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  1. Actually, Athletic World can be quite expensive. The rarity, however, lies in the box. IIRC, the first issue of Athletic World was released with the Family Fun Fitness Pad, which didn't exist long, as Nintendo bought the rights to it and rebranded it the Power Pad. Thus, Athletic World was repackaged with a new box, which amended the change and also changed much of the artwork. The cart, however, remained unchanged. That first issue box is incredibly rare and sought after, reaching prices of $300 or more, but it ain't Stadium Events Long story short, I know all this because I made the same mistake - at a thrift (no smartphone), had just heard about Athletic World's rarity, and jumped on a cart without knowing the full story. I keep it as a reminder to do more research, and as my Stadium Events look-alike cartridge. Good story though!
  2. Bought some Atari carts from McCallister. Fast shipping and great communitcation. Thanks!
  3. Didn't you already post once about the kiosk? Or have two of these popped up recently? Or, maybe I read about it on another forum... Kiosk ~$1500 All 25 CIB US Releases ~$700 CIB 3D Imager ~$800 CIB Lightpen ~$175 NIB Dustcover ~$150 CIB Control Panel ~$125 I'd say you got about $3500 worth of stuff there. I'm tempted to offer you the majority of my tax return on that kiosk if you'll part with it...
  4. I like what's been posted so far! Antique books are a great connection to the topic. Maybe vintage bicycle/car collectors get that feeling rolling an obscure vehicle down the roadway My buddy and I were probably the only people to beat River City Ransom, Super Spike Volleyball, Mega Man 2, and the first four dungeons of Zelda that day as well... Good times.
  5. So, last week I replaced my NES with a great boxed one. My old one, in good functioning order, I donated to my childhood friend whose NES has been dead for some time now. He had a couple buddies over, so we hooked up the 4 Score and put in Super Spike V'Ball, a favorite of ours. That game is a blast 4-player, especially when everybody gets good enough to block super spikes...anyway, it dawned on me while playing, and I exclaimed to my buddies, "We might just be the only people in the world playing 4 player Super Spike Volleyball right now". We were at a 'socially acceptable' intoxication level, but this statement got everybody thinking, laughing, and really changed the course of conversation for the night. Have you ever thought that you may be the only person on the planet playing a game? Or doing something obscure and retro game-related? I had the same kind of feeling after breaking the World Record on Vectrex Pole Position...looking at my machine thinking "This thing has gotten a better score than every other machine in the last 30 years...wow". Haha, I don't know why I posted this, I just thought it might stir up some conversation...
  6. Out of all the EGM I read as a youngster, and out of all of Seanbaby's "The Rest of the Crap" articles, the 'review' for this game was the most memorable. He wouldn't even review the game, simply due to the terrible boxart. In fact, here is a link to that article: http://www.seanbaby.com/nes/karnaajrally.htm for your entertainment.
  7. oh my God Chuck...I see a modded Shadowblade Arcade stick in my future.
  8. Final bump: 6 hours to go. Some items are still a penny!
  9. I was wondering why you were bidding Reserve is only there because I'm reluctant to sell it myself.
  10. 4 days left bumparoo! I've got lots of Sega Genesis/32x and NES stuff as well!
  11. My very first XBL gamertag was "a peen" - I had used the name in Halo: CE ("You were killed by a peen.") and when it came time for online Halo 2 - the name stuck. I still have internet buddies that call me "peen" lol. When I played WoW, I had an alt Mage named Mizzee - the nickname of a former Blood gang member who I bought weed from in high school (wow, that looks terrible spelled out in front of me) J*zzwizard and F*cknugget are common RPG names for me; though for my main characters I usually use Desfeek. I didn't come up with this, but I saw a post on NA about naming your Metapod in Pokemon "P*nis": "P*nis used Harden!" - needless to say, when I heard about that, my Metapod's name forever changed. My little brother always names his characters "Jesus" - best in Halo: "Jesus was killed by a peen." Lastly, we have a guest account on our 360 called "about 40 jews" - again, for the entertainment value in Halo
  12. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260928275580 Up for auction is my ultra rare Vectrex Passport Magazine. These were distributed in the Summer of 1983 only to members of the Vectrex Owner's Club, and ended up being the only issue of the magazine. the_topdog here on AA has TWO of these, but aside from his, I know of only 3 others - meaning this is one of the rarest Vectrex items there is. I've never actually seen one of these sell on the open market (I've heard one sold for ~$350 in 2002, another for ~$250 in 2008), so I've decided to start the auction at a penny, put a reasonable reserve, and see where this thing goes. I have 11 other auctions that are also starting a a penny, with no reserve, so check out my stuff and (maybe) get stuff cheap! eBay Seller: desfeek Thanks in advance for any interest!
  13. ...and I thought everything was dried up around me / terrible season - today proved me wrong: $4.20 for: PC Iz and Auggie: Escape from Dimension Q PC Rayman Forever PC Glover PC Backyard Baseball 2001 PC Sonic CD PC Sonic and Knuckles Collection PC Sonic R (two copies, one Sega PC Collection, one basic release) PC Project Studio: Pokemon Blue Version I'm not huge into PC collecting, but these are exactly my era (played a few of these at friends houses/grandparent's house back in the day) and who doesn't love Sonic?
  14. I am absolutely in love with your listing. Thanks for bringing a Bandai Kousokusen stateside! Whoever ends up with this will be happy indeed! Two controllers! GAH
  15. I got this guy at a Salvation Army in Portland, OR for around $3: I think it is one of the more hilarious games in my collection; The label says "Super Game Color Advance" and the actual cart says "Game Color". The 64 games and just the same 6 repeated 10+ times, with different ROM titles. Lastly, the Super Mario Land that is included is a sprite hack called "Super Pika Land", with Pikachu as your main character, Ekans replacing goombas, and Pokeballs replacing '!' blocks. Menu List of games: Doraemon SD Gundam Battletoads Pikachu Land Soukoban Dr. Mario
  16. *Grabs Madden 98, brings the Dave Brown NY Giants to the top, anchored by Jessie Armstead on defense* Madden 98 was my first NEW Madden game and the last NEW SNES game I bought. Fucking memories, man. *highfives 3 times like they do in the End Zone* Never played it on SNES, I wonder what the announcers sound like...
  17. Madden '98 for Sega Genesis. I don't know why, but I'm itching to let Dorsey Levens rumble his way to a Packers Super Bowl right now... ...I think I'm losing...
  18. Chuck Norris doesn't just swap internals - he roundhouse kicks his way into DK 2600 carts!
  19. Actually, I do know the value of what I sold you. What you bought from me: http://www.stagesele...rt-catalog.aspx (they were included with every Vectrex game box) What sold for $300+ dollars in 2002: http://www.geekvinta...rt-magazine.php (was a Vectrex Fan Club member promotional item, very few exist) Notice the 'Summer 1983' on the cover and different content EDIT: Thanks for bumping this thread though, I had never seen an auction for one of these before - now I know what my copy is worth!
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