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  1. I hear some guy on the English amiga boards has the ntsc adfs but, but they are in whload format and they are password protected. I just want the adfs. Can someone help me?
  2. I have my gotek working but, I need ntsc adf files for plan 9 from outer space (konami) and Double dragon 2. Also where can I find ntsc adfs? Can anyone help?
  3. Seems a bit too complicated. Thanks though. As I am new to the Amiga everybody here has been very helpful on this topic and other topics I have posted. Thanks again.
  4. I have a amiga 500 1meg with a 64mb hard drive and kickstart 1.3. What would I need to install an external gotek for my amiga and how do I operate the gotek. I am keeping my internal floppy drive.
  5. Hey all I got byog working. I used the tools provided and a different computer than my main one, as well as better thumbdrive. I have to say playing the arcade version of dynamite dux on the little hockey puck was awesome. The picture was so clear and the joystick worked perfectly.
  6. I came into the Amiga very late. My moment was when I saw a boxed Amiga 500 from Canada in perfect condition on eBay. The box said made the USA (Which is where I am from.). I had to have it. I was well aware of the Amiga for 20 years, but lacked the means to purchase one or even get one running until recently. I bought a Atari ST in 2015 and I saw how hard it is to find certain games that were easy to find on Amiga. Now I know this a Atari forum but now I have been bitten by the Amiga I may never buy for the poor ST again.
  7. How do you use BYOG on the legends gamer pro. Do you need arcade net to load games off thumb drive. I keep getting no addon files not found error.
  8. I have bought a rgb cable and I have seen my game through the mono port and it plays fine. I am playing the game renegade.
  9. I bought a monitor for the amiga, a 1084-D.I have also bought all the necessary cables. I come from using a commodore 64 and atari 130xe. They were very easy to get picture on. Just plug into your tv and play. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  10. I have found that out. I just purchased another one. I wish there was another way to get it running on a tv.
  11. Ok I bought a A520 and all I get is garbled green and dark picture. My tv is a standard Ntsc Tv and I use composite cables. I am starting to wonder if I bought a broken a520 adapter as I have seen the amiga display color where I bought it, but I am over 500 miles away who I bought it from. It is a ntsc amiga.
  12. Would you be interested selling me a cable?
  13. I have a amiga 500 and is this golden axe official? My display is my tv. Also where can I get the ntsc version of golden axe?
  14. I just bought ntsc amiga 500 and am new to the computer. I know with atari st i just needed a 1224 monitor to display pal video in color. What would I need to get pal games running in color with the amiga? Are pal amiga games even playable on a ntsc amiga? Also is golden axe ntsc compatible? That is what i bought the computer for.
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