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  1. yes but... Hit BUYIT NOW and I’ll throw in a 1981 DeLorean DM-12 Automobile as a bonus !!! The carhas been restored and updated by DMC Houston and only has 32,000 miles. Don’tpass up this once in a lifetime deal.
  2. Just a few, version 2.07 I've found to be be more common than 2.05, but most distributors would take the 2.05 and update it to 2.07.
  3. Yea, I was making my point, that items are not "owed" to us.... Maybe it wasn't clear
  4. This specific post was one that provided information on the ECPC titles, some of which were not know to exist. It wasn't asking for anything, it wasn't selling anything. It wasn't an eBay auction, or a plug for one. That is the purpose of a topic post. For people to contribute to it, and possibly have discussion. As for dumps, why is it that some think that asking for dumps entitles them the right to get them, regardless of how the actual owner feels about it. Sometimes you just have to step up and pay (or work) for things you want, and not expect that they'll be handed to you for free. I'd like to have an 815 disk drive, and I think it should be shared with me for free, so whomever has one please let me know so we can coordinate the transfer of one I'll get you back on the flip side.
  5. how does someone that does this still maintain a 125 excellent rating on AtariAge?
  6. You can clearly tell it's not NOS. I have three is great condition, boxed (one with plastic on the keys still) and look considerably better than that one. It doesn't matter that the auction states NEW, they also clearly don't know anything about what it is. The cable clearly has been re-wrapped. Look at the plastic around the 1200. Where is the plastic protectors on the keys? The TV switch box has been opened. Where's the basic cart? Notice now the inserts aren't shown as they are used. Remember, people that don't collect see something in a box and then think "NEW". Doesn't make it so. And I see 800XL's covered with plastic and posted as NEW all the time on eBay. If that was a new NOS unopened 1200XL that would have gone for $1000+ easily. When does an Auctioneer "open" a box, ripping it up. And what kind of auction house doesn't understand collectibles enough to not damage the box. All I can say is poor sucker that bought it. Used go for ~<$125 Sorry, I'm not trying to be a jerk, just mad that people are still buying things not correctly listed.
  7. How is this NOS? It's a boxed 1200XL, it's used and in average condition for a 1200. If they bought it thinking it was NEW, they should know better.
  8. Since you ask, what I was referring to was when someone receives a donation and there is an assumption that the receiver of the donation will make available the donated item in one way or another to the public. What I think is wrong is when the receiver takes it and turns around and sells it for a profit. Ideally museums, etc. should be registered non-profit's, but that of course is too much to ask for. But you know how many people I see use the call sign or title of 'museum', and then unsuspecting people donate and don't realize that person is just asking for items for their own collection, or to turn around and sell. I realize that some museums sell off items, duplicates, etc. to pay the rent, etc. This of course is just my opinion. That post was almost 5 months ago.
  9. After all that BS about making a better site, it really was just a self promotion for starting a gaming stuff, dime a dozen, crap site. Is that really it.
  10. I've decided to sell off the remainder or my collection. I have a lot of stuff. More information and detail available. Serious inquires only, not breaking up. But open to offers Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123640050502
  11. Rarity fluctuates yearly, as when someone gets word that a cartridge sold for a high price it brings everything back out I remember when "Into the Eagles Nest" (as was mentioned) there were dozens that hit the market at once, all NIB. Everyone jumped on that. But before that occurred, loose copies were hard to come by. Just recently quite a few Mario Bros. NIB were on eBay for $100-125. Donkey Kong shows up time to time. Summer games had a couple dozen available a few years ago, and we all jumped on that. The consistently rare ones to find are Karateka (NIB) and Crystal Castles (NIB). But that can change if another seller, or sellers, start putting them out there. Even the XE demo cart had a run on eBay where quite a few came out a years back. It's all about either waiting for it to cycle back around or paying the current prices... Here are some, if you're looking. The plastic tends to fall apart, or strangle the boxes to death. At one point I cut a slit on the top of the NIB's to avoid self crushing
  12. true, I missed that. I do show a 1979 small black box version was made. It also confirmed my entry with another members list. I'll see if I can dig up an image.
  13. Though there was a tape release, as the list shows there is a small box cartridge version of Space Invaders.
  14. what was the auction link, etc. Post please so we see the seller, etc.
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