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  1. The SNES one is worth $20. It's fun for what it is, especially with two players. Don't think of it as Sengoku; it's a new game based on Sengoku. The music just sucks though.
  2. Use a cheapo new 3rd party controller from ebay to wire to jamma instead of destroying a real one.
  3. The Coregrafx is just a redesign; not a separate console with its own games. Think Genesis 2. They should have made Bonk's Adventure the pack-in game the second it was released. Also, AV out compatibility out of the box would have been a good idea, not to mention a second controller port for the US redesign. NEC just dropped the ball from the beginning of the US launch and never picked it back up. So many great 3rd party titles were never available in the US. Games like Castlevania and Street Fighter 2 should have been on the shelves at Toys R Us, but by then it was already too late. They had a chance to be more like Sega with the Genesis, but never had the marketing or distribution they needed. I agree with homerhomer about it being the mysterious system growing up. Fortunately I grew up in a house with brothers all reading gaming mags and we thrived on this stuff. You could rent a TurboGrafx at our Hollywood video (if only they had some post-launch titles to try) and we eventually got our own. Soon we bought used Lynx, Jaguar, CD-I, 3DO, Neo Geo on the cheap. TurboGrafx is probably what got us into importing. @turboxray, I think NEC was just willing to accept any 3rd party games they could get, and they didn't want to push developers to make the games the most advanced. I've been playing Ninja Warriors, and it's a really by-the-numbers downgraded port. They certainly could have done better, but you had to take what you can get with early games on the system. NEC certainly did a much better job attracting developers than Sega did with the Mark III. I like your idea of including the Super Grafx in the CD hardware, but it should've been all CD hardware, not just the Duo. Perhaps that's just too early to expect that, but it would've been a simple upgrade, much like the extra hardware included in the Mega CD, but much cheaper and easier.
  4. I fully reccomend Blinking Light Win. It makes the NES cart connector work much more like a Famicom, but probably more reliable.
  5. Probably my custom Neo Geo MVS, because my wife and I put quite a bit of time and money into it. And grab Ghostlop, Neo Turfmasters, MOTW, Shock Troopers, SS2.
  6. I've very much regretted selling any of the original stuff I chose to part with as a kid. You often hear collectors say it's their original copy they grew up with. Wish I hadn't sold the copy of Wonder Boy 3 my brothers and I grew up continually borrowing from the neighbors, until one day I finally bought it from them. But alas, I hastily sold my SMS collection as a kid one day. For a Jaguar of all things.
  7. Or get Pseudo Saturn instead of modding. The Saturn version of SOTN is not a good port (resolution and slowdown) except that you can play as 3 characters from the outset.
  8. I've watched the retroRGB video for the RAD2X and they seem like a decent solution. Getting an OSSC or Framemeister is still better though, and personally I'll be sticking with that.
  9. I very much reccomend Blinking Light Win. That along with the expansion audio mod made the frontloading NES my favorite to own. I was kind of sad to give this one back to my brother after I installed it:
  10. Neo Geo. Sometimes I wish someone would do a high-end system like that. Not sure what that would look like now -- probably similar specs to a top-of-the-line gaming PC. The world doesn't need it.
  11. You should acquire them organically, one by one. Maybe actually take the time to play them?
  12. This topic makes me cry just to think about it. For a while it looked like we'd see a long lost 7800 proto, and now I've lost all hope. If anyone knows anything that can be done, please help!
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