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  1. 76,250 (non autofire). I could not get my flash cart to work, so I played a few rounds of the game on my standard cart. My stock 5200 controller had the same rotation problem mentioned in this thread, so I used a Wico. Regardless, this is a great game.
  2. 9, 820. Didn't quite get this one. I would be interested in seeing 20 second or so screen clip of someone playing this at a higher level (50,000+ points) just to see how an advanced player handles this game.
  3. I waited too long to get started, but I was able to get a few rounds in of each game. Thanks Zylon for running this club again this year. Galaxian - 7,840 Megamania - 43,530 Space Invaders - 1,914
  4. Purchased some Arcadia/Leisure Vision carts from Masschamber. Item as advertised, packed well and shipped quickly. Quick replies to questions. Would not hesitate to do business again.
  5. Sorry I missed the deadline to submit. Here is my score of 18,455 for no particular reason other than to note I had fun playing this game again & also couldn't get past level 5.
  6. 34 saved. If I didn't lose a full load of 16, this would have been quite a run for me. Instead, I lost 30 total.
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