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  1. New items up for sale! Check them out!
  2. My list: -VeCaves/Spike's Spree -Vec-Sports Boxing Limited Edition -Solar Wars 2-Player Preview -Star Sling Limited Edition -Debris Limited Edition Honorable Mention: -Joust: Evolution
  3. Re-Bumping an old thread! New 5-Day auctions up!
  4. I've sold a complete 3D imager like yours for over $700. I'm not too familiar with PAL Vectrex prices, but I think a good (eBay) estimation (you can refold those boxes, and you have a near-complete PAL set) would be ~$900-1100.
  5. Can I ask what your reserve price is?
  6. As a self-proclaimed Vectrex expert, I can confidently say there is no agreed-upon list for actual release dates. There are a few things we can go from: Original pack-in materials (side of the system box, passport, etc.) - lists the original batch of games, i.e. Berzerk, Scramble, Cosmic Chasm. Of those not included, we can determine a few more release dates from early '83, because they do not match the last telling sign - i.e. Narzod, Heads Up! and Star Castle The last telling sign is how the actual game boxes are labelled. Lightpen and 3D imager games say "Graphic Computer System Cartridge" on the side of the box, rather than "Arcade System Cartridge". There are non-lightpen and non-3D games which fit this description - Pole Position and Polar Rescue - which are commonly accepted as the final commercial Vectrex releases. Sorry I cannot be of more help, but swing on by http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/board/20/vectrex - I'm sure we'd (the Vec community) would love to see what you got! Out of 29 original releases (including 3 Lightpen, 3 3D, Mr. Boston and Minestorm 2) having 15 prototypes is HUGE news. Considering the rabid fanbase - I'd expect you'd be able to make a pretty penny from that lot
  7. Undershooting that quite a bit: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fcsc%2Fi.html%3F_fspt%3D1%26LH_CAds%3D%26_udlo%3D%26_sadis%3D%26_sop%3D12%26_sacat%3D%26_fpos%3D%26_mPrRngCbx%3D1%26_udhi%3D%26_nkw%3Dsnatcher%2Bsega%26LH_Complete%3D1%26LH_Sold%3D1%26rt%3Dnc
  8. Taking its rightful place next to its brethren. Thank you so much for putting this reprint together, Al!
  9. I'm not into man-butt, and women are greedy - I'll stick to my first love, the good ol' Sega CD!

    1. jaybird3rd


      That's great, but what do you have against man-butt?

    2. atarian63
    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Instead of giving, you could always receive.

  10. http://imageshack.us.../dsc02440yo.jpg Picked this up today. Nothing remarkable, but I did a double take at the price tag: http://imageshack.us.../dsc02442bt.jpg Had to have been a mistake. Either a computer or human error. The guy at the counter was even a little mad at me, as if fishing the disc out of the drawers and ringing me up was more trouble than it was worth. Just my two cents. BA-ZING
  11. Desfeek


    Pics or it didn't happen. LOOKS LIKE IT HAPPENED Niiiice! That is an extremely hard to find game! That is one of 2 boxes known to exist. Deus, is that Chris' old Mr. Boston? EDIT: lol double information
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