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  1. Boy, how does one respond to that logic, "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you....". I want to draw attention to something but then that attracts too many people interested. So let's use false titles, bogus information, incorrect auction information. To throw everyone off the scent I guess.
  2. why not. So we just post, "you got to check this out, boy this one is for the books", Cant believe what they are asking for this" .... just to screw with people. I'm tired of going to eBay then and there isn't an auction to be found. You post the links. That's really an important part of interesting auctions.
  3. Please post the links when talking about an eBay auction, etc. Much appreciated.
  4. Why is it that when these people "find" new OS unopened hardware and they take the worst, crappiest pictures that they can so you cant quite see any detail. They must use a 80's camera for the pic's. Or take them through some foggy Plexiglas. That the discoloration doesn't appear uniform and the wrapping is slapped on. It's like looking at that old picture of big foot, can't quite make out what it is... But the photographer swears by it.
  5. I know it's hard to buy all at once, but $7,250 takes it all.
  6. I'm getting many asking about breaking it up. You're welcome to offer something for an item(s). I really would like to sell it all off. I realize that is a tough pill to swallow, but it's a great deal. And for those who keep asking what I have, please see the pics. As they are all photographed.
  7. lol, no I have light box that I purchased to take photos of the items I sell, etc. That is a light on a small tripod next to the box for small items to shoot.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff. But what I found is that I have a dedicated room to Atari and no one was really getting to enjoy the stuff. I did on occasion. But the long and short of it is that I loved the hunt and now that I'm getting older it's becoming harder in day to day life to keep up. I think someday, I'll be back in and getting it all back But for now, I want someone else to enjoy it. I've also been working on car restoration projects... my latest is a 1970 Opel GT for my wife.
  9. Everything pictured here. $$7,250 takes it all http://www.atari8bitcarts.com/ataricollection.html Atari 8-bit Cartridge Collection (400 800 XL 1200) Huge Lot. I’m selling the remainder of my collection, that spanned over 20 years. It represents mostly cartridges as that is what I focused on, over 500 cartridges. There is, however,many disk sets, empty disks, and loose disks that represent some rare items in addition. I’ve taken pictures of everything so please review that for quality, etc. as there are many items making it difficult to photograph each. I’ve summarized the major collection contents below. You get every Atari item pictured. Serious inquires only. Many rare and extremely rare cartridges. Summary: 4 – Cassette recorders Boxed 1 – Trackball boxed 1 - Numeric Keypad boxed 8 – Atari covers for many devices, 2 NIB 4 –Printers, 3 boxed 1 - Box Misc.printer devices 1 –Bytewriter EPROM burner, complete, EPROM eraser, misc. items 3 – 1200XL computers (one has had the keyboard repair as the keys can become difficult) 3 – 800 XL’s Boxed 1 – 800 XL for parts 3 – 800’s boxed 4 – 1050 disk drives boxed (one happy upgraded) 1 – 1050 drive loose 4 – 810 drives,one happy modified 1 – Trak Drive 1 – Very nice Centurion Enterprises drive 2 – 400’s loose 1 – 600 XL boxed 1 – complete 800 NEW boards and chips to rebuild an 800 1 – crate of controllers 1 – crate of disks 1 – lot of boards and chips 1 – box of master Atari program cassettes 1 – lot of blank diskettes (10 per box) 1 – lot of disks, commercial and copies (hundreds) 1 – crate of Atari 2600 carts (~70) with a 2600 for parts 1 – box of misc. power cables, SIO cables, etc. For all the devices as extras 1 – box of game manuals Cartridges: 1 – lot White shelves, all NIB and CIB (232 cartridges, few duplicates. Some very rare) Loose Cartridges (see link for pictures) - 329 some very rare 1 – lot Cartridge display case 1 – box of misc. Atari carts 1 – crate (white) of cartridges 1 – crate (black) 1 – lot of boxed Atari and misc. carts. Pictured. 1 – Atari convention banner 1 – lot of Atari manuals 1 – lot of empty disk holders You can have all the shelving and desk You can have the custom cartridge display case Smoke free home, personal collection for more than 20 years
  10. yes but... Hit BUYIT NOW and I’ll throw in a 1981 DeLorean DM-12 Automobile as a bonus !!! The carhas been restored and updated by DMC Houston and only has 32,000 miles. Don’tpass up this once in a lifetime deal.
  11. Just a few, version 2.07 I've found to be be more common than 2.05, but most distributors would take the 2.05 and update it to 2.07.
  12. Yea, I was making my point, that items are not "owed" to us.... Maybe it wasn't clear
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