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  1. What's worse than switches is buttons. The Neo Geo Pocket has a very unsatisfying rubber button that you have to hold in until the power light comes on. The PSP. That switch pops and and goes back to its original position. And to power it completely down you have to hold that switch up for a while.
  2. Due to the console's upscaling and the game's anti-aliasing solution, dynamic resolution can be difficult to spot unless it's an egregious case.
  3. Yeah, good point. I think the difference in resolution and color depth would be completely unnoticed by most, especially with the fidelity the consoles are actually able to render for most games. My TV only handles 120Hz at 1080p, so I've only set my Series X to output 1080p to try 120Hz out. I know 120Hz is getting all the hype this generation, but I'm not really able to tell the difference between 60 and 120, so I don't bother with it.
  4. But we're talking about HDMI bandwidth, and [email protected] is what's going over the cable, so contrary to your post, it is relevant.
  5. Yeah, you basically don't need any Xbox One console if you own Series X. I just keep mine around for posterity since I'm a hoarder. The One has been in the box on the shelf since I got the One X. And the One X is still out, but I've only used it for some simpler games that don't need any of the extra power. The biggest reason why the One consoles aren't worth picking up now is the load times. Load times are like night and day between the two generations, making it very hard to go back now.
  6. [email protected] is exactly what these consoles are already outputting. Of course the games aren't being rendered at native 4K at that refresh, but the consoles are upscaling to 4K. So 4K is what's being sent out over the HDMI cable. I think the linked article may be causing more confusion. The maximum of 4:2:2 Chroma mentioned is not going to be noticeable for most people.
  7. Yep, HD CRT's are not good for 240p classic consoles. This is explained in this My Life in Gaming video:
  8. SSRPG wasn't released on the AES. I'm just saying the NGCD release gives you an idea of what a Neo Geo RPG would have looked like. I suppose you could've played it on Saturn or PS1 as well. To your point though, I'm not sure if the AES would've been a good substitute for a Genesis or SNES, since the library lacks the variety.
  9. By "boggles the mind" do you mean you can't imagine what SNK was thinking? Or you're just imagining what could've been achieved in other genres? Look at SSRPG if you want an example of what RPG's could've been like. SNK achieved great success by following arcade trends at the time. It was certainly not the reason they went bankrupt. As silly as Ninja Combat is, it still has arcade quality graphics and performance not possible in the Genesis. Would I rather play a well-made Genesis game? Of course. Was the Neo Geo obviously genuine arcade quality, even when the games were poor? The hardware performance speaks for itself.
  10. The original Xbox One was the original. That's why people own it, which is why they still sell it. The Series S is an unpopular half step up. And the sun will die.
  11. You have the choice to get the bad deal if you can't afford it. Is it better for the consumer if it's discontinued?
  12. They are locking you in to the inferior experience, restricting you to their online store, and not giving you a big enough SSD to support the games. It looks like savings up front, but it will be worse, even on a 1080p set, especially for games released later in this generation, which will require the extra power. Rather than creating a 2-tiered system, it's better marketing-wise for everyone to covet the same next gen box, like with the PS5.
  13. What drew me to the MVS machines whenever I encountered them was the knowledge that it was possible to own the same games at home on that coveted console.
  14. The less said about Series S, the better. No, I will not refer to the next gen Xbox as "Series S/X."
  15. I am not convinced by personal anecdotes. I have no doubt that it's possible to bet and lose on this. However, the difficulty redeeming an extended warranty outweighs any potential benefit. If you are unable to absorb a potential worst case scenario $500 loss on a non-essential appliance after you've already gotten a year of use out of it, you probably have bigger problems with your finances, making that $77 extra cost even more painful on the wallet. It's a racket. The reason stores push the hell out of these things is because it's one of their most profitable sources of revenue.
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