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  1. It is already published on my web. It is in Czech language, but google can translate it for you. There are 2 posts about ST mouse. http://www.krupkaj.cz/sblog/article_detail.php?itmid=9000017 http://www.krupkaj.cz/sblog/article_detail.php?itmid=9000021
  2. Together with Bob!k we made this version last year. We tested it successfully with BattleSphere and Aircars in 3 players. I think I still have some spare PCB yet.
  3. I made a new pcb for my ST mouse using the sensor Agilent H2000 from old Genius Netscroll two years ago. Those old chips have quadrature output, the same as our Atari ST. The new mouse is really great.
  4. you have nice interesting ideas, although I preffer my simple design I like it. Keep them comming. 🙂
  5. in the doc is written is works as Y2K fix only when th Dallas is not installed
  6. There is a trouble with storing the year in the TOS. Try Y2K fix program from Troed.
  7. I totaly forget volume 2 as my real life went crazy these days. But fortunately found the thread and ordered one of the last copies. It arrived last week. I have just went fast thru it and need more time to read it all but it is really great. Thanks Karl for making both volumes.
  8. Thanks for great party, I have had really good time. Here are my photos: http://www.krupkaj.cz/xgal/Fujiama2019
  9. krupkaj


  10. This all is really nice, thanks for all pathes. BTW I remember there was version of Missile Command with 3 turrets. But ihey were operated from keyboard. It would be great to have version with joystick buttons, or maybe we can hack also the trackball
  11. you can play ZebuLand http://phoenix.inf.upol.cz/~opichals/jay/stgames.htm
  12. yep, it is there and I was curious about the usage also
  13. It is not easy to tell how many interfaces are out. I think I build around 15 and also sold +-15 bare boards to people in Czech, Slovak and Germany. But there are others who sold MultiJoy. I know about user here who made small run. It was possible to buy it from some ABBUC members in Germany.
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