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    Wanted: Sega CD

    bump, found items removed. Still looking for this stuff!
  2. If you do end up piecing it out, I am interested in a few items. (Minestorm overlay, Pole Position, Hyperchase, Cosmic Chasm, Berzerk).
  3. Sorry, I must have a box! I am no longer actively searching for Sega CD units, AX and I may work something out soon. I realize I win some, I lose some. Its all part of the business. I was just venting after such an obvious case of seller's remorse. $150 isn't like I was ripping him off, its a good deal but nothing spectacular, esp. considering I'm not interested in it for resale.
  4. Yes, I saw the negatives and just chalked it up to a first-time user trying different methods of selling (which didn't work out). I try to give people the benefit of the doubt - like I said, the more people behave this way, the less people are inclined to give any leeway for new users. You have to be perfect, immediately, or be labeled as a bad seller. I would prefer our community of game collecting to be easy and fun to get into, not competitive, deceptive and unkind. Unfortunately, this seller now has a proven history of sketchy deals.
  5. I may take you up on that, although it will have to be a bit because even $150 was pushing it for my budget. $200 is definitely fair, esp. considering the model 1 burn-out rate. Don't wait around for me, if you find a buyer at the right price, go for it. We haven't made any BINDING CONTRACT AGREEMENTS like a closed eBay auction
  6. I work graveyard, and one of the very few benefits of my job is to be able to browse eBay when most people are asleep. A lot of the time I am left with nothing, but every once in awhile someone will post something nice that ends at 4:15am, and I have no competition. This recently happened to me with a mint-in-box Sega CD model 1. The seller had pretty low feedback (89.7% oh no), but they were relatively new and their responses to negative feedback seemed fairly reasonable. I know I messed up a time or two when I first started, so I decided to disregard this warning sign. In fact, other buyers had bought expensive hardware and posted positive feedback, so I felt confident this would work out. The Sega CD was complete in a nice box, paperwork still sealed, the three pack-in discs with their original sleeve, and the unit pretty much unused. Tested working, but hardly ever played. $100 bid, $300 BIN with $50 shipping. I caught this when it was first posted, and bid almost immediately. I waited out the auction and voila! it was mine for $150 shipped. I get home with paypal funds ready this morning, and notice the seller has sent me a "Cancel Transaction" request. Reason: item already sold on craigslist. Now, sellers have every right to do this, things happen, but to make a habit out of it seems very sketchy. Especially when the auction sold for it's lowest bid - methinks we will see a repost soon. Sure, I didn't lose any money, but I tied up $150 for a week with which I could have bought whiskey river's Virual Boy (sorry man, I forgot I had bid on this POS). While I may just be reeling in the loss of a nice item, I feel these are bad selling standards that people should avoid. Its a huge inconvenience, a huge disappointment, and is easy to prevent. Do not post your items for less than you would take for them. Do not post items in multiple places, and if you must, take down or edit your posts the moment after an item sells. Honor, honesty, and open communication go a long way in business. Making a habit of making backdoor deals and unreceived items just creates mistrust throughout the entire community. Wow, I just realized I am not mad about the Sega CD anymore. Thanks for allowing me to get this off my chest; maybe this should be moved to the blog forum haha eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280634564238
  7. haha, didn't see this reply for awhile. No problem at all enjoy the Vectrex!
  8. Desfeek

