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  1. Soccer Brawl is up. Just one more game stands between me and Fatal Fury.
  2. I mostly prefer the CRT's for the lack of lag. In most other respects though, I prefer upscalers on the flat panel without scanlines. It's just sharper, the colors brighter and bolder, making the CRT look dull by comparison.
  3. I tried scrolling kotaku a few times while bored at work, and couldn't stomach it. The problem is it's not just a gaming site -- mixed in you'll find comics, super hero movies, anime, toys -- they are basically assuming their audience are all the same nerdy stereotype who must care about most of these things if they're interested in one of them. It's selling a Loot Crate culture I have no interest in.
  4. The Medium seemed to kind of fly under the radar. KOF XV is also going to be next gen-only on Xbox, but obviously it's not an exclusive. There are probably more in the wings, but it seems like this subject doesn't get much attention so far.
  5. Kotaku is such a high quality news source. Rather than just report the story, the author felt it necessary to scold the project's critics because the project is just fine by them, and also weighed in on NFT's.
  6. I'm very happy with this Dreamcast scart cable, meant specifically for upscalers like the 5X: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sega/SEGA-DREAMCAST-RGB-SCART-CABLES/SEGA-DREAMCAST-RGB-SCART-CABLE-WITH-480P-MODE
  7. The Medium was a Series S X console exclusive for a good part of last year until it came to PS5 in September.
  8. I'd rather send pure RGB to the upscaler. With YPbPr there's a conversion step. If only General Upscaler himself would show up to his own thread and straighten this out.
  9. You're assuming that your component cables are built correctly, and don't have any of the signals too strong or weak. You're trusting HD Retrovision like I trust Retrogamingcables.
  10. I'm curious why he said not to use the CSYNC one. That's the PS1 cable that I own.
  11. I'm curious what anyone would have been selling cables that output TTL sync for. What device takes TTL sync? Seems like it would have had to be someone's custom setup or a special case like that. Not something to be normally considered.
  12. 1. It's good they labeled it. I buy from them and i don't see any TTL sync cables currently for sale on their site. TTL sync is not for consumer TV's, so yes, that cable isn't within normal scart spec. 2. Yes, if you trust the sellers. Sounds like they were careful about sync and labeled what they are. 3. Yes. Sorry about what happened to your first RT5X. Mike Chi is really nice. If your cables are working with the OSSC they're probably okay.
  13. I'm sorry, but someone has to defend shart, because this is nonsense. How do you not know what cables you own? If you buy from a reputable seller instead of randos on ebay this won't happen. If a scart cable is outputting TTL sync, that cable is improperly made. If you're not sure, at least opening scart cables to check is an option. If you're not sure what you're looking for, open both ends and post photos.
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