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  1. I`ve been readin The Ultimate History of Videogames book recently, and made me curious. When was the concept of videogame created? Who used it for the first time?
  2. Isn't the PC-FX compatible with other systems controllers?
  3. Thanks for the answers. I had read about the Arcade Shark, but it didn't look to be well built. I guess I'll have to give it a try, it's not expensive after all. I'm interested to use it mainly with fighting games like Killer Instinct Gold. Quite a bit ago, I got a MAS Systems controller that had plugs for Dreamcast, Playstation, Gamecube,and - yes - N64. If you're referring to a dedicated N64 model, I wouldn't really know on that one - this one had the Capcom-style 6/8-button layout with a little yellow button to switch between analog and digital input on the joystick. Trying it on Donkey Kong 64, the menus were rather difficult to navigate (the analog speed is set to slow for some reason, rather than max like on Dreamcast and PS), but playing the Arcade Donkey Kong on it felt pretty nice. I unfortunately do not have any other truly arcade-like games to go with it. Anyone have a spare copy of Killer Instinct Gold or something? I really don't know of any other "high-grade" N64 sticks. (The Arcade Shark, BTW, is probably not quite what he's looking for if the first mention he has is of a MAS Systems joystick.) Are you willing to sell me the N64 adapter?
  4. I read somewhere that MAS Systems built some sticks dor the N64 but have found no information of it. Are there any other good arcade sticks or options to use (like a PS to N64 converter) one available?
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