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  1. ooo I also have Halo 1-2 for PC as well
  2. I've got both issues of this wonderful publication, and they are both chalk-full of fun retro-gaming coverage. I think my personal favorite thing are all the old-school advertisements, logos, and screenshots used by Rob and his crew to make each page colorful, inviting, and readable. Like a couple people have said, at $1.29, how can you go wrong? You'll spend a good half-hour just scanning the 182 pages of this sophomore issue, let alone reading the articles that interest you. It's a PDF document, so you can save it to multiple devices after purchase - I feel like a commercial. I promise you'll enjoy it!
  3. here is a little of it Love it. Almost decided to try something like that as well, just can't justify the space. Here's my stuff: (click thumbnails for bigger picture) Ed Fries was at Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2011 and I was lucky (and motivated) enough to approach him and get my copy of Halo 2600 personalized. This is one of my prized possessions.
  4. Thanks for sharing Pepijn! Vector Pilot really is a wonderful game. I got 189K last night and unlocked a new plane!
  5. WHOA. Me too edit: Actually, Sega CDX - Popful Mail...but that's a technicality
  6. A very fun read, and I don't see any discussion here about it. Feel free to call me out on some old news! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-03-30-jordan-mechner-finds-original-apple-2-prince-of-persia-source-code
  7. Yeah, mine (which is in amazing condition, especially compared to that one) didn't hit my reserve recently and topped out at $111.11 - so I don't know if he will get any bids, even at his opening price. All the boxes have had their tops chopped off - no thankee!
  8. Sven T. Uncommon - Popful Mail - Sega CD: enough said.
  9. Bet gas is cheap over there in the usa. Here in the Netherlands the price for 1 gallon of gas is 9.10 dollar. Bet gas price sounds cheap now. Dude! That really sucks! I thought $3.79 a gallon was bad, I'm so sorry, that's just wrong, time to revolt on all oil companies. $9.10? Wow I'd have to take out a loan just for gas in my car. Last time I was in the Netherlands, minimum wage was 15 euro and the exchange rate was about $1.50/euro. Prominence of bicycling creates less of a need for gasoline - therefore, they can afford the little gas they use. On topic: I love the American Pickers. They never do video game stuff, aside from the odd pinball machine or arcade cabinet. I distinctly saw them pass over a Vectrex one time. But what they know, they at least know better than I do - and I find their negotiation tips to be quite helpful. I like their odd style of going after junked-up items over minty fresh, its just a fun show. The rest of them /sigh
  10. As a recipient of some of the first of these, let me say that they are very nice options for anyone who doesn't already have the overlays they desire, and also for a Vectrekker like myself with very specific, odd holes in their collection to fill. They are pretty obviously not original, but the full effect of the overlay is intact. Since I already have all the original overlays, I got Sean Kelly's Dark Tower design and Thrust first, and have Mr. Boston, 2D Narrow Escape, PerformanceVX, and Star Sling on the way once omeganu sees my payment I simply cannot wait. While at first glance these may seem expensive, filling the Mr. Boston hole is saving me multiple thousands of dollars in my eyes. My hat goes off to you omeganu, you should let me know anytime you add more designs!
  11. sold items removed, Nomad is ending soon, check it out!
  12. Bought a bunch of stuff from RASK. Came quickly, packed well and everything works great. Wonderful seller!
  13. Bought a 2600 game from me. Quick payment and great communication, would deal with him any time, thanks!
  14. Desfeek

    Vectrex Help

    http://shop.recycledgamer.com/ - Homebrew controllers http://www.revival-studios.com/?page=31 - Homebrew games http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1_1.htm - Homebrew games http://www.classicgamecreations.com/ - Homebrew/Replacement games http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/index.cgi - Vectrex discussion forum There you are. Welcome to the wonderful world of Vectrex!
  15. Put the Nomad on eBay...don't make me do that to the rest of this stuff! bump!
  16. Well, considering a guy printed out some artwork and stuck a CD-only copy of the game in a DVD case - then stuck it on eBay with a $250 price tag... ...I'd say it was priceless. /endsarcasm: about $3.
  17. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 251007621514 no just no
  18. Purchased a Sega Genesis game from thegoldenband. Great communication and fast shipping, thanks a ton!
  19. Or, more contemporarily, a MAJOR thread necro
  20. prices lowered (get this stuff outta here)
  21. Bump! New stuff added 2/27/2012!
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