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  1. Mille-Bournes is a very fun game. Back in the day, Loadstar published a version of it called 1000 Miler for the Commodore 64 that I played a lot (and still play in emulation). Some of the rules were slightly changed, and it graphically depicted the hazards and the race, but it was quite fun at the same time. Seems like it could be done in Extended BASIC pretty easily with some modifications for the resolution of the 99/4A. It something I’ve thought about trying to do since the 64 version is written in BASIC. The graphics are of course all POKEs and whatnot, but the logic of the game is in BASIC.
  2. I got the same numbers as Lee: 151, 250, 244, 224
  3. I tested this just now on my real TI. The values I get are 224 and 159 - they do not change when the joystick is moved.
  4. With the 99/2 and 99/8 being usable in emulation along with the various 99/4A models and the 99/4, what is left that we don't have access to? Is it just the 99/4B and the 99/5? Is there anything else TI made a few of?
  5. Thanks for the hard work on the upgrade! It's much improved.
  6. I wasn't. But I am now. That solved my problem. Thanks!
  7. I seem to be having a terrible problem getting the forum to accept my password. If I reset my password by following the "forgot my password" link, I can get logged in. Any attempt to log in after that brings me to a page that says my password is invalid, then the red error message disappears quickly and I'm stuck with resetting my password again to get back in. (I'm not using Facebook or Twitter to authenticate me). This seems to happen no matter what device I use to log in (iPad, iPhone, or a Windows PC). Anyone else having this issue?
  8. I used to have Popeye back in the day - it's a fantastic version. All of those Parker Brothers games were really well done I think.
  9. You can find them in here on ftp.whtech.com: http://ftp.whtech.com/video/Chicago%20TI%20Fair%202014%20Videos/Chicago%20TI%20Faire%20Disk%202014/LIBRARIES/LIB_TI_DISKS_81/O_P_10/
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Diagnostic-Cartridge-For-TI-99-4-TI-99-4A-Computer-PHM3000/293078634661?hash=item443cd910a5:g:d34AAOSwJT9cwkDp Is this cartridge really this valuable?
  11. This reminds me of an article in one of COMPUTE!'s TI books about using CALL CHAR and CALL CHARPAT to pass variables and values from one program to the next since the character definitions are not replaced when RUN is used within a program. Probably wouldn't work if you had a lot of values to pass, but for a few values, it would work also for a few variables.
  12. I also do not use Facebook and I won’t. They really can’t be trusted.
  13. A complete TI sidecar expansion required the Speech Synthesizer first, the 32K memory expansion unit second, and then the rest of the devices can be in any order (according to the manuals). Originally, only 3 devices in series were supported, but something in the 32K unit allowed for 3 units to be placed in series after it, increasing the amount of devices that could be connected.
  14. I have a set of Memorex C60 tapes that I got from Amazon about a year ago that I have had 0 problems with using on my 99/4A. I didnt even have to play the game with the tone and volume controls - they just worked the first time I tried.
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