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  1. Buy an old stereo receiver and big old speakers. Since everyone upgraded their AV receivers to HDMi ones, good quality non-HDMI receivers for analog audio can be had super cheap on ebay.
  2. I remember seeing 2600 and 7800 games for sale in a dollar store (the ones they used to have in malls liquidating unsold products) in the early 1990s. I don't think it means sales were boosted in the US.
  3. Nope. I don't like the look of fake scanlines. Prefer sharp pixels. It has to be upscaled for that screen one way or another. Either you can use a high quality upscaler or let your TV do a crappy job.
  4. As long as they continue to release hardware that isn't as beefy as the competition, and software that is strictly family-friendly, that probably won't change.
  5. Bloodstained, Mighty No. 9, Blazing Chrome. I guess it's impossible to copyright anything about a game other than its title and characters.
  6. When my brothers and I were kids we were really isolated as gamers. We lived in a small town where we had a small handful of friends who also played games, but none of them had the more fringe stuff we had like the TurboGrafx and a used 3DO. Our parents took us to the big city and we would go game shopping. On those trips they would take us clothes shopping, and we would still be talking about games. I guess we just assumed other people in the department store, for example, were stupid because they didn't care about the Turbo CD, etc. Now thanks to the Internet you can connect with people into the same stuff no matter where you live, so it feels much less isolated. That's the real difference. I still find it awkward on the rare occasion of going to events interacting with other gamers. It's just not something that was available to me as a kid, so I'm not used to meeting people who have different opinions about games than I do. I'm rather happy just having my basement of games with the occasional visitor.
  7. Except that most modern TV's won't handle the 240p signal correctly, instead usually treating it as 480i and then deinterlacing it. Not to mention the source signal (composite) is blurry, noisy and washed out to begin with. That's why you need an external upscaler to convert the 240p signal to HDMI.
  8. I compare it to setting up a new TV for the first time -- you have to know how to cut through the bullshit. Turn down the sharpness, turn off all of the digital "enhancements" meant to make the picture artificially more appealing in the store. Underneath all that fluff the savvy buyer is getting good tech for their money. The same is true when new tech is being advertised. Xbox One X is an extremely compelling package in terms of the raw GPU power on paper. You get significant graphic improvements (resolution, framerate and detail level), which varies by game, compared with the underwhelming base Xbox One. Not to mention all the X-enhanced backward conpatible games that you essentially get free support for. It's a great setup, it's just that they need talking points like "4K" to dumb it down for the masses.
  9. If most people think that X enhanced means all the games run in native 4K, then their marketing it as a 4K console is effective to the point of being misleading.
  10. I have an Xbox 360 controller adapter for Xbone. The Xbone pad is fine except the D pad always breaks if you use it to play games. I'm on my third pad, and now I exclusively use the 360 pad for D pad games. Yes, it's confirmed Scarlett has a disc drive. Matt Booty said so in his Eurogamer interview. The back compatibility only supports the games currently compatible with the Xbone, not the full library.
  11. Here's the official list of X enhanced games: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/xbox-one/xbox-one-x-enhanced-list
  12. Yep, 2020 for sure. Otherwise the tech's gonna be too late, and there's no reason for them to be talking about it now. They need to get a new console out to keep consumers interested. There is a large demographic of aging gamers willing to spend big bucks on new consoles.
  13. The thread title is such a tease. Coming up with a true digital HDMI solution for the PCE is not a matter of if, but when. Unfortunately, this is just another plug and play adapter solution that uses the existing available analog signal, like the PS2 and Dreamcast HDMI cable/adapters out there.
  14. The geometry changes with the surrounding brightness on the screen and strength of the signal. It's also possible to have a CRT where the geometry is broken beyond repair in the menus.
  15. Megabits were the standard for measuring game sizes at the time in marketing for all consoles. Anyone who thinks kids were going to get excited about the number of "megaoctets" or megabytes didn't live through the 90's. Neo Geo games were expensive because of the direct rom access. The amount of masked roms on the two pcb's of each cartridge far exceeded anything available to consumers at the time, and the chips weren't cheap. The limited runs of the niche product kept the games expensive as the system aged.
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