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  1. I'm part of the group not necessarily playing to win. It is fun playing games I didn't own in my youth like Space Dungeon and this club makes me take the time to give them a try. It is especially interesting when the game selected has some unique original equipment controls that I am now fortunate enough to possess. I wish I had more time to play, i was just starting to figure this out. 13,940
  2. 6,288, I will give it a try again later tonight.
  3. 13,850 A little bit better when I switched to original equipment, but never made it to the boss screen.
  4. 8,400 The screen scrolling speed doesn't seem to give me much time to react, which makes it very hard to score many points. I am just trying to stay alive. Those scores in the 20k+ range are quite impressive to me.
  5. 496. I just picked up a paddle controller from Shawn & it works great. Just didn't have time to get many attempts in at this round.
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