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  1. yep, when you get down to the last 100 it gets painful. But it was my obsession. Along with others.
  2. @scottyyI'm glad to see someone picking this back up and carrying the torch, with passion. My list: I purposely did not include homebrews, bootleg, or disk to cart conversions, etc. Just production.
  3. you are too kind My entire collection can be represented in that list I published, I had I think 90%. That site link above had what I was selling at one time. I just moved and will hopefully soon get all my b9oxed Atari items out of storage. We're building/reno'ing a 1870s home at the moment.
  4. what do the cart look like on the inside. And if the eproms are exposed put labels over them before taking pics.
  5. Do you remember what it took to get it to work? It asked for a disk. (see previous posts), thanx.
  6. There are a couple outliner cart housing with non-XE carts. Tennis and Football are example of the grey cart minus the ridge on the back. Then there is Final Legacy with the ridge. Why so many variations is beyond me
  7. where is it being shipped from the Moon. What's in the picture is at best $20.00 to ship.
  8. not me, but I'm sure there are many that will be tempted by your offer... Poor saps....
  9. I stumbled on the shopGoodwill youTube videos, they have a channel by type of item and location warehouse for online. It demonstrates their model for online sales. My biggest concern is (as I also buy trading cards): How are we assured that Goodwill associates aren't going through auction items, taking out the best pieces. As example, 4 lb lot of baseball cards online, it states unsorted and to me means someone hasn't picked through them and removed the possible best. Then post sale, are we guaranteed that our won item won't have again someone going through it based on auction price to find valuable cards and removing them. That would defeat finding treasures in the wild. Thank you.
  10. unfounded. I've been dealing in carts for over 20 years and I've seen worse passed off as original. It might not be tomorrow, or even 10 years, but some poor sap will be told, as the cartridge changed hands 20 times, that it was a prototype or advanced copy Then those still left to remember that it was funny as hell will be the only ones that try to convince them they aren't real. Not to mention as tech and skills improve, better ones are released into the wild.
  11. Someone is making carts via a 3d printer, and selling them on eBay. With marking them as repo's in the auction title, but not on the labels. So in a few years these will be passed off as new variants, guaranteed it will happen. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/xrbrevin/m.html?item=164665899785&ul_noapp=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  12. To me, I was thinking that Goodwill is outsourcing this side of the business. As this model would require all of the good stuff to presorted by someone who knows (or researches) the possible value then moved to the side for cataloging, photos, and online it goes. That these items are not on the store shelves. I would expect some items to get pulled by employees but there has been some pretty valuable items that if so would have never made it to an auction. This would need to be highly organized in each participating store. I noticed the site was started with California. This is old but still up on the site: shopgoodwill.com Terms of Use Last Updated 12/28/2016 Welcome to www.shopgoodwill.com (our “Website”), an online marketplace operated by Goodwill Industries of Orange County, d.b.a. shopgoodwill.com (“Goodwill,” “us” or “we”). I also thought the employees are paid via the stores sales. So does any one know how many Goodwill stores participate with online sales? I bought something that I think came from a Goodwill in Columbus Ohio. These auctions are now being fed to other partner sites, thus increasing bidders.
  13. Not sure where bad eBayer's go. Bad ebayer, and I would assume trader, but I don't have there AA id. id: ef-037 I did what I shouldn't have done and was asked to end an auction, with no bids, early and just invoice them. I did so, on two auctions, explaining that I had a family emergency and would not be able to get to this until Sunday (11/1) or Monday. I get back and they sent me an eBay message stating they found a better deal and don't want them anymore. I know I shouldn't have done this but he was persistent and I thought really liked the games. And the last week has been draining as my mom went into Hospice and I thought I'd do them a favor. When I told him he should honor what we asked for, he said he didn't have to. So I've banned him from buying anything from me. My guess it could have been one of those dirt bags trolling eBay to get cheap carts to just resell them.
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