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  1. I was hoping others wouldn't see this auction... I may be the bid on there. Haha. Probably should've just done the buy it now option that was there honestly.
  2. More additions. First 4 loose carts coming from @Ballblaɀer (Rob/@AtariSpot on Twitter), and some fun pal variations.
  3. A cool 16 in 1, a couple of repros (I wanted an NTSC version of z-tack without paying the price), and a NTSC home run that I got mailed from Sweden that I was not expecting. I think a miscommunication occurred...
  4. 4 no controller info and a multicart from Taiwan:
  5. No controller info and a German manual.
  6. Thanks! I’m a sucker for boxes and manuals.
  7. More additions. My favorite being the Taiwan produced Activision River Raid (it’s still not know if these are official from Activision or pirates) with a miscut label...
  8. More recent additions. All PAL except Threshold which is NTSC.
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