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  1. 496. I just picked up a paddle controller from Shawn & it works great. Just didn't have time to get many attempts in at this round.
  2. Thanks for letting me move up on the list. Looking forward to trying out Shawn's creation.
  3. 44,350. My best qualifying lap has 60"50'.
  4. Count me in for one. PM sent.
  5. 37,825 Original console & controllers, with coupler. First time ever playing this game (I've had the game/couple for a long time, but never had a chance to play) & don't have the knack for it. I have 2 Wico sticks, but didn't get a chance to try those. Sorry I can't get the pic to look right, it looks correct on my phone.
  6. 36,260 I couldn't get it to run on my Atarimax 128-1 cart, so I had to use an emulator. If there is anyone out there that uses a Mac, I suggest trying the "OpenEmu" platform. It worked great for me with the BBSB 5200 rom from Atariage & emulates 30+ other classic platforms as well.
  7. Star Raiders - Warrior / Novice Class 5 Sorry - I didn't see the note about trying it at a different difficulty. I am good with that or trying at again at a different level in the future.
  8. 10010 - No idea why pic keeps loading incorrectly, sorry.
  9. Bump for a great series of transactions!
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