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  1. Thanks! Played DOS version of eotb several times and never knew how to fight (facepalm). xD
  2. Never liked D&D games, maybe time to start? Are there choices in those games like in Witcher, Fable or something? Or are they just dungeon exploration? I ask because i only played few classic RPGs, never get far.
  3. Are there any good RPG's for Amiga? My specs: Amiga 500 3 mb Ram (1 mb chip+2 mb megaram)
  4. Hi again! Just found this on ebay. Will it work with Parallel interface for PoFo? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320386848744
  5. Tower G4 will be compatible, cause my cousin has one running Morph
  6. Q*Bert Demon Attack Tron: Deadly Discs Adventures of Tron Surround
  7. Well, do like i do, get an 500, with al least 1mb ( i have 3 mb) of RAM, Kickstart 2.0 (to run Amiga 600 games) and an external floppy drive(s). Then, if you like it, get into Amiga, and search for Amiga 1200 with at least 030 (040 would be nice too) and Kickstart 3.9 (latest that you can run without buying a PPC processor). If you get into an Amiga 1200, you surely want to buy PPC processor and run AmigaOS 4.1, or at least 4.0. Then, get an Amiga 4000, with PPC and run AOS 4.1, upgrade RAM, and it will be great machine. You're all set! You should also get an 600, it's the tinest amiga. And when you will buy 1200 or 4000, make sure they're from Commodore, NOT Escom. 500- Amiga 500 and 600 games 600- optional, for that a600 games experience xD 1200- for games needing 030 4000- scene But, the trick is, that you need to get PAL Amigas. Also, if you're interested in modern Amigas you should get Amiga 1 G4 or an PPC Mac, that can run MorphOS. Eventually, download AROS to your PC.
  8. "Gameboy rocks!" Also, the brick game is quite fun.
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