    Wanted: Sega CD

    Hello there atariage! This new year, I am devoting a good portion of my time finishing a US library for the Sega CD. I am pretty far off from my goal, but I have also taken care of a good portion of the harder to find games for the system. My collecting standards are: crack-free jewel case, crisp back art insert and manual, and a playable game disc. However, there are a few oddities for the system that I would love getting a little help with. These games are: Wild Woody The Space Adventure Radical Rex Robo Aleste Shining Force CD Earthworm Jim Special Edition Championship Soccer '94 Slam City with Scottie Pippen (Sega CD/32x version) Wonder Dog Red Cardboard Box Colors of Modern Rock pack-in Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia pack-in Karaoke JVC CD-G: Top Hit Sampler 1993 pack-in Rock Paintings / Hot Hits pack-in Games I'm looking for at a reasonable price: Lunar: The Silver Star Lunar II: Eternal Blue Keio's Flying Squadron Snatcher Sega CD Strategy Guides I'm looking for: Popful Mail Lunar II: Eternal Blue Heimdall Vay If anyone can help with these items, I would really appreciate it. I realize these are some of the harder to obtain items for the system, but that's why I'm asking for help on them. If you have something on this list but don't use it - and would like to see it part of a complete set - pass it on over to me, I will pay fair! Thanks!
  9. Why do we need a PS1 clone? I could go out right now and find 3 or 4 PS1s for under $20. I only get interested in clone systems when the original is rare, expensive, or both. Someone start building Vector monitors again! A Dina 2 would be pretty sweet. How about this: A Kindle / iPad text-based adventure compilation
  10. bump. Got tired of holding items for a "maybe" buyer, everything but RE PS1 games still available
  11. I know atari2600.com has a damaged label Art Master for Vectrex for $6 and a mint cart-only one for $45.
  12. Congratulations Rick! Hope you can make it everything you ever wanted in a marriage!
  13. So...I am sure lots of you have seen the items I am about to show you - they are not very rare. However, one of my favorite things to do with my collection is study it, look at it, read the backs of games and instruction manuals. Why keep them around if I am not going to use it? Anyway, upon doing this sort of thing, I have stumbled upon some pretty funny statements that when read in today's contexts, are pretty damn funny. Here is a prime example of what I mean: 3 early 80's Topps and Fleer trading cards. These are some of my favorite collection pieces because they span multiple multiple interests: trading cards and video games. These cards were almost like scratch-its for kids, you would scratch off each circle, and depending on what it says underneath, you would progress through the level and collect points. Then, you could share your top score cards with your friends. There were cards based on Nintendo games, arcade games, and various Pac-Man games. A cool bonus in each pack of cards were two sticker cards. These are the stickers you heat-gun off Goodwill finds every day. This one in particular is a little inappropriate - it seems as if Pinky is needing a little "attention" from Ms. Pac-Man... But wait...what does that say on the bottom of the backside of the card!?!?! WHAT IS THIS CARD TELLING ME TO ORGANIZE!?!?! Who decided that would be a good way of putting that? This is absolutely ridiculous. I don't really want to run my own Ms. Pac-Man "rub-off olympics", thanks. I'm going to drink these images out of my head, immediately. Oh, if you have any similar examples of ridiculously bad editing on product packaging, feel free to post it here!
  14. Like most of the replies here, I like to meet at an open, lit, public area. I tell the person a distinct trait about myself (usually carrying something like a big box), and remain in plain view until someone approaches me purposefully. I like to get a nice, firm handshake (you can tell a lot about a person by a simple handshake) and make the transaction as soon as possible. The more the other person diddle-daddles, the more I get nervous they don't actually have my item or my money. I have never had a poor experience with CL (except for the flakes OH THE FLAKES) If, for some odd reason, we must meet at my place, I set everything up in the front room, by the front door. There's no way they can scope enough of the house to get interested. (I guess this depends on the layout of your living area, but I think you get the point). Put the item in a place that is very uninteresting - you aren't initially trying to have this person over again, so there is no point in trying to impress them. If it isn't raining/sleeting/snowing, maybe meet on your front porch, so they don't even have to set foot in your house. It's always better to be safe than sorry on the internet.
  15. what an obscure group of rares... could we get a full list of hardware/games with prices? Pictures would be handy too. Posts like this just scream "fraud" in this day and age, unfortunately.
  16. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/2173824876.html
  17. Bought a bunch of VHS tapes, a few games, really just a bunch of stuff from GarrettCRW. Communication was shaky and shipping was slow, but everything eventually arrived exactly as described. Thanks!
  18. Received my stuff today. Big, funky packed box, but everything was there. I apologize for jumping to conclusions, but in this day and age, you can't be too careful as a buyer. As a seller, recognize this current issue and go the extra mile to ensure your customers by staying available for communication, letting them know of shipping dates/delays, etc. It makes you seem on top of things, and it encourages repeat experiences. Positive feedback left, and I noticed you paid $3.someoddcents more than what I paid for shipping. If you want reimbursement for that, I am more than happy to do so. Thanks!
  19. haha, I happen to know recycledgamer, and saw him less than a month ago with a small stash of lightpens and SNES controllers for sale. These are quality products - the SNES controller is my most used Vec controller (I have a mint original and a modified PS1 arcade stick as well) and the lightpen works just as good as the original, at less than half the cost. I sound like a freaking commercial, but I seriously give this guy :thumbsup: :thumbsup: /5
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