $75.00 CB101049 65XE / 130XE Mitsumi Replacement Keyboard $22.00 CB101702 65XE / 130XE Qwerty Keyboard $36.00 CB101454 * 65XE / 130XE Sugiyama $22.00 CB102117 65XE / 130XE / 800XE “The Best” “XE” Touch (Formally called “TT” Touch for XE computers) $19.95 http://www.best-electronics-ca.com Thanks
  12. I’m sorry for the late reply. For some reason I didn’t get notification. Can you send me info via PM.
  13. depending when this happens, I would be interested on one.
  14. but it seems (maybe I'm wrong) that some of the upgrades available for the XEL are not available in the XLD, at leaset from THB. I did email him and he will probably clarify this question (he has been emailing me with great answers). For example, the XEL I can pick VBXE, sophia C, etc. Am I wrong? https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/1088xel-xld/products/1088xld-by-mytek https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/mytek-1088xel
  15. I see now. I guess you said the solution is to get an SIO extension cable, right? but it would look strange... Besides this, what would you say that the XLD gives you that XEL doesn't and vice-versa? I'm just having a hard time deciding between one or the other ... I like both.
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