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  1. Can you recommend a tv or monitor that allows a Atari st game that displays pal to display color on a us tv? I use the monitor port and Rca inputs to connect to my tv.
  2. I got the game running on my Adam just fine. Thank you for your help. My colecovision is obviously on the fritz.
  3. I can shift in to hi but I cannot shift down once I am in high. And the level select on the title screen constantly changes form level 1 to 3
  4. I recently purchased hang on for the coleco. The controls for shifting up and down do not work. I will try this game out on my Adam soon. Does this have something to do with the particular console I have or can it be fixed.
  5. Do you have any ink for that daisywheel and how much game time does he get?
  6. I just purchased a coleco adam. Is it true that some sgm games work on the adam? If so which ones? I am becoming a coleconut lately and even am displaying my coleco couch potato and my mom is digging out my old cabbage patch kid!
  7. I am interested in buying a phoenix how close is collectorvision to a second run?
  8. I would like a super game module. How do I go about getting one. Hopefully there will be another run.
  9. I just tried Bentley on a non av modded Atari 7800 it worked fine. Sorry for the inconvenience. Merry Christmas!
  10. I just received a PokeyOne bently bear and got no sound on my 7800. All over games are working including homebrews. Did I get a defective cart?
  11. I own a US atari 1040stfm. Most european games work fine but some come up with a black and white screen and are unresponsive to the controls of both keyboard and joystick. Do these games require a ste or are they simply PAL only?
  12. It is a stfm and has a internal disk drive. Perhaps I did not let boot long enough to bring the desktop up. The drive clicks without a disk.
  13. Hi I have a 1040 stfm and when I boot it with out a disk, tos does not come up. Is tos on a disk? The computer works fine otherwise and I love using it to play games.
  14. A black and grey Wico bootgrip. I had trouble getting my red wico stick and a sega genesis controller to work on gauntlet. The fire button worked but I could not move. I had both in the second port. Not the mouse port. and assigned the controller to joystick 1 not 0.
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