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  1. In the XEL why does it block your player two? Aren't those db9 in the front and the cartridge on top?
  2. When you were designing this (I think you did, right?), was there a reason taht XEL would not have those built-in?
  3. Can you take pictures from the front and back (I see a bit of the connectors but I would like to see them up close). Both are extremely cool but I'm thinking about the XEL.
  4. this one, I already received an answer from them... so it is all included (COOL)
  5. What would you say the difference between 1088XEL and 1088XLD?
  6. Hi, thanks. Getting the "Daughter boards (UAV, Ultimate 1M upgrade, SIO2PC) (+$105.00) " means that I'm getting the upgrades on that board?
  7. Yes, I just notice that as I was doing the other post.
  8. Hi all, First, if I should be emailing them and not posting here, please let me know. However, I wanted to ask questions as I'm thinking on buying 1088 XEL. I wanted build because I can't solder (I guess I could but I don't know about electronics to be honest, so I will make it a mess). First, I was trying to see the difference between XLD and XEL... Besides the form factor and casing (one having a 1050 drive case), I wasn't sure there were many large differences. https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/mytek-1088xel (design by @mytek , sold by brewing academic) However, while the XLD looks cool, I find the XEL extremely cool and I sow @flashjazzcat video where he was building and I love the design. It is expensive but considering what I'm spending on ebay, I think I can find a way to spend it. Of course, the problem remains that over 1K is hard to avoid my wife noticing. When you do 100, 200, 300 in ebay, is easier to hide (well, that's another problem in itself). Now, There are some options. They have three sophia B and C (two C modes, one B). And VBXE. I will get the VBXE but I wonder if is worth getting Sophia C and/or B? Here is what in mind seems to be a good configuration but I was wondering your opinion. Daughter boards (UAV, Ultimate 1M upgrade, SIO2PC) (+$105.00) ==> Do I have mail them the upgrades or do I have solder them? Atari LSI Chips (ANTIC,PIA,SALLY,GTIA,POKEY (x2)) (+$155.00) Sophia rev. C (DVI-1280x1024) (+$105.00) VBXE (RGB/SC1224) (+$115.00) 1088XEL-CF3 Dual CF Adapter (+$65.00) (It seems that this is the same as 1088XEL-CF3 Single (F-chips) incl. disk swap button (+$55.00) but with two.. and I'm not sure it has a disk swap button) Realan H80 Case (+$65.00) Cartridge Tunnel for H80 (black is default) (+$15.00) Internal Joystick Cables & Ports (x2) (+$10.00) Panel Indicator for H80 Lid (+$15.00) Mouse Select for H80 (+$17.50) Customer designed Lid for H80 (+$90.00) DVI Backplane for H80 (+$60.00) (There is a custom one but they say to get DVI if using the video options I picked. I guess the custom can do the same but I'm not sure what would be the need for the custom) MultiSIO Internal Board KIT (+$30.00) PIC-Stick Programmer Assembled (+$35.00) ===> This one I don't think I will ever need since I'm not soldering anything or assembling this myself... or should I get it? Joystick extension cables (pair) (+$15.00) All Assembly & Testing by The Brewing Academy (+$400.00) However, it seems that I may need to have Ultimate 1M upgrade (I'm not sure they are providing this based on what I read). Is this something that goes in a socket or do I have to solder it? They also say is hard to find Pokeys, so I wonder if I have to provide it to them. Who has purchased with them? Maybe you have more experience. I will email them with direct questions but I wanted to know your opinion on my configuration. Thank you everyone
  9. Hi. What is the difference between this and Sophia C? For the 1088 XEL, I see options for VBXE, Sophia B, Sophia C (two modes) ... but not this one... https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/mytek-1088xel
  10. Great question Larry. To me is good working system in good conditions that I can use and maybe with luck have someone modded for me. Maybe more than one
  11. Collectors can really bring the prices up. To me is a hobby that I don’t get to do much because of my work demands. However, I do hope to have more time in the future so I buy what I can and use whenever possible. But do they think that an Atari would go for 100k one day? I doubt it but I may be wrong. Most people that like Atari 8-bit had one or had some 8-bit system. In my case was the atari 65xe. And to be honest, while I had try to buy a few other 8 bit, everything comes down to Atari 8-bit
  12. This is very cool. It is amazing what some of the people here are doing. I find myself lucky and now that I can have a place build it is even better. Maybe one day I should learn how to solder but I doubt it will be anytime soon.
  13. Probably I did — I wad also planning to get a couple more stuff including another ultimate from lok as I have a few atari 8 bit. I’m still trying to organize this. I was also looking at this but I sow the 1088 as a nice way to get mainly everything but is nice to have it in an original 8bit as well. I was hoping to find someone close to me but I think it would rather be difficult. Thank you reminding me of this.
  14. The 1450xl almost impossible to find, right ? how many of them were released ?
  15. thanks — I will check it out. There are some modes that I don’t have. In particular, xegs.
  16. I know this is a hard question but do you have a preference between xel and xld? Or maybe not preference but why one over the other one ?
  17. But I’m not sure they are available yet or am I mistaken ?
  18. Hi all, Im looking for Atari 800xl, 1200xl, xegs, 800, 130xe in good condition. In particular, XEGs, 1200, and 800xl, 800. If they are modded with u1mb and other stuff (vbxe), better. Condition matters to me. Additional items that may be of interest: Floppy Disk Drives, Tape Drives, and possible printers. Im in Colorado, USA Of course, pricing matters too. Thanks
  19. I don’t have any XEGS — you are right about 600 being too much.
  20. I live in a small town. There was a retro tech but it went out of business a few years (it was mainly console). I have to figure out if there is one in Denver.
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