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  2. Are you building a reserve list for this yet or do we just need to go to your site and enter on the list for interested in the original version?
  3. Hi everyone! Long time reader but infrequent poster here. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have uploaded a case design on thingiverse for the WiModem. Free to print and use. This version has interchangeable face plates with a few designs I came up with. The pics below have been painted after printing but if you have a multiextrusion printer you could use that for the multiple colors as well. Just wanted to give something back to the community. Hope everyone enjoys and happy computing! Find the file at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2892582
  4. It appears I should have been reading the forums more as I just found this thread. I would be interested in one of the new redesigned boards as well! Thanks Ksarul!
  5. I am in for 1 kit either assembled or kit with components.
  6. That is straight off the plug. The only one I tested off the actual system board was the memory and it was getting 4.92v steady across all mem chips.
  7. well I double checked all the connections and voltages to the mem kit eveything checks out fine. I also cleaned the cart slot and my readings from the ps are as follows: white line: 5.14v blue line: -4.92v red line: 12.20v those were all steady with no fluctuation so I think those would be acceptable. still no go. any other ideas anyone?
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