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  1. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/vgm/2716574096.html
  2. LD = Learning Disability. Good luck on your sale Mendon, this is an incredible lot!
  3. $172 for a CIB Polar Rescue is about right...loose would bring ~$40. It was the last (and least distributed) Vectrex game released. It's also one of the worst games for the system...go figure.
  4. My original Sega Genesis/CD combo came from a family friend, and included a bunch of games. One, Popful Mail, was a favorite of my father, my brother, and I. When my brother stepped on and scratched our original copy (first disc I remember trying to resurface), we headed to eBay. This was in the early 2000s, and even then I remember being baffled how much copies were going for. I bought a sealed one for *I think* $70, and stupidly unwrapped and tossed the strategy guide offer away. Nowadays, that game goes for $80 complete. Sealed is a totally different story. It's funny and sad because it's easily one of my favorite games of all time.
  5. Alright, back home from a couple hour retro excursion. Let me start off by saying these are probably my strangest 1-day purchases of my collecting. These items took me quite awhile to decide to purchase (I need a smartphone), to the point that I was calling friends to see if they were at their computer to check prices for me. None were. So, being the addict that I am ("but if I put them back, they might be gone tomorrow!"), I had to go for them. The stares as I made my way up to the counter were...almost unbearable. I even went as far as to explain to the cashier that I was Christmas shopping for my little sister (I don't have a sister!). However, returning home, I have been really surprised at the value of some of my pickups...Which were: -NIB 1998 Furby White/Black Spots, Grey Eyes (slightly crushed box) - $3.99 -NIB 1995 Bandai Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls 6" Figures (4 of the 5) - $2 a piece ($8 total) -Colecovision Subroc loose cart - $2 -Colecovision Slither loose cart - $1.50 -Colecovision Popeye loose cart - $1.50 -Colecovision Smurf loose cart - $1.50 -Nintendo Game Secrets vol. 2 - $1.50 -VideoGames: The Ultimate Gaming Magazine Dec. 1993 issue - $1.50 -Advanced Computer Entertainment issue 17, Feb. 1989 - $1.50 -Diehard Game Fan vol. 2 issue 5 April 1994 - $1.50 So, for $24.50 total, I feel like I got a pretty good haul. The NIB Furby is almost worth the entire asking price, and the Sailor Moon dolls seem relatively hard to find. I love thrifting...
  6. I don't think he's going to post about it here, but AA member seanhq just called me to tell me he found a Vectrex lightpen at a Vancouver, WA area Goodwill Green tag price: $1.99, half-price color of the day: green one dollar for an original Vectrex lightpen why don't I get this lucky
  7. Going out of town to volunteer a week teaching children about the great outdoors! (More specifically, helping children with special needs succeed in such an environment!). However, I am going to need immediate funding available when I get back, so I have put a bunch of stuff on eBay that you may or may not find interesting. Either way, I thought I'd let you guys know! eBay Seller: desfeek
  8. -The bulk of my collection is older than me (born: 1990) -I play most games on the easiest setting - only if I really like the game will I ramp up difficulty -I played World of Warcraft for four and a half years, with a near-constant, 20-hour-a-week raid schedule -I think Popful Mail for the Sega CD is the greatest game of all time; nobody seems to agree with me -I don't play Survival Horror games: They scare me. -I love the original 150 Pokemon, like, a lot
  9. Sending in my laptop for a quick fan swap, while it's still under warranty. MIA for a week or two. Set up my C64 in it's place methinks

    1. Zedex


      C64 is awesome. Beats whatever new PC you're using anyday.

  10. bump, found items removed Polar Rescue!!!
  11. Still, great deal if you ask me...I was wondering whatever happened to that deal. Cool collection piece you got there. Congrats
  12. Sold a few games to Homer. Paid fast and had great communication. Thanks!
  13. Sold hateful a few games. Fast payment and great communication. Thanks!
  14. Sold a few games to Tense. Fast shipping, great communication! Great AA member.
  15. I've seen those Vectrex display stands. There are English Versions, as well as Dutch, German and Italian? versions. Personally, I would pay upwards of $1,500 if ever offered the chance to buy an English version (My first credit line, yay! ). They are not one-of-a-kind, but ultra rare and highly coveted by certain (aggressive and rich) people. I have two one-of-a-kind items. One is an Atari 2600 Missile Command signed by Missile Command (Arcade) world record holder Bill Charlton, the other is my Vectrex Distributor's display case, which I go into detail about here:
  16. Columbia River Gorge is a great hike. Forest Park loop is easy and in-town, that's my hiking spot (I'm without a car).
  17. Billy Galaxy has some great stuff, but his prices are over the top. I've been in there multiple times and never bought anything. It is definitely in one of the cooler neighborhoods in Portland, but unless you see something dire, you probably won't be buying anything from him. THE BEST videogame store in Portland, hands down, is Video Game Wizards. They are 'out there' on SE 97th and Foster, but that store is packed from floor to ceiling with everything you would ever want. Everything. A8, Turboduo, CDi, C64...all the oddities, as well as Modern stuff, NES stuff, Promotional stuff, etc. They are organizers of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, but they won't be able to bring their entire inventory to the show. Definitely worth it to check out their location while you're here. I'll see you at the expo! Bring a copy of Pitfall, David Crane will be making an apperance! Not my video, but a good profile of what you'll see. Lacey knows her stuff, and her husband owns the store. They are very cool, connected people, and will help you find what you want.
  18. Open Vice, Settings > Keyboard Settings > Change from "Positional" to "Symbolic (US)" It is weird, considering the inconsistencies between contemporary keyboards and the C64 keyboard. and WHY did they have to emulate the joystick pinout problem? At least it's accurate
  19. Thanks Ian! Sold items removed
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