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  1. If it's not too late to order a copy, I would love one!
  2. I got a Vectrex a while ago, but unfortunately, it didn't come with the Mine Storm overlay. I thought it would be something kinda easy to fine, but I was either wrong or just look at all the wrong times, so I'm just looking for one that's in good condition. Thanks.
  3. Depending on my job situation at release, I'd be interested in a boxed copy.
  4. Ordered mine, just in time for my birthday
  5. I have a few gaming items for auction on ebay Kaitou Saint Tail Japanese Saturn game : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140936743475 Blue Seed Japanese Saturn game : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140936745752 Intellivision plug n play : eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140936928229 I also have a ton of other stuff for auction (mostly anime and sewing stuff), so please check that out too! eBay Seller: temporarynewid
  6. I need to replace the temperature gauge in my car, so I'm thinking about selling my CIB Intellivision Computer Module. Now, I do not own an actual Intellivision, so I have no idea if this works. There is the box, inside packaging, computer adaptor, keyboard, a/c adaptor and instruction booklet with warrenty cards. I have no idea what something like this is worth or what to ask for it, so if you're interesting, shoot me a message and we can go from there.
  7. Now that I'm collecting, we do joke a lot how unfortunate it would be if he sold off something rare. And no, the slime was a gift from a friend. (And I believe it's an official plush)
  8. Never had a 2600 as a child, I was much too young. But, my father had one and my sister and I used to beg him daily to play Ghostbusters and when he would give in to our constant pesterings, he would only play for maybe 5 minutes until he would claim that the joysticks were broken, but I just think he didn't know what he was doing. I also remember him selling all his Atari stuff in the early 90s for $2. It was a very sad day.
  9. Less than a day left on the somewhat incomplete Gamecube auction. This was from an ex, so please make it gone, or I'll probably just throw it out eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140900353372
  10. Selling a few video game type things over on ebay, please help me start to save for car repairs! I also have a bunch of anime collections for sale, for those who are interested in that sort of thing. eBay Seller: temporarynewid
  11. If I ever find Mr. Right, I hope he proposes, not with a ring, but a Vectrex. That way, if it doesn't work out, I still get something awesome and useful

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    2. CountessLenore


      We are not just a thing of legend anymore.


    3. doctorclu


      I could agree on the legend thing if it was a lady liking a Ps3 or a Wii... but a Vectrex? Nah, that is too far fetched. :P

    4. Gemintronic


      Hmmnf! Well.. I'm taking the Vectrex Multi-cart before we break up :P

  12. Man, I wish I wasn't so poor this month, or I'd totally be in...Just bad timing on my end
  13. Worm War I. Fantastic Voyage was a very close second
  14. I've been hoping for a meet up for a while and I do have the 14th off, so I could be up for meeting everyone
  15. Less than a day left. Please make this gone from my home!
  16. I did wear it once, it's been washed and in great shape. Appears to be an official prize, judging by the tags. Was a gift from a friend who is no longer a friend and I would rather never see this shirt again. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140779112303
  17. Happy birthday to me! I think a Pinball Pete's trip is in order!

  18. Finally own a for real copy of Radiant Silvergun! I've been saving up for almost 2 years and I finally have a copy!

    1. so_tough!
    2. CountessLenore
    3. dustygraves.


      what cost? i got mine in jan 2k for $20 and it seald) a local eb was selling of every thing saturn dirt cheap.

  19. Bought some paddle controllers and everything is awesome!
  20. I was saving these systems for parts, if needed, but I wouldn't know what to do with them, so maybe one of you could find a use Sega Saturn (plus RF switch and power cord) I think maybe the CD drive is starting to fail. Most games will play perfectly fine, but it does occasionally freeze (Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Wisdom, of the games I own) There is some sticker residue on the system, but otherwise ok. Sega Dreamcast The laser is dying. It will sometimes play games, but only when it feels like it (and it often doesn't feel like it). There are a couple blue scuffs from storing this for years, it's kinda dusty/dirty and I've unfortunately lost the RF switch and power cord. If you're interested, just make me an offer, since I have no idea what dying systems are worth (if anything). Or if it would be more worth it just to trash them and I'm wasting my time, just tell me, I can handle it. Thanks!
  21. Getting Assassin's Creed at midnight, I can't wait!!!

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