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  1. Off topic, but would could you take a picture of the entire board and confirm that this was a made in Ireland unit? I ask because I have a weird all black jr that has "Manufactured by Atari-Wong in USA" on it which makes no sense and has no Atari markings on the PCB. I'm 99% it's an interesting bootleg but have been looking for a photo of a Irish Jr board to confirm they did have Atari markings on them...
  2. Thanks @Rom Hunter for pointing this one out. From Canada.
  3. A fun package from Russia. A cool Jone Yuan clone. Also, I don’t usually share non-2600 stuff but this Soviet pong clone is too cool not to share...
  4. We’ll see if I can get them to ship...
  5. Been taking a break due to personal real life expenses, but did pick up this Canadian gem of actiplaque:
  6. Nope, it's just one smooth label. According to the seller this is the exact copy that is pictured in your database...
  7. And I need to find yours... Haha. I appreciate it.
  8. Very interesting pickups from Germany. Especially this Atari Corp outlaw, complete with AC small black manual and AC German text manual. Also weird sticker on the back of box and upside down box design meaning the cart goes in the bottom.
  9. Activision cart with the foam and a PAL multi cart with a fun mix of fonts.
  10. Another interesting clone. This one has a unique shell.
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