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  1. For internet search posterity: Atari 800 keyboard MEI Mechanical Enterprises Inc ca012952-02 Inspected 6/13/80 1980 Blue pcb circuit board
  2. Got it in the mail today - it is a weird keyboard that I've never seen before, but it is Atari branded. This machine also has a weird card in the rack that I will start a different thread on.
  3. Well, I won the auction - I needed the bottom part of the case to replace a broken one. I'll report what I find about the keyboard when it gets here.
  4. It does. The option keys appear to be normal. This is for sale at goodwill, I'm tempted to get it just to see what the hell it is.
  5. Never seen one like it. Sharp key edges. More "grey" than usual. Font is funky. The arrow keys do not have inverted arrows. What is this?
  6. Fair question, I was basing this off something I remembered reading a long while ago that FPGA lifespan is similar to that of PROMS. I should have gone looking for the answer before asking here. After some searching I can see 1-5 years is certainly wrong, but will still likely fail before the other chips in my 800 🙂
  7. Looking at one of these, looks as though it has an FPGA in it. Isn't the lifespan of those 1-5 years? Do I want to mod the internals of my 40 year old 800 with something that will break in a few years?
  8. trent


  9. Was curious to see the quality of these shells so I ordered one off of eBay. My observations: They look to be a very faithful knock off of the second generation (picture label) Atari cartridges, with all the pros and cons (depending on your disposition) of that design. Namely: holes in the label side of the cart and three slight indentations on the end label side, plus all the moving parts associated with the dust cover. I don't like all the moving parts of this particular design, but that's just me. I wonder if making a more or less exact replica of the old cartridge design is the "right" thing to do. I guess you can make authentic looking carts, but I kind of like to be able to distinguish new vs vintage. Maybe just me. I guess ordering a color shell would accomplish that. No branding/logos on the shell, which is a big plus. It fits just fine in all my Atari models (light, heavy and jr). Felt a tad tighter in the heavy than a real 2nd gen Atari cart, but not problematically so. Great shell. Wish they were a tad cheaper.
  10. Glad to see someone finally went ahead and did this!
  11. What makes a good system goes beyond specs on paper. Intangibles that, IMO, make the 2600 'better' than the three examples you listed * Better controls. In particular against the Inty/5200/Coleco, the 2600 has much more precise and ergonomic controls. * Game library - others have already mentioned this. * Reliability. 2600 is a tank. Then there are things like timing and marketing, which have nothing to do with the system per se. If you compare 2600 to its true contemporaries (Channel F, O2, Astrocade), its longevity is even more lopsided
  12. Thanks!. i think it took me almost as long to re-learn my old code as it did to write it in the first place. I have been struggling with getting everything to 'work' in the bottom part of the screen where the rover lives, the mountains scroll, missiles launch and debris falls. I've got it down to two artifacts I can live with. The debris is a single color in that zone, and the leftmost playfield pixels are sometimes mangled in the mountains when there is too much going on on the left part of the screen.
  13. In the spirit of Halloween I am raising this project from the dead, so version 8. Was build 6 really April 2012? I don't even know know how to summarize what has changed since then. Basically I've tried to make it feel more like a complete game. Background music that increases speed as the game goes on, wave markers, title screen, you can get hit by debris now. I have a couple minor tweaks that I will make this week before I can call it good, and then finally check this off the bucket list.
  14. LOL. We've been open 3+ years and going strong! Spacebar Arcade in Boise, ID.
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